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Quilt Designer and Host of the only all Quilting Radio show, Fabric designer, teacher, author and obessed with quilting.. you too?
Interests: Quilting!
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I have been thinking about this ever since the pattern came in my Sew Sampler box... Making a Strawberry quilt! The shipping department and I have been enjoying the most AMAZING strawberries this last week, they are so yummy and rich. I finally decided that I might as well give in, pull fabric and start cutting tonight! The great part is this is available as a PDF too..woohoo!! I am making mine with Hometown Girl and some Moda Dottie dots.. plus a Bella Solid background (and yes.. I do have a bolt of that!) Do you see I found the... Continue reading
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There are a lot of workshops that are 19.99, and they change up, right now both the Piece by Piece and my FAVORITE Finishing School are at this price. .... do you see a THEME of finishing? The Quilt as You Go is a super fun way to FINISH your own quilts. I know it's been a hit with people who have never tried it. Marti's class is also really straight forward and you will feel so successful! I LOVE 'Finishing School' by my good friend Mimi Dietrich, you will get so many wonderful ways to finish your quilts! Section... Continue reading
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I am working on a zillion delivery deadlines right now, and getting ready to go to Delaware to teach tomorrow, then to Syracuse NY a few days later.. and what does any Designer do when faced with a zillion deadlines? (see my upcoming teaching schedule) Get out a UFO, of course! I'm still loving the softness of this fabric line and I know that it's getting harder to find. So i did a little stash building and you can get some too (note I said that I had already DONE my shopping.. wink!) Find Paperie HERE And since I have... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Pat Sloan's Blog
I am SO EXCITED to host this GIVEAWAY of my Favorite mini quilt hanger!!! I had this adorable mini quilt hanger designed so that I could look at my latest Splendid Sampler blocks as I make them. Much more fun than just putting them in a box! I also plan to quilt a few so I'll have rotating Mini Quilt to look at! Don't you love displaying a tiny treasure..either on a table, or on your wall? Now you can!! Now for the Giveaway!!!! One important note.. Go ahead and buy the stand or wall hanger.. if you WIN we'll... Continue reading
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Error: Please contact the site admin. ITUNES subscription available - Subscribe HERE MY Podcast Guest List! GET the APP to listen on your Android *** Free pattern at the END.. guests Stacy lest Hsu, Debbie Maddy, Mary Abreu, and Shruti Dandekar If you have some Lil Red, Coral Queen of the Sea, and are waiting for Farm Fun, then today is your lucky day! I am so excited to talk to Moda Fabric Designer Stacy lest Hsu to find out more about how she got into fabric designing and have her tell us about the adorable doll panels that come... Continue reading
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My Facebook classroom has been filled with beautiful villages!! Time to enter yours below... I have a pretty nice stack of house blocks to work with. I can't get enough of them.. they are SO CUTE!! I had a break in the making of another project so my design wall was empty and I popped up the villages... so so cute!!! Then i got to thinking....... I REALLY need a LONG quilt for above our bed... I did a mock up.. i like it!! I like it A LOT! So now I know WHERE mine will go.. article continues below... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Pat Sloan's Blog
The next section of our Charity project 'Crossroads' is the Chain that beautifully sets the whole quilt! The Theme this year, Crossroads, is reflective. I love that about a project. Where each month I take a moment to think about things, think about what I'm grateful for. Listen to Joanna, who designed the quilt, talk with Kimberly Jolly of the Fat Quarter shop about how she tried to bring the different parts of the antique blocks into a fresh new quilt design for us. Then the 2nd half of the video they show you how you can make the block... Continue reading
Posted Jul 16, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
I love the 15th of the month! Time to reveal the Aurifil Designer and the monthly Block challenge. Wendy Sheppard and I have become great friends, I am a huge fan of her work, as You'll see in my interview with Wendy. Be sure to also visit Wendy's website where she has a BONUS download for you! Go ahead and DOWNLOAD the pattern at the interview.. but come back! I am loving this block! I decided to fussy cut the word fabric so it goes across.. Wendy's pattern is written perfectly for me to do this.. i didn't even have... Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
Jeanne i'm not sure how to deal with a fur coat.. if you did want squares, i think they need to pretty large. Why don't you ask in my online classroom, someone might have done that already
Roxanna I much prefer to do a bigger block than a 4patch. it's more satisfying to see the quilt grow quickly than to work with a bunch of 4 patch blocks.
