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Kim Fleming
Interests: Vintage. Reading. Clothes. Decorating.
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That poster!!! Just perfect. His parents need to frame it! And, I have to say ditto to Dori's just seems like yesterday that you were planning weddings & baby #1.
I love Weck jars! I don't actually can with them (I don't know how to can if I don't hear the little "pop" when they are done!), but I love to use them to store pretty little things. Last year, I pulled out the little bags of shells from years at the beach and placed the contents into Weck jars, with tags around the neck that said the beach name & year. A fun keepsake!
I just love to see your decorating posts. You always know how to make something beautiful on pennies.
I'll second what Jackie said! You always add a grace note to whatever you do, whether it is a treat for a co-worker, a special dinner or the fabulous vintage truck that you drive.
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But it's super cute!!! ;)
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Absolutely adorable!
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It already is such a great space, I can't wait to see what you do with it!
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Haha! I love this. In many ways, these pictures are even more wonderful than the ones from last year. What great memories.
Your dinner parties always make me want to entertain! I love the felted acorns -- just adorable.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2013 on Felted Acorns & Flowers at EAB Designs
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Super cute! You give me hope that my laundry room will one day be cute :)
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I had no idea that Richmond had this wonderful neighborhood! I've only been in the business district for a conference. Its nice to know that there is a historical district.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2013 on Richmond's Fan District at EAB Designs
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I had no idea it was the anniversary! I love that book (and the Colin Firth version of the movie...swoon!). I always think of it at this time of year because it was when I first read it.
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What a creative idea! I've never seen one with glass & it looks great!
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Your creations are just beautiful -- both the embroidery & your daughter :)
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2013 on making time for stitches at nanaCompany
Yay! I'm so glad that Casey is home safe & sound. You must be one happy & proud Mama!
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2013 on Happy New Year at creative little daisy
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Awww...big hugs. Bayleigh is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful relationship with such a wonderful grandma. 5 minutes, 45 minutes or 4 hours away, I have a strong feeling that Bayleigh will always come to grandma.
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He is gorgeous! Congratulations to you & your entire family.
I'm catching up on blogs today -- I LOVE those roses. I'm a beginning gardener, so I'm going to remember your advice for when I make my plans for next year (sounds like I'm too late for this year).
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I love the small arrangements...stock is one of my favorite flowers.
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I'm on typepad too & it's a pain in the rear to make changes. Thanks so much for posting these tips, I will definitely use them in the future. PS--Your new look is so fresh & springy!
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I love the idea of having a garden full of fresh ingredients, but I have such a brown thumb that I'm afraid to even try. Maybe now that we have a yard with full sun, I should give it a try. Keep us updated on your progress & maybe it will give me the push that I need :)
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2012 on My Dreams for a Potager Garden at EAB Designs
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I love it! Especially the thread board & the cutting table....sigh...I'd love to have a cutting table.... You did a wonderful job.
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The flowers might be forget-me-nots...I'm certainly no expert though!
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Those truly do look like they came from an artisan bakery. are making me want to go & bake some bread!
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