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Thank you for your kind feedback Janice. We hope you enjoy the wet felting.
Thank you Debbie - I think it does you good to try something new!
It really does, it's such good fun to play, and you never stop learning do you?! There are so many possibilities with feltmaking and everything else. I just wish I had enough hands and time and energy to make all of the things that run through my head! :)
In retrospect I think that would have been a better way to go Ruth!
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2015 on The Parsimonious Felter at rosiepink
Not only money saving, but you can achieve unique colours for your needle felting too!
Good luck Maisie! Bear in mind that nuno felting sometimes has only a little wool and that nepps need a decent amount to felt to. However, if you find some nepps are loose after felting you could always put a discreet stitch or two in place.
Hello Hayley - we think heart shaped beads are easier to make using needle felting and a heart-shaped cookie cutter! To make cube beads - start to form the cube when the round bead still has a lot of 'give' in it.
Hello Bonnie - Whether the dye would bleed out of the nepps depends on the quality of the dyeing process. We would suggest that you make a small sample piece of white with the nepps you would like to use and check out the fastness of the dye - it could save a lot of heartache! Also, you will find that some nepps are small and soft and some are large and hard - avoid the latter.
Thank you Elle - we hope you enjoy it!
Hello Leonor Thank you - I was very pleased with the way the colours turned out! I didn't weigh the fibres, but that would be a good idea - if you have scales that will accurately measure such small amounts. To get the secondary colour between yellow and blue (green) I blended roughly equal amounts of yellow and blue. To get the tertiary colours between yellow and blue, I blended 75% yellow/25% blue for the yellow-green and 75% blue/25% yellow for the blue-green. I used the same percentages on the other blends: blue to red and red to yellow. Even though I blended until my arms dropped off, if you look closely, you will see individual colours of fibres in the blends (unlike bought dyed colours) but I like that as it's more interesting. I hope that makes sense.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2015 on Colour theory for the fearful at rosiepink
Thank you for leaving a comment. We use small and large carders from Wingham Wool. Our tutorial is demonstrated with the small carders, £13 per pair plus postage (if you also buy fibre etc, then the postage is spread a bit.): Some people say you can use wire dog brushes as carders, but we've never tried that.
Glad you like it!
It's fun with the carders Catherine! I've already learnt a lot from Ruth's challenge.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2015 on Colour theory for the fearful at rosiepink
Thank you Lindy. Look in charity (thrift) shops or at boot sales for rattles but make sure you buy those with smooth joins. Having several in different sizes is a good idea.
Thank you Louise! Your vessel is wonderful!
Thank you for your very kind feedback Meriel.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2015 on Colour theory for the fearful at rosiepink
Thank you for setting the challenge Ruth.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2015 on Colour theory for the fearful at rosiepink
Thank you Catherine! We hope you have a successful year with your lovely needle felting.
We hope you enjoy it!
Thanks Ruth - I'm really pleased with it! Only flaw is you can't quite get a whole box of chocolates in it (although I suspect I know someone happy to eat up the surplus) :) Have a great Christmas too, and a fluffy felty fibrey New Year! x
Thank you Ali! Glad you like it :) Hope you have a great Christmas too!
Thank you! Really glad you like it, it was a fun project! :) ps - Sorry about the delay with publishing comments, we've had to start moderating them due to getting some horrible spam :(
Thank you Deborah, the Podding was great fun to make :) I love mum's dish too, she's really good at free motion text! Have got loads of ideas swimming round in my head, I just need to get organised in time next year (but then I say that every year!). Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too xx
Thank you. Ha ha ha! Mum says there is always room for one more chocolate! :) Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you too x
Thanks Zed! I've enjoyed making the podding and I'll be posting a finished photo soon. I'm continuing the ceramics classes after Christmas and although I'd love to do more printing, there just aren't enough days in the week!