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"I'm sick of people proposing trades (as often happens here) as if the other GM was a clueless moron. If you think the Mets should trade for a certain player please put yourself in the other GM's place. You wouldn't accept crap coming back, why would they?" So, because you are tired of people proposing trades assuming the opposing GM is a complete moron, you propose trades to make yourself look that way? You don't trade Pelfrey, F-Mart, and more pitching prospects for a big question mark with a massive contract.
Pelfrey plus F-Mart for Zambrano while eating Zambranos contract? Seriously?
The Mets would never trade Pelfrey for Zambrano. What is it with you proposing trades involving Pelfrey for overpaid over the hill pitchers on the decline lately? A cost controlled number 3 starter is extremely valuable. You are only opening up the number 3 spot to fill the number 2 spot, while adding a massive contract to the payroll. No.
If Thole isn't a catcher, he isn't a major leaguer. He doesn't even have close to the bat to play anywhere else. The idea that he may be the first baseman of the future while Ike Davis is trade bait is laughable.
"as a phillies fan im glad the mets signed bay over holliday. holliday has killed the phillies in the past. Bay is a product of fenway park and the phils stopped him as a pirate. now going to a park where it will be tougher to hit home runs. this will be another mets blunder." Not that such things hold any importance, but since you brought it up, Jason Bay is a career .311/.381/.563 hitter against the Phillies. So good job on that. Let me ask you, did you have a team of monkeys working around the clock coming up with that little theory?
"Okay, I would've preferred Holliday over Bay but what is confusing me is all this talk about defense...people forget so easily. If Mets signed Holliday people would say the SAME EXACT things about defense." You do realize Bay is one of the worst LF's in baseball where Holliday is one of the best? Or do you? Facts
"as a Mets fan I say this sucks; big waste of money." This.
"lol some of u people have no idea what u are talking about..if they signed bay for only 4 years then this is a great signing...and for all u people who say that his power numbers will plummet at citi field think again because it is not the horrible hitters ballpark that everyone is making it out to be..the mets just didn't hit homeruns last fact they hit more homeruns home than they did away..and for all u people who say that o he hit in a hitters ball park and was aided by the green monster BS...he hit more homers away than at fenway..some people on here are just stupid" literally none of that means anything.
"How 'bout trading Pelfrey, Brad Holt and F. Martinez to Houston for Roy Oswalt?" Rofl. The comments section is literally nauseating. This is like Metsblog west.
It's amazing. For years we heard Yankee fans propose every trade possible for Melky Cabrera, a guy who until 2009, was one of the worst regulars in baseball. He puts together a solid year, and the Yankees trade him for a guy who pitched like an ace last year. The Yankees bring in a fringe 2/3 guy for a 4th OF. Good job Cash, seriously. Impressive.
You can say all the same things about Bengie Molina (only at least Doumit can hit, Molina is among the worst hitters in the league), yet everybody and their mother wants us to sign him and his .260 OBP.
Well I'm a Met fan ECB, but I try to at least be objective. You bring up a good point, the best part of this entire situation is the Phillies locking up Doc for 3/60. I just simply wanted to point out that Halladay over Lee isn't a significant upgrade, at least the last two years, and using Drabek and Taylor to make that upgrade is not a no brainer type move. I look forward to getting to watch Doc pitch a handful of times against the Mets every year. Should be fun.
According to Carini's logic, since the Yankees have the highest payroll they should win every year. Going by this logic, the Red Sox should be the second best team in the AL every year, behind the Yankees. Must be embarrasing to have gotten obliterated by the Angels last year. So, again, by your logic, any year the Yankees don't win a world series the Red Sox should win it. I mean hey, the Yankees are like Kobe Bryant playing against a 3 year old with one arm right? Guess what, the Red Sox are also playing against that same 3 year old with one arm. Maybe the Red Sox aren't Kobe Bryant, but they are certainly Ray Allan, also playing against the one armed 3 year old. Sure, you aren't as good as Kobe, but you are still Ray Allan, playing a one armed 3 year old, right? So, to sum this up, by your absurdly flawed and nonsensical logic, the only team it is acceptable for the Red Sox to fall short against is the Yankees. Toolbox.
