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I agree that there's not much new out there, but I have been covering a bunch of different marketing techniques at the Nolo Legal Marketing Blog - I think my posts on SEOs, e-Books and Giving and Getting Testimonials cover a little bit of new ground. I also try to be very detailed in my "how to's." The link is What kinds of topics would you like to see covered? Carolyn Elefant
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It's not a surprise to me. But I think that to clients, it could be a surprise. For example, if a client claiming loss of enjoyment posts photos from a recent ski trip on a private Facebook site, he might think that no one will ever discover it. And the photos would be much more damaging evidence, than say, an email to a friend on the same topic.
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Actually, I have always opposed CLE. Every time the DC Bar proposed it, I would write letters in opposition, citing the enormous costs. As it happens, I am not subject to mandatory CLE - I am licensed in DC and MD, neither of which have CLE requirements and since I am not active in NY, I can defer to the DC and MD rules and skirt CLE there as well. Having said that, I probably attend at least 30-50 hours of courses and programs a year that would qualify as CLE.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2009 on Transforming CLE at Legal Blog Watch
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