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Photography's umbilical to the Panopticon is thoroughly entrenched, to cut it is to disappear.
Mark Dubovoy's essay is just another brick in the wall (albeit a small one), another attempt to resuscitate color landscape's bankrupt photographic aesthetic. The aesthetic reached a high point with Eliot Porter's Intimate Landscapes and has since floundered by becoming: more and more presentational, less and less representational; more and more clinical, less and less intimate; more and more indulgent, less and less necessary. Everything matters, but what may be surprising is how little is required.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2012 on My Response to Mark Dubovoy at LensWork Daily
Current color landscape photography has traveled far from Eliot Porter’s “Intimate Landscapes”, becoming more and more beautiful and less and less intimate, more display and presentational with less depth and knowing; clinical, a neutered aesthetic. Katherine Thrayer’s 2004 essay in Lenswork #53 was a clumsy defense of the pictorial landscape and still reads that way in 2011, only more so!
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It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage. ...George Orwell "1984"
Thanks for the link to Taryn Simon's talk, Mike It's refreshing to see and hear an artist and photographer attempting to find a "certain balance" with a little, if tempered, idealism. A nice contrast with the comfortable worldly cynicism on display by many of the commenters.