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Very interesting to see this. Many of your comments point to a gap between the big dollars we hear about in the media -- the $100 billion towards education -- and the on-the-ground reality of cut programs and larger class sizes. Especially as parents prepare for the next school year, I'll be interested to see whether this translates into greater involvement in the school -- both to make up for the cuts and to heed the call for improving education more broadly.
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Hi all - Great to read your thoughts. Like Victoria, we see the importance of using social media to both relay information and enable people to have conversations around it. A powerful example of this is the how information is being shared and discussed around the swine flu -- what it is, how to talk to your kids about it, how to prepare in the event of school closings. Angel also highlights an important point around anonymity. Yes, some people love the full disclosure that comes with the social web; however, when dealing with sensitive parenting issues, we also see that many people want more privacy.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2009 on Web 2.0 and Parenting at The GreatSchools Blog
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