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Mar 15, 2010
Suzi, I think this is what you're talking about, so maybe this pictorial review will help you decide.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2009 on Super Huge Moleskine Love at Gypsy Journalista
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Suzi, do a search on Etsy for "beeswax print" and you'll find a number of similar items with descriptions such as "mixed media print on wood" or "mixed media print on canvas" and then the artist has listed what was used to embellish it such as glitter, paint, beeswax, etc. Paula
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2008 on What Do I Call it? at Gypsy Journalista
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Happy Birthday, Suzi! I see all the love you have given so freely to those of us who love you coming back to you a thousandfold in the form of all of your wishes and so much more! Have a twinkly, sparkly, joyfully fantastic day!
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2008 on 8/8/08 at Gypsy Journalista
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