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Recent Activity By the way, there are your links to prove you're bullsh*tting. Pity. Embarrassing. :(
"You said ALL those things." No, I didn't. I never said Wade is "barely" top 10. And you're fudging the language on some of the rest, but who cares. I'm not debating you. I've already pounded you in that regard, and you keep wiping yourself off and pretending nothing happened. You're lying because there's nothing left for you to do. Well, except go away. So please, go away. Quotes on JD: You're an idiot - Josh You're an idiot - Beasleygotdaheat You're an idiot - TylerD You're an idiot - Adam You're an idiot - Hex You're an idiot - Oxygen You're an idiot - d_webz You're an idiot - b.ullshit You're an idiot - Clark_petion
"What do you guys think?" I think JO gets way more than $1 million, and Joe Johnson gets max. You're also forgetting to factor in James Jones' buy-out for $2 million per year. But still, I like your conception of where we should go with our money. Up Johnson's money to max, and instead of Gay, we could potentially add Josh Howard and Brendan Haywood for significantly cheaper. If we can unload James Jones, I think that'd be pretty solid. Wade - 16.5 Johnson - 16.5 Howard - 6 Beasley - 5 Haywood - 6 2 first round picks - 3 Cook - 2 Chalmers - 1 Cap holds for 3 spots = ~ 1 That would leave you with a rotation of: Wade / Chalmers Johnson / Cook Howard / ? Beasley / ? Haywood ? plus 2 first round draft picks and whatever 3 minimum signings you make for a total of $57 million-ish. But again, we'd have to unload James Jones. And we'd have to hope the cap comes in that high -- some think it'll drop to $55.
"you said exactly what I said you did" Nope. Still lying. Still factually demonstrable that you're lying. Everything you say is demonstrably wrong. Isn't that frustrating? Oh, and for the record, I have no problem with Eddie, but he thinks Wade has been better than Kobe or LeBron since Wade entered the league. I'll let that stand on its own. Quotes on JD: You're an idiot - Josh You're an idiot - Beasleygotdaheat You're an idiot - TylerD You're an idiot - Adam You're an idiot - Hex You're an idiot - Oxygen You're an idiot - d_webz You're an idiot - b.ullshit You're an idiot - Clark_petion Go away.
"Wade + $8-10 mm player won't get it done. We need Wade + $13 mm-max player to get it done... no?" To be honest, it depends on the players. Money values don't necessarily equate to production. In two years, Beasley could be an All-NBA power forward making $7 million. If that's the case, then I'd say Rudy Gay, Raymond Felton, and Brendan Haywood would be plenty of supporting cast for Wade, if he's still the player he is now. But if we're making a serious run at the championship next year, then yeah -- short of vast improvements by Beasley, we'd need a max-type player (I say max-type because I'm not sure Johnson or Amare get entirely the max). IMO, our best course of action would be to try to find a borderline all-star that we can fit in while maintaining enough room for a max signing -- someone like Monta Ellis. With a core of Wade, Beasley, and Monta going into 2010 free agency, a max signing could push us over the top, and even a guy like Rudy Gay would still leave us pretty well off.
"Mo Williams was a star. He was a 17 and 6 point guard. We had nothing but the MLE. Odom is a star, we offered him the MLE." Well if you consider Odom a star, then yeah -- Mo Williams was a star. I'd say that most don't consider Lamar Odom a star. He's never made an all-star team, never made an All-NBA team, and doesn't start. IMO, he hasn't been anything near a star since maybe his season in Miami, and that was only because people expected him to continue to improve.
"You said what you said" Yes, and what I said is not what you said that I said. What I said was factual, based upon basically every gauge (statistics, achievements, expert opinions). What you said that I said is not factual. Because I never said that. It is provable that I never said that, because it cannot be found with a search through the Heat archives. See? Facts. They're fun. Learn about them. In the mean time, go away.
Posted by: JD | January 28, 2010 at 12:03 AM Nope, what I said is in the blog archives, never once said "barely top 10", didn't happen. You're lying, it still doesn't help. Go away already.
