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Tom Coombe
Easton, PA
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Harry's been boring for awhile. I did enjoy his brief appearance in (I think) the second book in the Lincoln Lawyer series, because he showed up in small doses, and because the book's hero seemed to find him as insufferable as we do.
I was just thinking about this problem as it relates to TV shows that show rural Pennsylvania being policed by sheriffs deputies, while anyone who actually lives here knows that's not what deputies do. But I digress...the problem I've had with the first two McGill books is that he's just not an interesting character when compared to Easy Rawlins (or even the duo in Mosley's Fearless Jones novels).
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Mar 15, 2010
I think the first two seasons of nip/tuck were outstanding. The third was such a let down that I stopped watching. But even if the show had just been those first two seasons, I don't think it surpasses anything I have on my list.
I think Yates has said that he didn't want to stage a battle at the end of Half Blood Prince because another one is on its way in the final movie. But that's sort of like comparing the fight at the end of "Fellowship of the Ring" to Helm's Deep. No matter what his reason, the end of Half Blood Prince felt like an afterthought.
I've always loved MZS's work, but I can't imagine any movie in recent memory staying with me LESS than "Public Enemies."
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