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An intellectual nomad.
Interests: running, weightlifting, taekwondo, snowshoeing, hiking, reading, biking, sewing, scrapbooking, science, gene therapy, drug development, fabric, american football, neuroscience, history of science
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Daily outfit 5/31/14 For the toddler who likes all modes of transportation... ...and is an avid golfer... and likes to break the rules. Wearing: Dress: hand me down from neighbor Pants: old navy (maybe hand me down from brother?) Shirt: old navy "butterflies" Shoes: stride rite "flowers" (Alden will start his own cooking blog shortly) Continue reading
(no, this isn't a picture of what I'm talking about) We're probably not sleeping much. Yes, we have a thumper here. I'm not exactly sure how she does it, I think it has something to do with THROWING her feet in the air and SLAMMING them down on the mattress, but Zoe can make the whole house shake. Is this supposed to be soothing? Continue reading
It didn’t take me long to realize that I had more in common with the panelists at the Propel careers kick-off event than I did with many in the audience. I admit that I had very little idea what to expect but as the discussion started, it became clear that... Continue reading
Patch hill is actually kind of a large conservation area. The first time I went, I got a bit lost. There are posted maps, but they are a bit sporadic. Not even all the entraces have maps. The signs also tend to be faded so you can see yellow and red trails, but you can't see the lines for the blue trails. I wandered all over and ended up pretty tired. I did end up finding my way back to where I parked, but at one point I almost decided to take the next red trail I found (red goes... Continue reading
Zoe and I have been taking walks. Lots of walks. The other day I suddenly realized that I really should be taking the camera with me when we go out. Mind you, I'm taking the little camera. I'm already carrying 12 pounds of baby, I'm not about to take the big camera and lens. However, I present to you Steele Farm (complete with tractor). Continue reading
Yesterday at breakfast time, Alden climbed up on a chair at the table and started asking for his "dinner". Since there is some confusion about the names of meals, Brian and I assumed he was talking about his leftover pancake, which we had taken away because he was not sitting at the table. We gave the pancake back, at which point Alden started crying, "No! No! I want my dinner!" Confused, we asked him what dinner he wanted, "My carrots and cucumbers!" he wailed. Apparently, he was actually asking for the vegetables he had not eaten at dinner the night... Continue reading
Hey! Guess what! We made it 6 whole days without going to the Doctor (off to see her again about a rash). Hey Zoe, this is not a competition you want to win! Continue reading
This post needs a picture of her sad face. Instead, here is a picture taken by Alden. Anyway, she used to be a paci girl. When she was young and naive (all of two weeks ago) she would take the paci and fall asleep. Now, she has learned to use her hands to push the paci away with all her might. No paci! No! What was it? Was it the stay in the hospital? Was it finding out that at home she has virtually unrestricted access to the real thing? Whatever it is, she is sending a very clear message.... Continue reading
We went to a petting zoo yesterday. Today Alden decided we had animals in our yard. We had a pony (for pony rides), sheep, and a goat (who was unavailable for petting, because he was eating lunch). That is all. Actually, upon further consideration, "We DO have one duck." His name is Pony. Brian clarifies that the duck is not available for pony rides. Edited to add: Brian just told me not to worry. Apparently, the pony went back in the green truck. Continue reading
Little sister to Alden. Born Aug. 19th, 12:42AM. Kind of late on the official notice. Big brother is transitioning to preschool. Actually, transitioning is not quite right. They are supposed to go every few days when there is space, but there hasn't been much space and his best friend (who gets there when the doors open) always gets the spot. First he noticed she was gone. Then he figured out she was in preschool without him (and not "on a trip"). This morning has asked if he could go to preschool. I think he's ready. Continue reading
I'd like to work for myself, maybe as a freelance science writer or maybe helping other people write.
