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Alysianah aka Saylah
Mystic Worlds - it's just an illusion of life.
Interests: Geek by day and wizard by night. I'm an avid fan of all things fantasy and scifi, especially MMORPGs. The image used as my blog's logo is one of my favorite digital creations. It combines two photographs of a model a friend was shooting, a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains from his own portfolio and a stock image of a dove.
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Oso was discovered in 2861 by amateur explorer Errol Navis. Named after his daughter, it features six distinctive worlds orbiting a white Type-F main sequence star. Oso was quickly set upon by survey teams and corporate groups seeking to lay claim to the latest worlds potentially ripe for terraforming. Within the year, interests changed dramatically with the discovery of higher life forms on Oso II. Continue reading
That's a very good question. I could go either way. The only game I've played where criminal activity is support is EVE Online. In their mechanic no one has to witness the crime for the system to be alerted. For example, if you steal another miner's jettisoned cargo container of ore, the game flags you as a criminal for xxx minutes. And in the case of killing someone in policed zones, NPC ships will descend on the zone even if they weren't present at the time of the kill and you'll be dead in very short order. It's going to be exciting to see which end of the stick CIG takes in these manners. I'm not big on unconsensual PVP but I don't cry over it either. I liked the element of danger in EVE that exists once your move away from the heavily policed zones. Even when I was playing solo and mostly doing PVE content I setup my home base in a low security sector of space cuz adrenaline. If you won't take risks in a game, where will you take them is my feeling.
For those of us who plan to concentrate on activities that don’t revolve around pew-pew-boom-boom you’re dead, the Persistent Universe (PU) holds the key to the content we’re waiting to see. It’s in the PU that all the elements of game play come alive – especially non-combat opportunities and professions. More than Pew-Pew Star-Citizen-Bengal-class-Carrier-Bridge-Interior-005Thus far, CIG has released content for testing purposes via disconnected modules. The hangar module lets you see your ships, drool over them, access their interiors and reconfigure their loud outs. Arena Commander allows us to fly the ships that are available, to test flight mechanics and experiment with different weapons, ammunition and shields... Continue reading
Reverse the Verse (RTV) is a weekly vidcast that takes us around the Cloud Imperium Game offices to hear what the various teams are working on. This week’s RTV featured Chris Roberts, taking questions live, from the Star Citizen subscribers via their exclusive chat channel on RSI. Subscribers are supporters who donate money every month similar to a reoccurring subscription. The Prime Plan is $10 USD. The Imperator Plan is $20 USD. These funds are used to produce all of the weekly and monthly content seen by the community – vidcasts, Jump Point magazine, Lore fiction, etc. Additionally, subscribers receive cosmetic flare items for their hangars. Continue reading
I grew up in the Big Apple. Good ole New York, New York. From birth until I was married, we lived by LaGuardia Airport. My father was a huge fan of air planes and frequently took us to watch planes land on the way home from school. When I was older, it was a popular bicycle route and hang out. A group of us would often sit on the grass at the edge of the furthest runway and eat lunch to the roar of planes flying overhead. Continue reading
There hasn’t been surprising news in the world of Star Citizen since ArcCorp was released. Yes, we’re getting closer to Arena Commander 2.0, multi-crew ships, baby persistent Universe, more areas in ArcCorp will be unlocked and another single-seater flyable ship but no definitive dates yet. However, we expect that most, if not all of these features to be deployed before the end of the year. If so, that’s going to be a HUGE milestone for SC and generate a lot of player created content. Continue reading
Better keep your grabby hands to yourself. Do NOT get caught shoplifting in ArcCorp, Area 18! Continue reading
Not that it's new news, but there's been a blip in the increase of complaints that players won't initially be landing planet side manually. We were never told that we would be. Quite the opposite, it was mentioned several times that we wouldn't be - at least not for the first release of the full persistent universe. Chris Roberts has said that some time in the future, it may be possible. When you confirm your intent to land in one of the cities, the game will take control of the ship and guide you in. During this time you can get up and do whatever you want around your ship. The scenes visible through the ship windows will be the actual location, depicting precisely what is happening in the surrounding area at the time. To me it's reasonable given that the cities are densely constructed and the landing zones are... Continue reading
