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Alysianah aka Saylah
Mystic Worlds - it's just an illusion of life.
Interests: Geek by day and wizard by night. I'm an avid fan of all things fantasy and scifi, especially MMORPGs. The image used as my blog's logo is one of my favorite digital creations. It combines two photographs of a model a friend was shooting, a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains from his own portfolio and a stock image of a dove.
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Welcome to episode 6 of Casual Citizen. An on-going series about the upcoming first person MMO, Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games. I’m your host, Alysianah from the Mystic World Gaming Blog. This week’s topic will discuss one of the announced player professions, Search and Rescue. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading
Star Citizen, Black Desert Online, The Sims 4, Google+ Continue reading
Hi Ulywolf. I loved AA for quite some time. The cash shop philosophy and unresolved land exploits combined, became a bitter pill. As people from the guild stopped playing over time, the joy of it declined as well. I didn't enjoy the limitations of playing it F2P but didn't want to reward the game management behavior with a subscription. Ultimately, I voted with my wallet and my time. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I often miss what I enjoyed most which was how beautiful the game was, tending my farms and gliding over the terrain. I had this thing about gliding as much as possible. It was such an exhilarating feeling. The guild I was with in AA is going to be playing BDO which is similar in some ways. This time I'll know going in to be casual about it and have fewer expectations based on the cash model being used. Enjoy what I like and ignore the rest. I consider myself a casual gamer but I guess I'm hardcore about doing the things I enjoy and progressing my character. This time, I'm going to attempt a more leisurely approach...If I can. :-) Thanks so much for reading. I take pleasure out of others having enjoyed and found use in what I've written here.
Hello citizens, this is Alysianah from Mystic Worlds with the next installment in the Casual Citizen series. This week we’ll be discussing the Baker system and racing. Topics include an overview of the Baker system, the Able Baker Challenge racing event, Baker’s relevance for player careers and importance of the AC racing maps beyond leader-boards. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading
Welcome to another episode of Casual Citizen. This week's topic is an Introduction to the ARK Starmap for Star Citizen. It was released in October 2015. Show topics include: History of the ARK Starmap Its role and purpose Primary features Relationship to player careers and professions Useful Links: Starmap on RSI website Audio-only version available on SoundCloud Google Doc Matrix of the Starmap – shows all bodies and includes information found in lore and spectrum dispatches If this information has been helpful, consider using my referral code STAR-QSVR-JFTR, when you sign-up on FULL SHOW TRANSCRIPT AFTER THE BREAK This is Alysianah also known as Saylah, from the Mystic Worlds gaming blog. Welcome to episode 4 of Casual Citizen. Our topic this week is the ARK Starmap. I hope you enjoy. BEGIN TRANSMISSION In October 2015, Cloud Imperium Games released an interactive web-based map of the known Star Citizen universe,... Continue reading
Welcome to episode 3 of Casual Citizen, an on-going series about the upcoming 1st person MMO, Star Citizen,by Cloud Imperium Games. This week’s episode will take us into the realm of actual game content, as we discuss what’s available for play-testing in Alpha 2.x. If you sign up for Star Citizen and feel this information was helpful, you can earn 5,000 UEC points to in-game by using a referral code. Here's mine: STAR-QSVR-JFTR. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Episode 3 Topics Include: Hangar features Using My RSI to configure your hangar Accessing Arena Commander and it's various play modes Accessing the Social Module - ArcCorp Area 18 What is the Persistent Universe / Crusader Accessing Crusader Things to do in Crusader Difference between the Persistent Universe Flight Modes Activating Your Quantum Drive Show Notes Casual Citizen Series on YouTube Casual Citizen EP3 on SoundCloud Star Citizen Lore on SoundCloud Introduction... Continue reading
I stumbled on two new Twitch channels that I’m really enjoying. What I find appealing in my current state of mind, is the chill and relaxed atmosphere. Both of their play styles are very “take it as it comes” and they’ve cultivated a very friendly audience. Continue reading
The Star Citizen Live server was updated yesterday to version 2.1. I continued my Private Test Server activity until patch 2.1.d. Who can resist flying new ships?? I was also capturing video for my next installment of Casual Citizen, which should be published this Sunday. Continue reading
Fannel!!! Howdy stranger. I most certainly want to join TIL if they're playing BDO. The games after AA weren't quite my kind of game. *smile*
Really clown? Putting your referral code on someone else's blog? Get a life.
