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Digital Product Manager working in the news biz. First-time homeowner. Disney fan. Would like time machine to 1939 World's Fair.
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Feb 18, 2012
Hey there. I subscribe via google reader and also follow you on pinterest. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. This watch is adorable. Crossing my fingers that I win. Cheers!
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via pierstaylor Home sick and I'm spending most of the day making a dent in the couch and pinning every possible thing on pinterest. I spied this renovated farm and decided I would like to be teleported to this time and place. The Bertoia chairs and poppies are especially amazing. Continue reading
Reblogged Feb 9, 2012 at china shepherdess
via I stumbled upon a new (at least to me) line from Ikea called HÖGSTEN. Their site says it will be released this month, but it doesn't look like they've added all of it to their main catalog quite yet. The faux rattan screams 70s Stepford Wife garden party to me in the very best of ways. I am picturing it paired with a classic yellow patio umbrella. The collection also includes an easy chair and foot stool. These would be perfect for lounging on my (only in my dreams at the moment) front patio. Continue reading
Reblogged Feb 9, 2012 at china shepherdess
Fun links! I don't know of any stores that carry remnants, but hygge & west sells some of their papers by the yard:
via Remember that Erica Wakerly wallpaper I was obsessing over? Well, here it is in action at furb. Sigh. I love it, but it just won't work in the space I wanted it for. So, I've decided to step away from papering the TV / Karaoke Room of Awesomeness for now and go with a gallery wall instead. I can always paper it when the perfect one reveals itself to me. Sadly this decision left a wallpaper void in my life. This morning, I chuckled warmly and rubbed my chubby hands together with glee* when I saw this "after"... Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 29, 2012 at china shepherdess
Hi Julia. Missed your comment earlier! I am protected. (Ok, that was dorky of me). Yes, I do have stairs, but only to my basement, so I won't be safe from zombies. They are painted wood. I haven't noticed any slippery issues, but I don't have kidlets to worry about.
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2012 on tie goes to the runner at china shepherdess
Today's task is to take this pile of particle board and assemble it into something resembling a TV stand / storage solution. I won't let those Swedes get the best of me. Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2012 at china shepherdess
Thanks, Beth! My home did have carpet at one time too, so the doors are a bit short, but I like them. I love the blonde stain they used in this era.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2012 on tie goes to the runner at china shepherdess
Here's a snap of the new hallway rug from West Elm in action. I am going rogue and using it without a rug pad. I'll probably eat my words when I slip on it once of these days. It's a perfect shade of orange and it looks great with everything else I have going on. Here's to 2012's color of the year! PS: I totally centered the rug after I took this photo. It looks much less awkward now. Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2012 at china shepherdess
That sounds hilarious. Almost as good as this toddler pageant star:
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2012 on Tangerine Dream at china shepherdess
Isn't it fun? I decided to order a tree from them, but went with another white one rather than the pink. Your green tree looks great. I loved the Christmas photos on your blog. Cheers!
via I blame the uninspired title of this post on the fact that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting a divorce and Firework (from her album Teenage Dream) is one of my favorite songs to shake it to while playing Just Dance. Anyway, the actual point of this post is that I just ordered a rug. I've wanted a runner for my hall and this tangerine number from West Elm is perfect (and the price is fantastic). Orange is one of my favorite colors and I'm going to take advantage of the fact that it is the color... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 31, 2011 at china shepherdess
via It seems I'm not ready to give up on Christmas decorations just yet. Isn't this pink tree from Making it Lovely just beautiful? I spent time catching up on blogs this morning while I drank my morning coffee and spied Making it Lovely's pink Christmas tree. She linked to Treetopia. I've seen this site before, but choked on the prices. The happy news is that they are having a crazy sale on Christmas trees that ends today. They have trees in every color -- it's amazing! Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 31, 2011 at china shepherdess
Pink and orange are my favorite colors so the pantone forecasts have made me happy these past couple of years.
Thanks, Beth. I figure if you are going to go fake you may as well go as fake as possible. (That sounds really bad when taken out of context)
Christmas is winding down and soon my living room will be a lot less sparkly. Just how long is too long to leave my decorations in place? Continue reading
Posted Dec 25, 2011 at china shepherdess
"Goodbye Honeysuckle Yellow, hello Tangerine Tango, or you may prefer to call it 17-1463, announced as Pantone’s color of the year for 2012." via Orange is one of my favorite colors so this makes me very happy! Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 11, 2011 at china shepherdess
Minneapolis finally has a CB2. The store is located in Uptown, near Design With Reach and Roam, helping make the neighborhood more of a home design destination. My sister and I attended the preview party on Friday night and left with giant wishlists. We also enjoyed the free flowing beverages, food (aside to Molly - SWEDISH MEATBALL?!?) and the many splendored facial hair styles sported by Minneapolis' scenesters. It was fun to check out the goods we had previously only been able to see in catalogs. Like this pork chop receptacle, also known as the shop red chest. People are... Continue reading
Posted Dec 11, 2011 at china shepherdess
Thanks, Marsha! Hope you have a great holiday as well.
Well, I didn't get to join in any waffle iron riots* this season (yet), but I did unpack my Christmas decorations. Hope you are having a great holiday season! *Waffle Iron Riot is the name of my next band. Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2011 at china shepherdess
So, my samples arrived from Hygge Cooperative. I immediately ruled out the two I ordered from the Hexagano Collection. When I saw them I feared they'd look dated in my space. The remaining contenders are pictured above (hurray for terrible iphone photos). The easy choice would be Erica Wakerly's Angles in cream & gold. I think the better choice would be the same pattern, but in the Black/gold colorway. A certain someone fears that it looks too seventies. I also think it poses challenges. I originally planned to paper just one wall, but if I do that, what color goes... Continue reading
Reblogged Nov 21, 2011 at china shepherdess
I've started, but barely. Bought my dad a kindle fire, but it will be hard to wait until Christmas to give it to him.
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I just want the samples to come so I can make up my mind!
via Another weekend, another lack of resolution on what to do with my TV/karaoke/piano room of awesomeness. I thought I had it sorted, but nothing seems quite right. Erica Wakerly's Angles Wallpaper is now a leading contender. The geometric black and gold print screams 70s/80s to me in a good way, but I am not to be trusted as I am the sort of person who is excited to own neon pink shoes. Samples of this and a couple other wallpapers will soon be on there way from Hygge Cooperative. Here's hoping I can finally make up my mind... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 23, 2011 at china shepherdess