"He was a star. Maybe not an All-Star, but enough of a star to get Riley to offer him a lucrative contract." He offered him the MLE, dude. Unless you consider Trevor Ariza a star, the MLE is not the mark of a star signing. You don't need two max players. You don't *need* anything. There's no formula for a championship. The most talented team, or at least the team with the best top 2 or 3, almost always wins. That doesn't mean you need two or three max contract guys. But it doesn't hurt.
Posted by: JD | January 27, 2010 at 11:52 PM Nope, that's not a fact at all. Riley said he could lead the league in scoring, Spo said in 3-4 years we won't ever remember he went through a growth phase. Know more before you post. Learn to differentiate fact from opinion/interpretation. Most importantly, go away. Quotes on JD: You're an idiot - Josh You're an idiot - Beasleygotdaheat You're an idiot - TylerD You're an idiot - Adam You're an idiot - Hex You're an idiot - Oxygen You're an idiot - d_webz You're an idiot - b.ullshit You're an idiot - Clark_petion
"If the Hawks don't offer Joe Johnson a max contract, the city would burn the arena to the ground. That fan base is small enough. It would kill pro basketball in Atlanta." Pro basketball in Atlanta is dead. They're 21st in attendance. Teams like that don't throw around max contracts, even if the player is worth it. They might end up giving it to him, but it's definitely not a given. Right before this season, IIRC, their high offer to him was 5 years, $60 million for an extension.
"You have no facts" Everything I post on Beasley is supported by statistics, past accomplishments, and expert opinions. You're the one that posts no facts on anything, just your opinion, which is less than worthless.
"And, that's not even looking at the contract he'd be turning down." That's the thing -- I don't think Atlanta gives him a max contract. If they do, I agree he stays. But I don't think they'll give him the max. Johnson proved when he left Phoenix that he'd chase the money. I think we'll offer more, if LeBron/Bosh falls through. I guess we'll just have to see on that. Maybe I'm being hopeful.
"everybody is belaboring the same obvious points over and over again. everybody is right. too frustrating, seeya." Haha, well... not everyone. But yeah, I can't blame you. This organization sure seems pretty inept lately. At the end of 2010, Riley either looks like a genius or pretty damn foolish. At this point, there's not a ton of middle ground.
Posted by: JD | January 27, 2010 at 11:32 PM No, you're wrong because everything you have posted on this blog has been proven factually incorrect with statistics, facts, and lists of concrete player accomplishments. I never said Wade was "barely" anything -- I said he wasn't top 3 on the season and he wasn't unquestionably top 5 -- thus, top 10. Everyone else following understood that, hence 10 people calling you an idiot. Again, go away. Stop posting.
"With Bargnani beasting on Haslem the Heat should have countered by putting in Beasley for defense. Yes you read that right." Haha. Haslem got torched tonight. Dude sucks.
"Would anything else make this team a contender?" I think Joe Johnson or Amare in free agency would make us better than anything we could land in trade this season otherwise. Even Rudy Gay might make us better than anything we could land in trade. If we trade off all our non-Wade assets, what's the best case scenario? Let's take your scenario: Alston / Chalmers Wade / Cook Iguodala / Wright Amare / Haslem Dalembert / Anthony I mean, that doesn't look like a contender to me. I don't think especially highly of Amare, I have serious reservations about Iguodala, and we're painfully weak at PG and center IMO. If we go into free agency and sign, say, Joe Johnson, Raymond Felton, and Brendan Haywood instead, we could look like this: Felton / Chalmers Wade / Johnson Joe Johnson / Beasley / Haywood / plus minimum signings. I think that's closer to a contender. Our depth stinks, but like I said earlier, depth is the easiest thing in the world to build. Boston traded their entire team for KG and Ray Allen, and they had a championship supporting cast 6 months later in time for the playoffs. I don't like the idea of relying on Amare as our #2. I think he's overrated as is, and I think in 3 years, he won't even be an all-star anymore. He's reliant on his athleticism (which will go), and he's on the clock for another knee surgery. His knee is a matter of 'when', not 'if'.
