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Alysianah aka Saylah
Mystic Worlds - it's all an illusion.
Interests: Geek by day and wizard by night. I'm a Senior Product Manager in the high tech section. For as long as I can remember, I've been an avid fan of all things fantasy and scifi, especially MMORPGs. My children, having been raised by a gamer, have grown up to be gamers. And we've had such amazing memories over the years with family and friends in virtual worlds. We've corrupted nieces, nephews and cousins with our gaming fever and have had a blast. The image used as my blog's logo is one of my favorite digital creations. It combines two photographs of a model a friend was shooting, a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains from his own portfolio and a stock image of a dove.
Recent Activity
I've been working a short story that will serve as a collaborative narration piece. It's something I've wanted to try for a while and depending on the responses, I might do again. For this first attempt, I wanted to keep the technical aspects of combining the audio to a minimum. For that reason, I employed an approach that tells the story from very distinct character points of view. Each of those points of view will be narrated by a different person, representing that character, preceded by a short introductory paragraph read by me for continuity. Continue reading
Star Citizen NightBus Episode 6, discusses how the upcoming Alpha Patch 3.0 finally awakens the Explorer playstyle. Continue reading
This week's show is Star Citizen Nightbus. The show topics tackle the referral program kerfuffle and CIG's response. My thoughts on node harvesting now that planetside landing is on the horizon. A series of fun facts being curated by another SC backer. And lastly, new fanfiction. I have to say, that I'm having fun penning fanfic set in the SC universe. Continue reading
For those who might want to revisit in their entirety, the fan fiction released serially in Star Citizen Nightbus, I've created a Fan Fiction page on Aly's World. Continue reading
This week we're taking a closer look at the Star Citizen alien race I'm most excited to see in the game, the Banu. I like the idea of their unorthodox societal structure and the fact that they're welcoming to all races. I'll to put my thoughts about their participation in the slave market aside. In many cases, it's being referred to as indentured servants. We'll have to see just how far down the rabbit whole their practice goes. For now, their lore and star systems sound exciting and hospitable to humans. Continue reading
Casual Citizen EP 27 featuring the Origin 890 Jump luxury touring ship. A ship that's been on my radar for two years and it took a year before I was able to pledge for it. I'm super excited about the RP aspects it will provide to my future gaming adventures in Star Citizen. Show Content Overview of Origin Jumpworks: 1:06 Abbreviated profile of Terra Star System: 3:47 Discussion of 890 Jump: 5:16 Show Notes, Show Transcripts, and other Star Citizen related information are available in the InfoHub section of Register on the site to receive exclusive updates and narrated fiction, including a monthly newsletter. HOW TO SUPPORT THE SHOW AND WEBSITE You can donate using Patreon: Use my referral code and earn 5K UEC when creating an account on Referral Code: STAR-QSVR-JFTR Continue reading
Back from beyond with another episode of the Star Citizen Nightbus, a show that focuses on opinion, community news, lore and my original fiction set in the Star Citizen universe. Show Notes, Show Transcripts, and other Star Citizen related information are available in the InfoHub section of Register on the site to receive exclusive updates and narrated fiction, including a monthly newsletter. HOW TO SUPPORT THE SHOW AND WEBSITE You can donate using Patreon: Use my referral code and earn 5K UEC when creating an account on Referral Code: STAR-QSVR-JFTR CONTENT TIMESTAMPS Funny how things work out. The show’s audio was recorded a few weeks ago but I was too busy to edit and produce. Two of the topics were recently covered by CIG. - Bar Citizen, Where it all Began: - Davien Star System: - Bryony’s Dilemma - Serialized Fiction: - Part 1: Continue reading
I'm back from a 3-month hiatus owed to work demands and major home renovation project I've been planning for the past year. OMG it was hectic making huge changes all at once but I'm totally in love with the outcome. A primary reason was to create a private living space upstairs that included a dedicated recording room for myself. Now that I'm almost an empty-nester, I can finally change things around to suit myself and my needs. Trying to record reliable from the ground floor just didn't work. Outside noises, appliances, etc., were always an issue but no more. :-) I'm back with another episode of Casual Citizen, covering the luxury touring ship from Origin, the 890 Jump. You can find the show here on my YouTube channel. Continue reading
A couple of months ago, I was asked to collaborate on producing lore narrations with SCLoreCast. SCLC is a group dedicated to bringing SC lore to life by narrating the official dispatches and fiction from Cloud Imperium Games. I'm looking forward on-going relationship with this very talented group, all of whom are members of the SC community. You can listen to the episode here and help them out by subscribing to their YouTube channel, where they're also running a contest. Continue reading
This episode discusses my thoughts on reactions to delays and missteps, PVP rulesets, an overview of the Tanga star system and Chop Shop, new fanfiction set aboard a Freelancer turned medical unit. Star Citizen Nightbus Episode 3 CONTENT TIMESTAMPS So Much Angst 1:09 Lore from Zerah 4:47 PVP - you in or out? 6:12 Chop Shop 11:32 SHOW NOTES Alysianah’s Starmap Matrix Tanga Star System Bremen Star System Charon Star System Top 10 Things to Learn from EVE Online on Redacted.TV I hope you enjoy. Continue reading
In my on-going quest to simplify keeping up with Star Citizen for casual followers, I've done a bird's-eye view of the roadmap revealed during CitizenCon 2016. Makes a great reference for seeing when a mechanic, player career or ship is currently scheduled to be released to the Alpha. For more details, check out my article on Redacted.TV. Happy New Year!! Continue reading
EVE Online recently revealed a long term option for free-to-play characters that doesn't severely limit the potential for fun and meaningful experiences. And while there's not much similar as far as mechanics go between Star Citizen and EVE Online, I think there are some valuable lessons to be learned. EVE is a no-holds barred sandbox MMO and Star Citizen will have free-for-all PVP zones with a gradual permadeath mechanic. If there's any MMO out there that can help players prepare their outlook and attitudes for such possibilities, it's EVE Online! For a look at my Top 10 list of what I think EVE has to offer Star Citizen players check out my article on Redacted.TV. Continue reading