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Brian (repeating after Alden): "Get it." Me: "Ha ha" Alden (reaching for napkin): "Get" Me: "That really sounds like he said get" Alden (grabbing napkin): "Dgouddd did, dgoudd did, dgoudd did" Brian: "Mama and get?" Me: "Urrrrrrgh" Continue reading
IMG_8245 Originally uploaded by brianfiskHappy Thanksgiving from all of us. We will now find out if Alden likes stuffing. Continue reading
Alden has started saying "Mamamamamamama" (among other things). I was so excited, because everyone says that babies say dada before they say Mama. Well, I thought, my baby is different. He's a genius! Unfortunately, "Mamamamamama" apparently means, "I want something, figure it out. No really, figure it out. NOW. NOWNOWNOWNOWNOW! Why so slow? What about NOW." As in, "Get in the kitchen and fix me some snack, woman!" or "Change my poopy diaper, Dude." or "Just put me in my bed, you idiot!" It's tough when you are SO MUCH SMARTER than your parents and are clearly communicating perfectly well... Continue reading
Happy Halloween! Originally uploaded by brianfiskFrom our resident photographer. We didn't think we'd go, but we ended up walking out with the older kids for trick-or-treating. It was quite cold. Alden seemed to enjoy it because there were older kids AND glow sticks. Today I realized that I had my hat and gloves with me the whole time. Continue reading
So on our way up to NH for the weekend (we can't go to the Inn where we got married because it was foreclosed upon or something and is up for auction. BOO! Anybody got an extra 1.3 million lying around?) we stopped by the Mancuso world quilt show. It was interesting. I was in a bit of a rush by the end (nap time) and I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I did take a few. I know I missed a few that I liked including a few in the South African section and a few in... Continue reading
It's been mighty quiet around here. What with me being at work most of the time and Alden being in daycare and Brian taking over most of the picture-taking duties, there hasn't been much to say. I did try to take a video today of Alden playing with his toy. He wanted to play with the camera. Hence, this video of Alden trying to grab my camera. We think he is right handed. What do you think? Continue reading
(By which I mean the popular quilting fabric by popular fabric designers). OK, so I haven't done much sewing lately and what I have done has been all about just finishing things and/or using some of the beautiful fabrics I have. I am about to start a few projects. Some of them are gifts and some of them are just ideas. The gifts are easy in a way, because I don't have to think so much about what appeals to ME aesthetically. No, that isn't right. Of course they have to appeal to me, but I'm more about making something... Continue reading
He likes his O-ball. When I was looking for one of these on the web, some website (maybe BabiesRUs?) had these listed as O'ball. Now when I say it, I have to say it in a lilting Irish accent. O'ball, O'ball. Continue reading
Something about Alden wanting the blanket and climbing over the boppy to get it? Continue reading
That is true, in so many ways, but I think he was referring to the fact that there hasn't been a post here in a while. Would you like to hear about how my boss wants me to submit an abstract even though I have no data? Alden hears about that in the morning on the way to daycare. Usually he's alseep by the time we get there. Alden has been training hard (you know, in the way that babies do) for being a slightly bigger human with extra skills. Today he turned himself over again (he hasn't mastered that... Continue reading
So you know how you bring an umbrella with you to prevent rain? It's like that. At home we generally swaddle Alden in a blanket. He seems to understand when the blanket comes out that it is time for sleep. He has been able to get his arms out for a while. Often when I come back in, he looks like we swaddled him arms out, when really he was arms in. Sometimes, he likes to get one hand out and leave the other one inside the blanket but available for sucking (mmm, yum, blanket.) I was afraid that he... Continue reading
IMG_1588 Originally uploaded by brianfiskLet's see, I wonder if there is a picture that can adequately represent this post. Nope, I don't think so. Week one of my return to evil genius training is now complete (i.e. I returned to work). Have I mentioned that I don't know if the evil genius being trained is me or Alden? I successfully navigated a short week. For anyone who asks, I am continuing to claim that I am conducting an independent experiment in child development. Brian also managed to navigate a week of being Mr. Mom (congratulations honey!) possibly more successfully than... Continue reading