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Robert Hacker
Miami, FL
Robert H. Hacker is a strategist, financial consultant, author, professor and speaker. He manages GH Capital Partners in Miami, FL, a boutique firm that focuses on integrating strategy and finance. P| 305-742-8222 email rhhfla at gmail dot com
Interests: Bob manages GH Capital, a financial consulting boutique in Miami that focuses on growth strategies, acquisitions and turnarounds for early stage and middle market companies in North and South America. Capital raising is provided when required. For 35 years he has worked in the private sector principally in Asia and Latin America. He built a billion dollar publicly traded company in Indonesia and prior to that provided strategy consulting for ten years to Fortune 500 companies in Japan. He began his career as a lending officer with Chase Manhattan Bank. He is the former Chief Financial Officer of One Laptop per Child Association and an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship in the Florida International University Graduate School of Engineering. He taught a course in social entrepreneurship in January 2011-2014 at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is the author of "Billion Dollar Company: An entrepreneur's guide to business models for high growth companies". He has spoken at many universities including HBS, Sloan and IESE. He also does paid workshops in Spanish and English on a wide range of business topics related to growing a business, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. "My interest in technology is what gets me up in the morning; my ability to develop strategies is how I differentiate everything I do; my knowledge of finance is how I earn much of my living."
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This is the first article in eight years of writing this blog where I would just reprint the article. Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
I found the more valuable parts to the article to be: Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
The takeaways from the conference: Continue reading
But maybe the future is Canada will have a knowledge sector doing small-scale things like software design for local projects but not anything like its own Silicon Valley. Continue reading
Based on my experience in Indonesia growing a billion dollar company in seven years, I thought there was a fourth strategy--access to capital. Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
A trend I see emerging is for such exchanges to bridge service providers in developing countries with clients in developed countries. Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
Good people, good project. Something Miami needs--more environmental awareness through entrepreneurship. Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
When you have to solve a complex problem, set a very fast pace for the process so people do not have time to be judgmental.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
Please tell: Pinterest: I have no interest in woodworking projects. I can barely change lightbulbs. Google: I have no interest in an MBA. I teach MBA students. Facebook: I have no interest in dress shoes. You need to wear socks with dress shoes. Bearing Arms: I have no interest in the entire wacky Republican agenda. I only care about gun rights. Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
Maybe everybody knows about this third option, but I just learned about it and thought it was a great way to promote community events. Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
With the advent of computers and globalization, in the period 1981-2010 financiers de-constructed the infrastructure through leveraged buyouts, arbitrage, derivatives and specialized finance to realize vast amounts of untapped or dormant value Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
Based on this potential market size, the Chinese government is funding pharmaceutical research for the first time. Continue reading
I have always told my students to only red assigned books until they start to repeat. Continue reading
In all my entrepreneurship classes I try to have an early stage entrepreneur serve as the course project. Effectively, the students develop the go to market strategy for an early stage company (or an idea) within the resource constraints of real entrepreneurs. This semester I have three projects running with three different entrepreneurs. One entrepreneur is ecstatic with the results, one entrepreneur is very pleased to have access to the resources of the university and the third project is struggling because we cannot find a customer/market for the product. This is the big unstated secret in Project 3, we do... Continue reading
I don't object to permitting individual investment in early stage companies or crowd funding. I just do not believe it is the government's role Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
Should make for an interesting case in the Bankruptcy Court as many have come out to challenge RadioShack's (trustee) right to sell the data or to dispute the ownership of certain data. Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
Probably the most successful and benevolent of the group is Lee Kuan Yew, who died Saturday in Singapore at 91 Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
For example, new technologies in social media always precede profound social changes, such as a move to democracy. Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
This was the Tweet that prompted Edward. Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
So if the role of government is to be challenged or changed it may well take place in the communications arena (guns being expensive, dangerous and to some extent outdated). Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
I discovered a wonderful, unpublicized book called "The Dictator's Handbook", which breaks down how to be a successful, long standing dictator. Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
For example, no performing arts center can attract investment capital so maybe such a project is a social benefit. Continue reading
Posted Mar 10, 2015 at SOPHISTICATED FINANCE
I have been thinking a lot about risk recently, in preparation for a course I am thinking to teach on "Assumptions, Risks and Forecasting". Peter Drucker defined a business as a set of assumptions, where the key task is to know the assumptions. Risk as I define it is "variance in cash flow" and not the traditional economic, government, market and technology risk factors most people think about. Those factors are not risks unless they impact cash flow. One of the benefits of this approach to risk is that one does not obsess about risks such as competitors until one... Continue reading
I like self-directed people who take full responsibility. Continue reading