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Little Italy
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You've probably answered this before but do you print all of your photos at home? Thanks!
They are so super cute!! :)
I love your updates! :)
I'm glad I found your blog :)
Hello! I love seeing your project life spreads. Good for you for keeping up even with all the craziness. Glad to hear your dad is ok. Take care :)
These pictures are just. so. good.
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The "Locally Grown"? It's so good :) And your letters are amazing.
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Oh. My. Gosh. That is the cutest thing! And you are so right with that nickname...she truly is a tiny conductor. ;)
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Oh...have I been there... ps. That's what my missing email was about.
Love this! I've been doing the same thing...although you have been FAR more productive! Can't wait to see what you start making :)
I love this! She is so darn cute!! And the best part? She is absolutely going to love looking through this when she gets older. What an amazing gift :)
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Oh boy...I hope everything is ok and works out. ps. Did you ever get my email? I sent it awhile ago. (email:penuttpie) pss. You look great!! I'm so glad you had a blast :)
Oh my gosh. That last one. She's so cute with her little pouty lips!
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Love this! That "magic" card is so cute. Did you make it??
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This time of year is so hard for teachers. You must be going through a roller coaster of emotions. Just know that there are those of us out here who are wishing you on :) xo
I always think I should do this too. Good luck! I can't wait to see how it goes. :)