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As a former Dade county coach who faced northwestern each year I can honestly say that the players at NW are very respectable student. I fact I was almost shocked to see that after viewing how arrogant and ignorant their coaching staff was. I don't believe that the student should be punish by the foolish acted of the coaches and administrators but keep this in mind. Miami central a few years back got the state championship dream crushed when they played a student who was not eligible. This had to be done to NW because if it didn't happen the way it did then it would be fine for a star athlete to get away with murder... no rape.
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I believe that Dr. Crew should allow them to play the schedule this year but not allow them to play in the playoffs. I think that would teach the next coach or principals that come around to not show favoritism to athletes and that winning isn’. I’m kind of glad that this has happened because for years this school has been stealing athletes from other schools and they haven’t honor any coaching passes at their gates. Maybe this will take them off the high horse in Dade. GO Bulls
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