It was several days before I was able to log into the first planet side location released by CIG for Star Citizen. ArcCorp’s Area 18 is the first baby step toward the persistent universe we’re eagerly awaiting. Due to extreme motion sickness, low FPS in a high density, high fidelity content setting, is brutal on me. I had to skip the first few days while waiting for a new graphics card. I slapped a GTX 970 in my PC the moment it arrived. *AHHHHHHHHHH* Heavenly voices ring on high, it was a glorious upgrade. I went from 7 FPS in the Social Module to 35+. Continue reading
Next on my journey to create abbreviated Galactic Guides for quick reference is Nyx which is perfect timing. The preview embedded below was just released by CIG. Nyx is also the first system to be developed from the ground up with the new modular design process. ATV 55 discussed progress on the Nyx-Levski landing zone and how it’s being designed as an outdoor bazaar. Unlike ArcCorp where you visit the interior of buildings to purchase items, Levski will have carts in an open area that’s bustling with activity. Continue reading
CIG made their by the end of August date to release Social Module, what they're calling Persistent Universe version 0. ArcCorp, the planet from the Stanton system shown off during the GamesCom demonstration is now live for Alpha testing. I only spent a few minutes in the game myself. My graphic's card low FPS was causing severe motion sickness. I've ordered an upgrade and am excited to give it another try after I have it installed. Related articles Star Citizen - Drake Herald Star Citizen - Constellation Ship Series Continue reading
CIG has started sending out invites to participate in pre Live Alpha Server testing of the Social Module, known as the PTU Server. To protect back-end stability, initial invitation criteria is being based on recent Arena Commander participation (you would actually be bothered to test if given access) and proximity to the data centers. Or so it was loosely mentioned a while back. Whatever the case, these are invites to participate on the TEST server, which isn’t something I ever do. I’m not that impatient that I need to test the test content. J Kudos to those who do, which makes the version I do get to see, more stable that it may have been otherwise. Trying out new features once they hit the Alpha server is more than enough for me. Continue reading
In anticipation of the Persistent Universe v0 release, formerly known as the Social Module, I thought I’d do an ABBREVIATED version of the Star Citizen Galactic Guides as system/locations come online. This is as much for me as anyone else, as a way of familiarizing myself with the SC universe. I expect we’ll see fan developed tools such as the DOTLAN maps site created for EVE Online. For the full read, visit the official description on the RSI website. Continue reading
I take a keen interest in the areas of Star Citizen that are offering unique game play mechanics, especially professions I haven’t experienced in other MMOs. Anyone who has followed my blog over the years knows that if there’s an opportunity to setup a business of sorts, I will always give it a try. I enjoy the idea of playing out an entrepreneur in MMOs and it goes well with my love of crafting. Continue reading
I've been out of town for work. The preparation before hand limited my leisure time and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, as I study for another industry certification. Before leaving town I took a half day off so that I could watch the Star Citizen GamesCom demonstration live. What I saw simply blew me away. I've always felt comfortable with my level of monetary investment or I wouldn't have done it. But it was amazing to SEE the progress they've made that we have been reading about in the weekly updates and various videocasts. The only downside is that seeing how far the tech has come in-house, really makes the current iteration of AC look old hat. I now WANT the Social Module and AC 2.0 which will contain multi-crew ships more fervently than before. Oh well, such is life. I actually don't have time... Continue reading
Quick update on what’s going on with Star Citizen. Mostly, we’re all hanging on every word trying to guess what the big reveals might be at GamesCom. I will unfortunately be out of town for work and unable to watch the live stream. I’ll have to wait for it to be posted on YouTube. Continue reading
Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Star Citizens... Dreaming of spaces goes back - way back to my childhood. To being 10 years old and running home from school to watch reruns of Star Trek. To seeing every episode a multitude of times. To reenacting the voyages in our basement, where a row of out dated appliances against the far wall was the Enterprise. Our U.S.S. Enterprise. I presided over our goon squad from the Captain’s Chair, which was me sitting crossed legged on old washing machine that happened to be in the middle. Wearing one of my mother’s sweater, the sleeves balled up to my elbows to stop them from dragging. Everyone had to wear the right color sweater cuz – uniforms. Continue reading
