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Voice of 5 Second Rule; Author of Ripe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables (2012)
Interests: food, education, nutrition
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Bicep curls are hard. That's why I never do them. It's also why I was -- frankly -- terrible the one time I tried to haul up that crab pot. #truth
Hi Nicole, It was my pleasure! And don't look for the perfect moment to get in your car, or on your bike, and explore; just go. You've got such beauty right there at your doorstep.
Sally, I genuinely appreciate your comment. This was my biggest challenge, and because it's not always easy to broach these topics, many folks don't. But Oregon's Native American history is a huge part of the state and its people, not just past but very much present. I'm so glad I got to experience it in some way, however small.
Excellent. You can join me for dinner / at dinner any time.
I feel you. I actually (true story) saw a little tub of duck fat at a local grocery store and bought some, then tried to recreate those fries at home. They were good, but nowhere near as good as the ones I had at Red Fish. I guess I have to keep making them until I perfect the crunch.
I was part of a group so I just shrugged and panicked on the inside. But this is probably a typical warning they give all up and down the coast just so people know what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency. But I hear you!
Your final sentence is pretty much the best compliment anyone could ever offer. Thank you, A.
Not easy to convey the distinct personality of the nature up there, but I tried.
Can we spend all our time at Salt & Straw?
ONE DAY for real. For now, this.
{Thanks, Amanda, and I promise to whisper, too.}
Excellent and yes. Don't forget the fleece.
Well, I'm glad to have given you a taste. Go ahead and bookmark this when you get some wanderlust in the future.
That's so cool. I love that such a small, family run spot like that has an ardent following.
I'm glad you clicked the links. I wanted to provide little prizes along the way.
Stay tuned. A three-part series shall follow!
Well done! You birthed a cake! Please let me know how much you love it. I'm happy to have been a midwife and want to check in on the health of the baby. I mean cake.
Happy day! I'm so glad you circled back to let me know. Really glad you enjoyed this special cake.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on List this. at 5 second rule
The first few times I went to Oregon I was definitely Portland-rooted. This year it was nice to get out and drive around. There's so much to see outside that one city, as wonderful as it is.
Ha! I have a very good friend who lives near me in Silicon Valley. She and her husband have already bought several properties in Bend so they can retire there. (They're currently renting them out to tenants.)
Always the straightest and dopest. You know me.
It is magical. It's nice that you can go back in the summertime and sink your feet into your natal soil.