"I realize keeping Lee AND Halladay on the roster is more or less impossible due to money, but the general feeling in the city is NOT one of elation right now, and it should be. Doc deserves a better welcome." I don't know how elated I would be that you just traded Drabek and Taylor to marginally upgrade your team. Halladay is wonderful, he just isn't a huge upgrade over Lee at this point. Also, for those clamoring over his CG's, expect them to go down. He doesn't have to hit in Toronto, so he never had to come out of a game for a PH. In a 1-1 game in the bottom of the 6thwhen you have 2nd and 3rd, one out and Hallday's spot in the order coming up, it will create some situations where he has to leave the game. Just the nature of the NL. Couple more things, are Philly fans really calling Marson and Carrasco piles of crap? Funny how your opinion of a guy changes after you trade him. If you know diddly about prospects, you wouldn't call Carrasco a pile of crap. Bad luck and crappy defense helped contribute to his dinosaur stats looking bloated last year, but there is no reason he can't be a mid rotation starter in the major leagues. I'm not high on Marson, but a lot of Philly fans were talking him up pretty big last year. Now he's gone, and so he sucks? Last thing, people saying Toronto didn't get enough are crazy. They got two blue chippers in Drabek and Taylor, and a couple of other nice pieces. That is WAY better then the draft compensation they would have brought in, and it is also a way better package then (with less risk), then the Indians recieved for Lee (or Sabathia)or the Twins for Santana. If Halladay had to go, this is a pretty nice return.
Blackcourt, don't mind that jjyankeefan guy. Ever since last year, he logs on here, and he talks an amazing amount of smack because he played college baseball at some garbage college. He has called at least 20 people the village idiot, and he also tells a ridiculous amount of people to go back to the Harry Potter forums, which I don't quite understand. He dismisses the more important stats, because he doesn't understand them, instead insisting they are useless and the garbage, "classic" stats like ERA, BA and RBI are more important. It's laughable. He also constantly does his little schpiel where he makes fun of WAR, then sarcastically posts things like KFC, NFL, etc, you get it. I wish he would change his material. He seemingly does this to get a laugh, although nobody ever finds it funny, and nobody even really pays attention to him anymore. It's funny that he finds WAR to be too scientific, yet any front office that knows anything about building a winner is leaning far more heavily on sabermetrics then the traditional dinosaur stats.
"ANY deal for Adrian Gonzalez Boston must start with John Lester and then some more, and more..." Yeah right. This is what I mean, the comments section here is a joke.
The comments section here is such a joke. Theo makes a great signing, possibly the value deal of the winter, and 90 percent of the comments are complaints. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
"Mets fans, I you were forced to choose between Garko and Atkins for a platoon with Murphy, who do you choose?" That's easy. Nick Evans.
"Not on this list but on the other one, but Ryan Langerhans would also be an interesting pickup for a team looking for a plus defensive 4th OF (coughcough Braves). I'd love for the A's to resign Cust or go after Gomes. " Exactly. Langerhans probably adds more value to whatever team he plays on then any other guy nobody has heard of before. I'd love for the Mets to sign him, he'd be a nice replacement for Endy Chavez, who they missed last year.
"Mike Francesa is also one of the least knowledgeable sports people on the air today. Take it with a grain of salt." That's not true at all. Just because he is condescending doesn't mean he isn't knowledgable. Also, what does his knowledge on baseball have to do with whether his source is accurate?
"I'm glad the majority of the comments thus far have been positive towards him and his career. Most exciting at-bat's I've ever seen. I'm in agreement with InvalidUserID, Barry watched how the media tore his father apart as a player, it's only natural he would be biased towards them. He has a select few in the media he would talk to regularly (Ralph Barbieri), and when he would open up, it was always interesting. Thanks for the memories, Barry." I feel the same way. I figured it would be 100 comments calling him a cheating scumbag and wishing death upon him.
this just keeps on getting better and better
Yeah, it is stupid as hell, please stop with the misinformed Latino crap.