I thought I’d do a little write up on the Star Citizen Drake Herald, as it’s supposedly the next ship that will be hangar ready and made flyable in Arena Commander. The criteria used for which ships are prioritized for full flight capability, is whether or not the ship is needed for the single player RPG module, Squadron 42. Bad news for some in general, even though it make sense. The needs of S42 puts some of the original backer ships like the Constellation and Freelancer behind newer ships like the Herald. Continue reading
Cloud Imperium Games recently released an updated Star Citizen ship status log. Yes! They are going to keep the list updated. This is an excellent addition to available information. Not only for players who want to know what’s going on with a ship they’ve already purchased, I personally would want to what is flyable now, if I was considering another pledge. Continue reading
AC 1.1.5 was deployed to the PTU over the weekend – that’s test environment. I rarely if ever deal with MMO test servers. I’ll just wait until it’s pushed to production. Most of what’s coming are balancing changes such as ship durability, weapon damage and improved HOTAS usability. Along with thruster and flight mechanics changes – see lots of posts about changes in “drift”. The long awaited P-52 Merlin, a short ranged combat support ship that comes aboard the Constellation, is flyable. Continue reading
Jokes about the patented “coming soon” from game developers aside, what Star Citizen backers are receiving next is an update to Arena Commander. AC is the dogfighting module being used to test ships, combat, flight mechanics and the alike, during the SC alpha. Continue reading
It will be surprising to some to hear that Star Citizen has a very active community of players reselling ships, known as the Grey Market. Ships originally purchased directly from Cloud Imperium Games, are being marked up and sold by third party. Only a small portion of the ships sold are actually playable in Arena Commander. Many are not even available viewing in a ship hangar. Yet there’s enough surplus demand that players are buying and trading these digital assets. Continue reading
To provide a gaming experience that is more tactical and varied, Star Citizen has devised a limb-based injury system which includes varying degrees of damage severity and permanence. It's not going to be the more common, a player gets injured so he runs and hides until his healthy magically regenerates to full. In Star Citizen, various areas of the body go through damage states from Normal (no injury) to Ruined (not usable or gone). To recover from a state below normal, player intervention is necessary. A detailed overview of the health system can be found here. Continue reading
As this will be one of the professions many new players gravitate toward, here’s a quick overview of the mining profession. It was one of the first career design documents published and is supposedly representative of their philosophy for all careers. Which is that career associated tasks contain activities that require skill, dexterity and intelligence, where mindless repetition or idle monitoring are explicitly avoided. Continue reading
I think that depends on your priorities in the SC universe. I only touched on tangible assets and reputation. Upon death you lose your achievements, as they belonged to the other character. If youre that type of player, that could be a big deal. Im not that kind of player myself but know many that are. I agree, you can reasonably avoid death by limiting your activity and where you go in the game, much like you can in EVE Online. However, even some of the professions executed in safe space can result in death. Mining for example, which Ill be covering soon, is dangerous enough that your ship can explode if youre not careful or good at certain of the required roles. I like and dislike the mechanic. I believe some players will be emotionally and mentally impacted by simply knowing that theres a life counter present. Enough so that it will alter their behavior. Your reputations is still aligned but youre not the other person. The mechanic of NPCs reacting to you differently based on past deeds, never fully realized in GW2, is planned in SC. We shall see, however. If that is the case, you will lose those NPC relationships upon death. I considered but decided against including that in my blog post because it wasn't explicitly called out the article itself. However, it can be construed based on dev responses to player questions. I believe in the forum thread there was an example of a player having reached a certain rank/position within a NPC corp dying. His beneficiary would still be looked on favorably but they do not inherit whatever the former characters rank/position was. That has to be achieved again. For that matter, player organizations might choose to adopt the same policy. If an officer dies, theyre dead. The beneficiary comes in as a recruit. Now that would be interesting to see play out. I can smell the drama from here. :-)