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Mariners. Added Lee, Bradley and Figgins. They still need at least 1 more bat. I'm rooting for them in the Adrian Gonzalez sweepstakes. I don't think the Yankees will improve much. Vazquez was great in 2009 in Atlanta but now he's going to a pitchers park. He was average to above average for the White Sox but not as good as 2009. Adding Johnson and Granderson is a downgrade to me offensively from Damon and Matsui. You're going from about 180RBI to 140RBI. There are tons of good players still available and alot of time for more trades, so alot can happen from now until opening day.
The Cardinals were good without Holliday, why is there any pressure to sign him?
I think the Twins missed out on a solid 3B here. Good defense, healthy, .260-.280 avg 20hr. And most importantly, cheap.
I'd flip Cabrera for more prospects. Then you could end up with 4 prospects for Vazquez.
By bargains, you must mean cheap talentless players.
I bet the Braves spend the Vazquez savings on Bay.
The team has great OBP but who is going to drive everyone in? Griffey?
He had pretty good numbers. What's the catch?
I've actually been trying to convince Sean at baseball reference to develop a tooltip virtual baseball card. So you don't have to leave the page to view stats. You click on the name and a little "virtual baseball card" pops up. Like this, click on Jermaine Dye's name.
Also, if you did track the transaction details then eventually the traffic you send to Cots would stay on your site.
It would be cool if you had a page dedicated to a transaction. The page could include the transaction details, survey results, and links to blogs about the transaction.
Tim, I've shared my ideas with you but wanted to share with the other users. 1. I'd like to see surveys after completed deals to get a snapshot of what everyone thought. Users should have to be logged in and it would be cool to see their voting history on their profile. 2. SMS message alerts for deals. Users should be able to set criteria for the messages they receive. For example, I don't care that Ramon Santiago extended his contract with DET. But I would love to know when a $20M + deal is signed or a big trade goes down. 3. Trade predictions. You post yours, let the users post their. Predict teams, contract length and total contract amount. Then when they sign reconcile the predictions for accuracy. 4. Virtual Winter Meetings. Invite bloggers to represent their team in a virtual winter meetings. Have them post what the team needs first. Then wheel and deal to see what they can get done. We all criticize GMs now lets see if we can do better. 5. Trade proposal surveys. You see people comment on deals all the time. Let them post it and the users can vote if they would do the deal if they were either team. Say I wanted to trade Carlos Quentin for Jonathan Sanchez. Users would vote from each teams perspective if they would do the deal. White Sox: No, Giants: Yes. I think the blogging part of the site is great but there could be some other cool things for users to do on the slow days.
I want a big fish, but not sure who.
I'd take Atkins over Crede. 162 games of .250avg is better than 100 games of .250avg.
I think the luxury tax needs to be changed. Tax at a lower rate for a lower amount. $100M 9% $120M 14% $150M 18% This is starting to get pretty rediculous.
jtownse9 The White Sox have one of the best rotations in baseball. Peavy, Buerhle, Floyd, Danks and Garcia. With Hudson waiting in the wings.
I wanted Winn. Boooo!
The only benefit for the Phillies is having an ace for more than one year. Other than that Lee=Hallady so they cancel eachother out. I guess they wanted a long term ace and Lee wouldn't sign so they looked elsewhere.
Nice signing, it will be interesting to see if the Sox move Jenks or Linebrink.
Nice work with the winter meetings Tim! Kudos to you and you're team.
I think a Putz signing would mean the end of Linebrink more than the end of Jenks.
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Bradley and $10mil to the White Sox for Linebrink. Sox use the $10 mil to sign Damon or Matsui.
Let the signings begin!
Low risk, high reward. I likey.