I'm happy that my newest slant to Star Citizen content is receiving good feedback. I'm enjoying that the format always for considerably more creativity. And pleasantly surprised that people are enjoying the inclusion of Flash Fiction. This week's topics are: Data-Makers, Trolley Cart Interlude, Space Hobos, Greetings from Zerah, Star Citizen as a Board Game, Bryony's Dilemma Part 2 of 3. YouTube version SoundCloud version Show Notes Continue reading
The Nightbus is an idea that just wouldn't go away. It's been on the back burner for several months. Whereas Casual Citizen attempt to prepare and inform players about the game itself, NightBus is focused on OpEd style articles. Continue reading
Welcome to another episode of Casual Citizen. An ongoing series about the upcoming first person MMO, Star Citizen, by Cloud Imperium Games. I’m your host Alysianah from the mystic worlds gaming blog. This week we have another episode designed to kick-start your preparation for Alpha 3.0. This week’s episode is going to review all flight ready cargo ships. YouTube Version SoundCloud audio-only version SHOW NOTES Flight Ready Cargo Ships Argo Cargo Aurora CL Reliant Kore Avenger Titan MISC Freelancer Constellation Andromeda MISC Starfarer Starfarer Gemini OTHER Hull B Q&A Post with updated Cargo Sizes Show Transcript Continue reading
I'm very careful about not playing a lot of Star Citizen. I'm heavily invested in that being a future home and don't want to burn out on it before it even releases. I play the new content for a few days when it's released to get a feel for it and then I stop. In between I'm writing about it, working on my vidcast or Alysianah's World of Star Citizen. This strategy leaves me open to play other games when I have time. Having recently released the last update to Aly's World for 2016, I'm in the mood to wander around in a MMO. I decided to return to EVE Online expecting to see a bump in activity from the new free-to-play model CCP has just released. And I wasn't disappointed. Chatter is jumping. Lots of Twitch streamers. Even a couple of Star Citizen content creators I work with are... Continue reading
I've released the last major site update in 2016 for Aly's World of Star Citizen. This was the largest update so far, not counting the original release. Carefully integrating commodities and information on player career opportunities gleaned from the official Galactic Guides, is a tall and time consuming order. However, it will be so worth it when the larger universe goes live. I believe it's a huge boon to logistics planning. This release also included the addition of new career pages mapped to star system assets for mining, exploration & science, transport & tourism and a compendium of all the information I've gathered to date, presented in Aly's Lore Database. More details can be found on this Star Citizen Reddit thread. Continue reading
I just published an article on [REDACTED] about an upcoming topic for Casual Citizen. It discusses what we know so far about the planned slavery mechanic. I was a bit "Yikes!" when I discovered the theme was being included in an MMO where realism is the name of the game. No smoke and mirror content, meaning we're likely to see this play out in living color. Yowza! Continue reading
If you're wondering where I am these days, you can find me playing, learning and writing about Star Citizen. This is the next MMO I hope to call home for many years. In addition to writing lore related articles and doing a bi-weekly podcast, I'm working on a website related to the planned player professions. The goal is to tie career related intel to the physical universe to assist in logistics planning. Check out the links below to learn more: Alysianah's World of Star Citizen YouTube video explaining the website's major features My Casual Citizen vidcast/podcast Continue reading
I just finished publishing a catch-all update on Alysianah's World of Star Citizen. It talks about what I'm doing in the SC space as well as a couple of other games I've been dabbling in. With most of my free-time still being allocated to Aly's World, there's not a whole lot left over for much else. However, I have managed to tiptoe around in World of Warcraft Legion and The Sims City Living expansion pack. Hop on over here if you'd like to read more. Continue reading
Insert massive sigh of relief!! I'm a bit exhausted and brain twisted from the last two days of pushing this release over the goal line. It's 2 weeks earlier than I originally planned but I already have content I'm working on to fill that gap. :-) I would really LOVE to get my full vision in before the Christmas holiday. Then I can let the site soak for a bit and actively acquire feedback. Most importantly on usability and clarity of the information. Lower level details of the release are on the Star Citizen Reddit Sub Continue reading
Today I published a new article up on Aly's World. Essentially taking stock of where the website is today, progress against my more immediate plans and a quick look at the site's Google Analytics that were implemented last month. Continue reading
Welcome to another episode of Casual Citizen. An ongoing series about the upcoming first person MMO, Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games. I’m your host Alysianah from the Mystic Worlds Gaming Blog. In preparation for the Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 release, we’re going to take a closer look at the Stanton system... Continue reading
CitizenCon 2016 has come and gone, and I have mixed emotions. While I was entertained by the information and the content shown, I could sense the restlessness of others. I could foresee the drama that was going to unfold as the slide presentation continued. We now know why it was rather slide-heavy. They’d planned for part of the presentation to showcase a full mission sequence from Squadron 42. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to complete it to their level of satisfaction in time. Let’s get real here, they’re too busy to have been working on high quality fallback content in parallel. Hindsight being 20/20, they might have been better served to have created some amalgamation of video content just in case. But who goes in planning to fail? I've long felt that risk management isn't a strong suit in CIG but they're not alone in that regard. Unfortunately for them, all of their setbacks play out live and in full color because of their open development process. Continue reading
Check out my newest article on Redacted. It's been a little touch-n-go getting content out. I have a guest staying with me for the next few months so my gaming and content creation time are more limited. Continue reading