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Objects and Elements is an online jewelry supply store and more.
Interests: mixed-media, found objects, altered art, beading, metalsmithing, art jewelry, art workshops, mixed metals
Recent Activity
Thanks Sue! I actually may have a buyer who plans to continue to run it! Sent from my iPhone
Thanks Julie! I am actually working on a new blog and when I get it set up I will send out a blog that will give you a link. I plan to move this info there as I sometimes refer people to it when I am teaching...Linda Sent from my iPhone
Mica is just cut with scissors unless you have a super thick piece then use a jeweler's saw. It is a stone so it can be used to deflect hear too. If you are trying to find it look for "mica splittings"..Linda Sent from my iPhone
Things are going fast and we are hoping to close by the end of the month--it has been busy here! Stop by and find some new items we have unearthed as we have been organizing and cleaning out. We have... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2014 at
We are closing our doors by the end of the month so everything must go at clearance prices! Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at
That is great!! Sent from my iPhone
Typepad HTML Email Thank you! I will miss the interaction but things change…I am excited to clean my studio and really focus! Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
Objects and Elements is closing and everything must go! Shop now before your favorites are gone...I am planning to spend more time in the studio and less on the computer...Join me at BeadFest Texas, BeadFest Spring in Philly or the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2014 at
My niece is married to a gray guy from Poland! I haven't decided about the blog yet...I have to get some other things done first them will decide what to do with it...thanks for watching I hope I have been able to help you with some techniques!!! Sent from my iPhone
Typepad HTML Email I love the treasure hunting part! Please contact me if you want me to source things for you…I will come visit your shop sometime I love Port Townsend… Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
Yes we do! Sent from my iPhone
I will miss all of you too! That's why it took me so long to make the decision I hated to disappoint! Sent from my iPhone
Hey everyone, I just put the entire website on at 30% off...the favorites are going fast so check it out! Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2014 at
Typepad HTML Email The easiest way to track me will be Facebook….thanks! Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
Thank you so much! I took a wax carving lesson today and am in love! I suddenly see how to get some of the effects I was drooling over....I am working on components and considering selling them in an etsy store...I always like to see what others do with them.. Sent from my iPhone
Typepad HTML Email Oh, LOTS…the sale starts tomorrow at stop by and visit and sign up for the newsletter as there will be additional coupons in the next few weeks.. Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
Typepad HTML Email Thanks… I probably won’t blog as it is just one more of the hassle things I am trying to leave. I feel bad as I did enjoy sharing techniques and I just learned how to do video! I just wrote a resin class for Interweave Press and they had me do the videos on my iPhone—crazy huh? I will be teaching at BeadFest and Bead and Button or try to find a local metal working studio…Linda Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
Typepad HTML Email Thanks Anabella, you too stay in touch…will I see you in Philly in April? Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
Keep in touch! I wish I could meet you two for coffee...maybe someday it is still on my radar!!! Sent from my iPhone
Typepad HTML Email I am sad only for that reason…..I am looking for some options to recommend with other sites and will get back to you…Linda Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
Dear Customers and Friends, With great difficulty I have made a decision to close Objects and Elements. We were going to move to a new platform, but after all the last minute issues I decided to close instead. I was... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2014 at
Thanks!!! Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2014 on Forging Earrings... at
You can get it on our website at ! Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2014 on Easy Image Transfer at
Typepad HTML Email I want Lovies! What a great word to describe them… Linda LarsenObjectsandElements.com206.910.8243
I TOTALLY AGREE! Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2014 on Free Books and Patterns at