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The Getty Museum. And Malibu Beach.
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2014 on Randomly, oh baby! at knitorious
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I have been putting one foot in front of the other for weeks now. And the Season of Relentless Celebration (and, yes, BUYING A YARN SHOP!) is not over yet. This is my unexpected moment: breathing, connecting with you, forgiving myself for those things I am not getting done, and appreciating everything (it's a lot!) that I am getting done. Today I'm taking the time to take care of myself. I can run myself ragged tomorrow.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2014 on On (Not) Getting It All Done at Yarn-A-Go-Go
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2014 on Send in the juju at knitorious
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Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2012 on A Day of Rainbows at Golf in the Kingdom
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Perserverance! Well done, you!
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2012 on UnderWaterville at Golf in the Kingdom
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You poor deprived guy
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2012 on Irish Lent at Golf in the Kingdom
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Aw....sweet music.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2012 on First Day in Killarney at Golf in the Kingdom
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That looks like a nice place. You know how to pick 'em!
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2012 on Farewell, Norton House at Golf in the Kingdom
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You sure do like to horse around!
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2012 on The Clyne Commons at Golf in the Kingdom
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What a lovely walk!
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2012 on The Mumbles Lighthouse at Golf in the Kingdom
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There are probably MORE knitters than golfers, but is there a Knitting Network on TV? And could you find a knitting magazine in an airport gift shop? Not likely. How wonderful to be in an environment where you speak the "language!"
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2012 on Golf in the Kingdom at Golf in the Kingdom
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Double squee! Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2011 on Overdue at Unraveling
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Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on 2010 at Victoria-Pictoria
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Come over to visit and you can see it in real life. The chicks have started to stick their little heads out of the nest!
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on Nature's Crafters at Unraveling
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Sounds delicious!
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on Double turkey, double peas. at Becca's Blog
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Mar 15, 2010
Darling Pamela, Just tell me how many hankies you want. I was already planning on bringing you some. And as for Emma, it was in three parts, and it was excellent. I am sure they will re-show it, but maybe not for a little while. Writing you from the land of tomorrow, Celia
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2010 on Hello, I Must Be Going at Unraveling
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Please pick me! yay for book giveaways!
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2010 on Inspired to Knit Giveaway at Knitcircus
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Tell Mack's mom you have to move the corer blade out of the way.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2009 on Talkin' Turkey at Unraveling
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Awwww. I got a little misty there. Thanks for sharing.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2009 on I Got ARCs! (video blog) at Yarn-A-Go-Go
Aw...I haven't got much to say, except take plenty of kleenex with you.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2009 on There goes my baby at knitorious
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Take LOTS, my friend. I'm sure you have a well of tears after what you've been through this last year. I'm usually just fine until I walk away the last time. That's when I get really sad.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2009 on I Think I'm Gonna Be Sad at Unraveling
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It's actually just barely Lassen County and, yes you're right, in the Warner Range. East of Likely. I had to promise not to tell exactly where we go.
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Please! Come! I'll take you up there.
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Aw. That shrug is really cute! Sending you finishing vibes. I honestly think you can do it.
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