Depends on if they put a max level in the NA version. In Korea and Russia there is no max. It soft caps at 50, where it become considerably harder and takes longer to level. Racing through also misses points needed to acquire skills so who knows. I take the more leisurely road to level since I like to also mess with crafting, housing and exploring. Remains to be seen if I hit level 50. Plus that's when you're subject to FFA PVP so definitely no rush for me. hehe
LOL = laughing out loud and I will always have the last one on my own blog. Muhahahaha
My word, I didn't know Gandalf played BDO?? As much as I'm smitten with Star Citizen, there isn't enough content for me to play on a regular basis. I'm also cautious about burning out by starting the journey so far in advance of a completed game. Thus far, I enjoy playing the information game. Cloud Imperium Games puts out a metric ton of information on a regular basis. There's always more to know and learn. That said, I do feel the hole of having a MMO in my gaming life. I considered but rejected returning to former haunts - no motivation or interest. I need new maps, classes, skills... A whole new world... sung in my best imitation of Jasmine. The past few weeks, I've been watching former ArcheAge streamers play Black Desert Online on Twitch. I've known about the game for quite some time but my heartbreak over the... Continue reading
Casual Citizen Episode 2, Becoming a Star Citizen, lifts the veil on exactly what's needed to become a Star Citizen. It focuses on pledge options for people who are completely new to Star Citizen but have decided they'd like to participate in the on-going play-test opportunities. My referral code STAR-QSVR-JFTR. Continue reading
Oops, corrected. Thanks!
First episode in a new bi-weekly series that will discuss all things Star Citizen for the casual gamer and/or observer. Keeping up with Star Citizen could be a part-time job! Cloud Imperium Games' open development strategy pumps out a metric ton of information each week. Additionally, there are weekly vidcasts and frequent lore related content from the writing team. Staying somewhat in the know for casual players and followers can be a tough job. Continue reading
That's not the title of my blog so learn to read or type - take your pick. Since the analogy went over your head, suffice it to say that I play games that take place in virtual worlds, which should be evident by the games listed. You have no idea how much I've spent and why would you care? I can afford to pursue my hobbies. And who is really the sad and bitter person in this scenario? Some who has a hobby they're passionate about and shares those experiences with friends and family or the person who visits a blog, reads it and leaves a comment that has nothing intelligent to add to the discourse? And if you didn't read it, well that makes it purely troll which is even sadder that your real life holds nothing better for you to do.
That's true. If this was a small indie game with a small budget there'd be less coverage, eyes and nonsense. Thanks for the words of encouragement and enjoy your holiday.
There are ardent fans of Star Citizen and die-hard detractors . I never imagined my innocently intended post about the Million Mile High Club, for people who might be curious but who are not members, would raise so many hackles. It's been linked on Massively and on The Something Awful forums. What I can attest to is that no negativity or BS has come my way and I'm thankful that people have respected my "personal space" - my blog enough not to rant and rave here. It's unfortunate that we can't be civil in this debate at all times and in all venues. Whatever side of the debate you're on, you absolutely have a right to your opinion but not the inalienable right to be abusive about it to others. And there's really no need is there? People like what they like. Believe what they choose to believe. Invest discretionary... Continue reading
I really agree with you here and I have a strong feeling that the MMORPG crowd is going to come along for the ride. I'm a dyed in the wool MMORPG player and it has everything and more of what tickles my fancy. Am so excited about this project! :-)
Thanks! Appreciate the clarification. I went by what was listed on the KS site itself. I think they're creating a hybrid. I don't agree that MMO alone or space sim alone really describe the feature set as it stands today. What about MMORPG won't they have? They have RP elements, progression, missions, careers, organizations that have alignments such as faith based, piracy, etc., housing (hangars and apartments eventually), PVP combat (FPS and space combat that's based on newton physics - space sim. They have all the elements of MMORPGs except it's in space and using nextgen technology. What doesn't fit?
Thanks! It is quite gorgeous. I believe it will be located in multiple systems within the persistent universe. I'd forgotten to mention that there's an organization these owners have formed that will allow other players to join and gain access the club. I've added it up above the the posting. Have a happy holiday.
I recorded a quick tour of the upcoming Million Mile High Club. A backer reward from the original 2012 Kickstarter Campaign for Star Citizen. This is an exclusive members only location that will be part of the persistent universe. Members are players who backed SC by purchasing a $10K USD Commander's package. In addition to receiving ships and other backer rewards, the Million Mile High Club was part of the "thank you" for the pledge package. While these players contributed a whopping amount and have earned the right to exclusive use of this location, they're actually being quite generous. They've formed an organization through which others can join and be granted access. The location will support 100 simultaneous users which is a very nice location for virtual meetings and parties. CIG is also working on other opportunities to win permanent access to the location. We'll have to stay tuned for... Continue reading
Cloud Imperium Games had their anual Holiday Livestream today for their upcoming space sim + MMO + RPG, Star Citizen. A lot of interesting information was passed which you can read about here. Three things in particular knocked my socks off! Continue reading
Although the Star Citizen Persistent Universe Alpha was released on the Live servers, I’ve watched more of it on Twitch than I’ve actually played for myself. Unfortunately, I’m among those having horrifically low frames per second. Space combat in a game with no sticky targeting and FFA PVP, is not the place to be with abysmal frame rates. The game isn’t designed to be FFA PVP but the mechanics to control PVP outside of the station where you’re spawned haven’t been implemented yet. Continue reading