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Interests: Website: <a href="">Social Choice and Beyond,</a> Jazz, Art, Travel, Societal Architecture, Information Theory, my Grandchildren
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From Wayne: Add to that your veteran benefits of free college and medical and it is worth quite a bit more. We had a park maintenance foreman that retired from the US Coast Guard, and NY FD then started a 3rd career in the park service. Here is how; serve 4 years active duty in any military service then join the reserve, Become a fireman and serve enough time for a pension, 20 or 25 years depending on requirements at the time, then retire form the military reserve and take any civil service job and serve 20 years. That would put one at about 65 years of age with 4 pensions, free medical and free college. Oh yeah, as a veteran you get hiring preference in civil service jobs.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2018 on Off the Top of My Head at California Free Press
Excellent article, Frank. It occurs to me that the social balance between capitalism and socialism is reflective of the balance in individuals between selfishness and unselfishness. Communism didn't work because it expected people to be entirely unselfish or altruistic. Capitalism doesn't work because it expects people to be completely selfish. In most people there is a balance between the two which is reflected in the social democracies of Europe.
Cities give big tax breaks to sports teams too to build a stadium in their city. Anything that will bring jobs and get people to spend money in the local economy. Wal-Mart gets tax breaks to build Wal-Marts. It's a game they all play. The point is that Amazon doen't need the money. The local tax base usually does.