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Burlington, Ontario
eating, drinking, laughing, travelling . . . living life to the fullest!
Interests: Travel, food, drink, books, current events, politics, art, theatre, movies, music - life really!
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We were having friends over for dessert last night after a day of art gallery touring and dinner out. Because it was our annual Christmas get together I decided to put more effort into dessert than I might normally (i.e.... Continue reading
Posted 10 hours ago at A Life, Lived
This week's Photo Hunt theme is 'crafty'. This presepe was made by a crafty guy who has a studio on via San Gregorio Armeno, in the heart of Naples' old town. Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Life, Lived
I was fretting today about being so far behind in my Christmas preparations -my baking is behind, shopping not done, house needing a good clean, no lists made . . . all in all a mess. Then I saw this... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at A Life, Lived
Speculaas are traditionally thin, crisp, dark-brown windmill-shaped cookies that originated in the Netherlands where they are eaten at the celebration of St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas in the Netherlands) on December 5th, as well as throughout the Christmas holiday season! You don't... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at A Life, Lived
Ohhh . . . I want this shirt!! :-) Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at A Life, Lived
It is 9 days until Christmas and I am finally feeling a bit festive (although woefully behind in my plans). A few years ago Paul and I were able to spend the month of December in Florence, Italy. Florence is... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at A Life, Lived
I know that some folks get depressed about turing 50. I have decided to embrace it! My 50th was on July 14th and I am determined to enjoy a drink on the 14th of every month to celebrate this new... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at A Life, Lived
Our CSA has been gifting us with squah and kale on a regular basis. It has been challenging finding ways to use it all up. I have taken to doing plenty of google searches for 'squash and kale' LOL. On... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at A Life, Lived
This week's Photo Hunt theme is 'beauty'. I am often struck with the image of beauty has changed over history . . . Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2014 at A Life, Lived
It is amazing how busy the Christmas season can be. At times it just seems like work. :-) Paul and I try to take as much time as possible to play in amongst the work. For example, the other night... Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2014 at A Life, Lived
I know that Christmas fruitcake has a bad 'rap' . . . people make fun of it on a regular basis. In my family it is not Christmas without it. That being said, there was no time this year to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 11, 2014 at A Life, Lived
Last week I saw this post in my facebook thread . . . The BittenWord guys were at it again! I have read about their cover-to-cover challenges but never participated in one. This time I took the plunge, filled out... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2014 at A Life, Lived
Via San Gregorio Armeno, in the heart of Naples' old town, is often called the street of nativity workshops. Lining the narrow pedestrian street are artisan workshops making nativity scenes (presepi in Italian) and terra cotta figures. Tiny shops sell... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2014 at A Life, Lived
Yesterday was mom's 74th birthday. We decided on an outing to Toronto to celebrate the big day. First up was the Toronto Christmas market. A Christmas market is a street market which celebrates the traditional sights, sounds and scents of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 8, 2014 at A Life, Lived
I pulled up my Kitchen Aid super powerful stand mixer from the cellar yesterday so I could start my Christmas baking. I didn't actually need it for anything that I was making yesterday but today will be another story. Later... Continue reading
Posted Dec 7, 2014 at A Life, Lived
This week's Photo Hunt theme is 'precious'. This is the famous Pala d’Oro in the Basilica di San Marco, Venice. It’s studded with 2,000 emeralds, amethysts, sapphires, rubies, pearls and other gemstones. Biblical figures are depicted in colorful enamel, or... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2014 at A Life, Lived
Posted Dec 5, 2014 at A Life, Lived
When our CSA started arriving with a ginormous cabbage every week we were soon looking for ways to use all of that cabbage up. This recipe, from Fine Cooking, jumped out for me - no, not because of the riesling!... Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2014 at A Life, Lived
Today is the day for the last Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club of 2014. December's theme, Warm Up to Winter, was selected by Val. This month I was tasked with bringing a dessert to the party. I do believe that... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2014 at A Life, Lived
With the calendar turning to December yesterday I'm starting to think about Christmas. A few years ago I traveled to Washington DC for a conference at the start of December. When I found those pics while randomly searching for Travel... Continue reading
Posted Dec 2, 2014 at A Life, Lived
A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from our CSA farm inviting us to their holiday open house. They promised treats, a chance to wander the farm, and an opportunity to gather evergreen for our holiday displays. Curious to... Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2014 at A Life, Lived
This week's Photo Hunt theme is 'candle'. Neither Paul or I are Catholic, yet every time we enter a church in Italy we light a candle and say a prayer to remember someone close to us who has passed away. Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2014 at A Life, Lived
Ah yes, the day after Americans gather and are thankful for what they have, so they run out and buy all sorts of other crap! By the way, if you're thinking of going into WalMart . . . remember this... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2014 at A Life, Lived
We're well into autumn flavors over here. Our American friends might have cranberry overdose today (Happy Thanksgiving y'all), but in case you’re like me — never enough cranberries — you’ll like this one. Cranberries and apples and cider — what... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2014 at A Life, Lived