I have been sewing 2.5" squares together at the start and end of much of my patchwork sewing. While I do this I'm actually creating a bonus quilt! If you have never thought about doing this, I'll walk you through it. It just takes a tiny bit of preplanning! First I cut my scraps into 2.5" squares. And I keep them together by color. Here is a bin of Green squares and Cream squares. The lights might have other colors in it but they read as a light fabric The reason I do these as 2 color is I like... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
It's a WRAP!! Over the last 12 months we have played with our Farmer's market blocks. Some of you have finished, some are doing the blocks each is the time to sew them up and put your quilt to use!! I hope you are loving your quilt! What fun for me to see Carol's blocks when stopped in to shop when I was teaching in MD at Springwater Designs Shop the other day. I made a version of this prior to the book one, and in that I have a Box of Donuts instead of Carrots... and a different... Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
Announcing! Meet-Up in the Middle A Party to Share Your Splendid Sampler Blocks and Meet Quilters and Block Designers When: July 28, 2016 Time: 5:30-7 pm Where: Calico Gals, 3906 New Court Avenue, Syracuse, NY Cost: FREE! This is going to be an outrageously fun get-together of Splendid Sampler designers and ‘Splenderettes’ in Syracuse on July 28. Mark your calendar, put the finishing touches on your Splendid blocks – doesn’t matter if you’ve completed 2 or 20 - and get yourself to Calico Gals on July 28 at 5:30. Many thanks to Calico Gals and Joan Ford (Splendid Sampler... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
During the busy travel time of summer we are taking a break from having guests for a new show, which means is a perfect time for me to tell you a bit more about my talk show! I just started year 6 of my weekly talk show, I can't believe I've done 5 full years of shows, I've talked to a LOT of people! Let me give you the highlights of what my show is Just like any talk show on the radio or TV, I invite interesting quilt celebrities, industry people and even everyday quilters like you to join... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
I always start my Monday checking out the Precuts of the Week.. see them here! Time see all the beautiful finished quilts! I went with Red binding.. let me show you closeups of the Quilting Cindy and Dennis did This is on the line before i had binding on it The Mochi Linen is PERFECT to show off the quilting! it's so neat!! Click the photo for a larger image I love the alternate flower they used... the two work so perfectly together! Oh my goodness I love this! Click the photo for a larger image Time to finish up... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
Splendid Sampler™ Block 43 is Mine! With our project theme as memories of sewing, quilting, community... my block this time is .... The pincushion! I love them .. new.. old... and I have a fondness for the tomato ones. When i went to select background for this one I had to put in the pattern print. I got a layer cake of the Sew & Sew line (ok... i have TWO layer cakes as I got the Frivol kit too!)... I'm using layer cake #1 for My Splendid Sampler. I might need a lot more of the pattern fabric... Do... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
you can get the double pull at
FIRST the weekend sale has 30 quilt classes at 50% off, these two are my favorites!. Many people write me to say they want to create a realistic Landscape in a quilt. This class takes you step by step through that and it's SO easy to understand! My other featured sale class is the Quilt as You Go. This technique is making such a hit with people who have never tried it. Marti's class is also really straight forward and you will feel so successful! BUY Linear Landscape and BUY Quilt as You Go ALL 50% off Classes Here, there... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
Sandy Total yardage in a jelly roll is 40 strips x 2.5" = 2.75 yards. Is that what you mean? Are you going to sew all those strips to make a border or a backing? Lines of fabric vary, but either 1 or 2 of each kind. so if 2... that is 2.5 + 2.5 = 5" but if you sew them together is 4.5" wide. Does that answer that your question, or do you mean something else?
Part of being a quilt maker is learning new things... I want you to try one of the free classes, this link goes to the quilting ones, but there are free classes in every topic! Knitting, crochet, cooking... DOWNLOAD ONE FOR FREE I seem to be attracting pineapples since May... because I MAY have mentioned to some 'Friends' That I had been noticing a lot of Pineapples around... Jane gave me this wonderful tray, I so love it!! I am using it in my bedroom for jewelry Then she seemed to have found a bit in fabric to send me...... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
I have been dying to try a zippy pouch designed by Sherri McConnell for The Fat Quarter shop. It's a free tutorial that is later in my post. So when the Fat Quarter shop asked me if I'd like to design a applique for it using the yellow buttons shipping soon in your Button club, I knew exactly what I wanted to make! A Busy Buzzy Summer Bee!! I'm going to walk you through a few of things I did for this. The applique pattern can be downloaded HERE where you will also see a second version.. love that! Mine... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog
How EXCITING several of you already have 1.5" strips..woohoo!! And the coloring page is so fun, you can really try things out!
Dottie to make it easy, just make your center 2.5" square and they are all the same. Mine has the center slightly bigger to separate things.. which means you'd more than your jelly roll to work with. If you did that go for 3" and to a test block
Part of being a quilt maker is learning new things... I want you to try one of the free classes, this link goes to the quilting ones, but there are free classes in every topic! Knitting, crochet, cooking... DOWNLOAD ONE FOR FREE Time for my Scrap Busting challenge! My challenge are simple. I give you ONE BLOCK and you use up your scraps! I will have more details on when you have to have it done to enter my challenge (about 6 weeks from now). BUT you can make this quilt any time for anything! It's the Courthouse Steps block... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2016 at Pat Sloan's Blog