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Fair play mate - nice to see you recognize that there's still a World Cup going on.... I could hear the sound of gritted teeth as you typed 'As for England - good job boys'! But I think you have called it right for tomorrow as I've a feeling that England's luck may just run out against a very good SA side.
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2007 on The Final at Andrew Lark
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Andy I think you do NZ rugby a disservice by trying to clutch at straws such as poor refereering decisions - you've watched enough rugby over the years to know these get evened out over games and indeed, on Saturday, there were plenty of things that could have gone for the French which didn't. The bigger analysis should focus on why, time and time again, the most consistently talented team in world rugby fails when it REALLY counts. Here's what I'd suggest - take a look at the approach of the best of the Northern Hemisphere teams and appreciate that rugby is about pragmatics - draw up your game plan in relation to your opponents and then execute it. Don't simply say 'this is the way we play' and rigidly (and perhaps arrogantly) expect it'll be enough to always win. The AB record in the WC suggests it's not. Then, find ways to take the lid off the pressure cooker of expectation that stems from NZ towards the ABs - these guys are going into tournaments with just way too much pressure on their shoulders. And frankly, given their WC record it's not justified and is plainly counter productive. Clive
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Andy I didn't see you take the French team to task with such ferocity when they lost their opening game. It seems to me you take undue delight in being hyper critical of the English rugby team (granted, you have enough ammunition)! Did you suffer at the hands of a sadistic English rugby coach at school or something???? Clive
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2007 on A Tale Of Three Teams at Andrew Lark
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I think Steve's responses are fair but to support Amanda's view, there's an undoubted conflict of interest going on here. Whilst Edelman may be prepared to live with that, the Technorati brand is certainly not going to benefit from the doubt that will be placed in people's minds as to its impartiality now that it's (part) funded by a PR agency.
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