Posted by: JD | January 27, 2010 at 11:17 PM Nope. I disagree with Eddie all the time, almost exclusively. I still don't want him to leave. He's good for the blog. Though I disagree with him often, he's a good guy that brings legitimate points. He just has his opinions. I disagree with Ohshz often, don't want him to go anywhere either. In fact, at some point or another, I think I've probably disagreed with just about every regular on the blog over something. The only people that should leave are the ones that make no legitimate points, bring nothing intelligent to the table, and have no factual evidence for any argument they try to conjure up. Those people are a burden on the blog and degrade the basketball discussions. Unfortunately, you fit into that group. Now: go away.
"4 of those guys are you, you Beasley obsessed fool." Haha, nope. Scan the IPs if you like -- all different people. There really are that many people that think you're an idiot. Staggering, I know. Now go away.
"Sorry if I'm not thrilled about wasting my once in a lifetime player's prime for a second straight season." Dude, how do you define "wasting"? Is every season that doesn't end in a championship a wasted season? Because that's not really a fair criteria. Nothing we can do this year, no trade we can make, can result in us winning a championship this season. The season is wasted no matter what we do. So why polish a turd? Take the rough season and do what you can to best frame the future. Last year, I would've been (and was) all for scrapping 2010 at the trade deadline and sending off expirings for talent like Gerald Wallace, Chris Kaman, Okafor, etc. But last season came and went. We're over-committed to 2010 free agency now, unless some deal materializes where we can land a star (like Amare) without giving up Beasley -- but that might be too good to be true. We just need to get lucky, now. It's the position we've been painted into by our management.
Posted by: JD | January 27, 2010 at 11:08 PM Why are you still here? Quotes on JD: You're an idiot - Josh You're an idiot - Beasleygotdaheat You're an idiot - TylerD You're an idiot - Adam You're an idiot - Hex You're an idiot - Oxygen You're an idiot - d_webz You're an idiot - b.ullshit You're an idiot - Clark_petion Who are you posting for? Go away already.
I wouldn't worry about Chicago if I were you Eddie. If Wade goes to Chicago, he's even more of a moron than I thought. He's already a hero in Miami. All his marketing, the majority of his fan-base is here. He's already ingrained in the city. Not to mention we can give him the most money (which usually is the deciding factor in matters like these, regardless of anything else). If he leaves, he's got the twilight of his career to earn the status he already has in Miami. He gets less money. He plays with Derrick Rose and Luol Deng as the best of his supporting cast for the rest of his career. There's no situation for him better than what Miami could provide, even if we don't land our first, second, or third choice in 2010 free agency.
"Yeah they've been nuts. I can't believe how Rose can not be a great shooter and not get to the line but still be such a good offensive player. He's been awesome this entire month." A lot like Devin Harris last year. Elite quickness, even better finisher. He's going to be a really good scorer for a long time. A guard that can penetrate consistently is real tough to stop in today's NBA.
The Heat don't have talent by choice. When you draft Dorell Wright and then start Penny Hardaway over him in a throw-away season, you're not interested in developing your own talent. When you draft Michael Beasley and start Udonis Haslem over him, you're not interested in developing your own talent. When you target guys like James Jones and Yakhouba Diawara in free agency and give guaranteed contracts to Chris Quinn, Joel Anthony, and Earl Barron, you're not interested in talent. This organization has been run a$$-backwards since we won the championship in '06. We should have traded Marion and Haslem for Gerald Wallace and Emeka Okafor last year, the minute we drafted Beasley, and we should have rolled with a Wade-Wallace-Beasley-Okafor core. Move Blount's expiring, 2 firsts, and Chalmers this season for Monta Ellis, and boom -- you're in business. It would have taken two or three years for it to come entirely together, but we'd be a legitimate playoff entity in the mean-time and a long-time contender once everything snapped into place. Instead, we're where we are now. 2010 free agency better f*cking work out, because we're already over-committed to it.
"Ok, did we really have a chance to trade for Carmelo? 'Cause if Riley said no to a Marion/Beas for Melo trade, he's lost his marbles & 2010 might end bad for Heat fans." Doubt it -- it was something Eddie discussed. But in all fairness, it seemed at least plausible at the time. Carmelo was getting killed in Denver for not living up to expectations, and I'm pretty sure he had just gotten into some sort of trouble off-the-court. Keep in mind, Marion was much more highly regarded then than he is now. I doubt they would've accepted, but it wasn't beyond reason.