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Alysianah aka Saylah
Mystic Worlds - it's just an illusion of life.
Interests: Geek by day and wizard by night. I'm an avid fan of all things fantasy, including MMORPGs. My newest adventure has taken my love of crafting out of game and into my real life! Visit my handcrafted jewelry shop on Etsy: The image used as my blog's logo is one of my favorite digital creations. It combines two photographs of a model a friend was shooting, a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains from his own portfolio and a stock image of a dove.
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When I named my farm wagon Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I never dreamed it would fly. Houston, we have a problem! Seriously WTF is going on?? It may be time for me to disembark. I was more worried about the wagon falling over into the steam below in some awkard position. Although using Rider's Escape on bridges is sometimes dodgy, I didn't have much choice. Luckly, it summoned it on the other end, only partially embedded in the hillside. :-/ Continue reading
In the aftermath of disappointment in the release of the NA Auroria content, our guild chatter slowed down considerably. Guild members logging into ArcheAge was light for a couple of days. For myself, I decided to restructure my existing properties as though they would be my only pieces of land for the long term. This meant dropping tertiary produce and livestock to focus on priority production elements. Less profitable and/or items whose pricing was very volatile were removed from the line-up. I also added a new product that would help move another set of Trade Packs (TP) into the consistently 130% pay out range. Continue reading
I’ve been chronicling my MMORPG gaming adventures for over 15 years. It’s been over 9 years on this particular blog. Today I decided I wanted to change the theme to something lighter and a bit more serene. At least it is to me. *Smile* The image is a close up from a group of pictures I'd taken of my garden last year. I love roses and have a variety of different types and colors around my deck. *Sigh* This will remind me of summer as the winter months roll in. Continue reading
Absolutely, can only come from breeding them individually, will not happen in pens.
So much promise is being squandered. I'm not sure what it will take for Trion and XL get it together. Guild attendance is down since the Auroria debacle and TeamSpeak has been empty during my playing times as well. An article on Massively sums things up nicely and with more effort than I wanted to put into describing the current concerns and issues. I'm still playing but a bit more hesitantly and changing up my focus just in case things go into a decline. Continue reading
Yeah, was something like that. The better plan was NOT to assist in getting a tower but to wait in the housing areas in stealth, with your house pre-placed so that you could spam left click the minute the tower went up.
The last big release of claimable land for some time to come was a disaster. The update introduced an issue where many players were denied access to the game. From our guild only 3 of us were able to log in to participate. Only 4 made it into the game before I logged off for the evening. Continue reading
In the Beginning A few posts ago I discussed the results of my efforts to craft my cloth Illustrious set. After about 500 gold, I was in a mixed group of pieces that because of the RNG side of crafting at this level, didn’t technically amount to a “set”. No set means, no set bonuses, losing the Arcane bonus from my previous set and having 4 out of 7 pieces be dead-end, not upgradeable to level 50 (Magnificent). That’s a bitter pill to swallow after pouring so much time and effort into acquiring the gold and leveling my tailoring Continue reading
Today's 6 hour downtime brings in new content, more normalization and a few fixes. You can read the official formum post here. The drama has already started. Let the whining and flame wars begin. I'm preparing for the real war. I'll be back in my healer build today, helping my guild do the very little we can do. Continue reading
Late Sunday evening, a guild member asked for help in transporting 30ish trade packs from Hellswamp to Solzreed. The problem with large transport out of Hellswamp is that the Specialty workstation is inland. Unless you have property in Hellswamp, which is a PVP enabled zone, there’s nowhere to stage large expeditions. You have to craft the trade packs one by one and get them out to the coastline before they can be placed them on a Merchant class ship. This means running a Farm Cart brigade, if your guild is fortunate enough to have that many, and we do. *Smile* Continue reading
On Saturday, we joined another naval PVP event hosted by Praetorian. We roamed in a much smaller formation this time. Instead of multiple Cutter-class ships flanked by Clippers, there was only one large ship involved, their Black Pearl, with 3 clippers in front sailing in an arrowhead formation. Assigned to one of the clippers, I was front and center for all of the action. Continue reading
Asian MMO, you know the grind is going to hit at some point or another. To its credit, in ArcheAge, it’s buried much further into the game than the standard import. Leveling was a breeze. Making gold is straight forward. Obtaining decent gear via quests is cake-walk. I was sitting at level 50 in a blink of an eye, making a good income and in acceptable gear with reasonable effort and time. Continue reading
You're welcome. :-)
I was somewhere in the middle of this madness the other night. Three guild members and I went out to see the action and invariably joined the fight. We chased and killed a few clipper parties and stole their ships before joining up with the main fleet. The majority of the time after that I was on the Excelsior, handing out cannonballs, healing and throwing pot-shots at reds in the water. Continue reading
Hi Adam and thanks very much. There's a Trade Info option in the Vocation menu (third icon from the right / lower right of your screen). Using this you can see what percentage is currently being paid for particular combinations of trade runs. The maximum pay is 130%. So for example, if you have materials for Halycona to Gwen Forest and Biscuits are trading at 110% and Yams at 128%, go make yams. Being equal distances, the higher % paying trade pack is the one to go for in that case. However, if they're different distances, such as Olive Oil out of Lilyut at 97% but is furthest so should pay more but Figgy Pudding fro White Arden is at 130%, I'd do White Arden instead. It's a matter of distance which yields the highest payout + the turn in percent which is based on how many other players are doing that same turn-in at the time. There's also a trade pack calculator which tells you the base turn in amount but is not good for calculating profit as it's assuming all materials at 0 cost. However, until you know the base fees for the various combinations, it's very useful ( Enjoy.
One of the more unique ArcheAge crafting professions is Husbandry. Primarily, the profession consists of caring for, harvesting from or butchering livestock. It also includes the opportunity to breed two types of battle pets or mounts – Polar Bear and Yata. This is the first MMO I’ve played with a crafting profession revolving around working with animals and had to give it a try. Continue reading
I’m still heavily invested in playing ArcheAge even though I’m not blogging about it as much. The reason for that is very simple. When I have free time it becomes a choice between playing AA or blogging about it. As you can see, playing is winning in most cases. *Smile* The AA game I’ve elected to play, farming and trade, comes with a decent amount of resource management. It’s not a matter of collecting materials and crafting them whenever I have the time or the mood strikes. On the contrary, it requires a consistent commitment to tending livestock, planting/harvesting crops and watching the trade market to know what’s most profitable for crafting into trade packs versus selling the raw materials to other players on the Auction House. Trade pack profitability can change hourly. And while the AH market changes more slowly, you have to watch the trends to get out ahead of them or end up losing profit. Continue reading
Link to Part 1 Here are other questions I see new players ask on a regular basis or things I learned the hard way. Public Regal Stations Some crafting recipes require regal workstations. Typically, these workstations are crafted by players specializing in that profession and placed in their homes. Each faction has one set of public regal workstations available to the general population. For the West Faction, public Regal Workstations are located in Wardton, Solzreed. You’ll see a cluster of houses together with workstations on the porch and some inside. Those are regal workstations you can use. Continue reading
Last night was my first experience doing naval combat in ArcheAge. Lag aside, it was a resounding success and some of the most fun I’ve had in the game to date. A big thanks to the Praetorian guild for organizing the event and inviting The Immortal Imperial Legion. Continue reading
I don't think it's acceptable that: 1. Headstart people were in 6 hour queues when the number of those players was a known quantity 2. Servers like Kyrios with 8+ hour queues should have been locked on release day to avoid it getting worse. GW2 had to do this. Trion didn't respond fast enough making the first week on the top pop servers a nightmare. The hack and botting issues can be laid at XL Games' feet for sure but it seems Trion is understaffed and drops the ball too making things just a bit worse That said, I still LOVE the game. And I still believe in Trion as a publisher, having been a head-start participant and subscriber of Rift. And thanks for the compliment :-)
Based on heresay, the Asia market behaves a bit differently than us NA and EU heathens. They aren't facing the hack and bot issues. However, the Russian servers are supposedly a cesspool in this regard but who knows.
Obviously, everything in this post is my personal opinion based on what I’ve experienced firsthand and have seen with my own eyes or have read about on the official forums and Reddit. Oh Trion, you were not prepared. I think the interest in the Trion published version of ArcheAge greatly outweighed their expectations. Not even the thousands of players who paid $150 dollars to be in the Alpha gave them a sense of the masses waiting in the wings. The hype train gathered steam very quickly, going from zero to Mock 5 in a flash. Continue reading
That sucks!! And I agree with you. I wouldn't pay for a 3rd because some bug has you blocked from using you free 2nd slot. We're not going anywhere so whenever is fine. Except that I'm sure the more time you put into your character where you are the harder it will be to abandon for another server. Yep very happy with the guild I'm in. Two members recently built cutters. I'll be putting up pictures soon.
I’ve been working on a variety of goals since my last post. First and foremost was to start saving gold again. After obtaining a level 50 plate set via questing, I started the expensive process of building up a cloth set. This is not a trivial effort, as each tier builds on the previous one. This means to have a level 50 crafted armor set, you have to start at T1 for each piece and slowly upgrade/craft the next tier. Continue reading