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Thank you Teri - it was exciting doing something different.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Land Art Felt Challenge at rosiepink
Thank you Esther!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Land Art Felt Challenge at rosiepink
You never forget the joy of playing in the sand do you? I only have to touch my bare feet on sand and the years roll back.
Thank you Deborah - we were very lucky this year and I've just heard that we're getting summer back (temporarily) by the weekend!
Thank you for your link Jo. You've made some beautiful pieces and we especially like the landscape topped with trees (post 13/11/2013) and your framed circles (in the same post), a composition that is so pleasing to the eye.
Thank you Ellie. The Road Verge piece is lovely - the way you've positioned the grasses gives the effect of a slight ruffling breeze - and I can understand why it took so long! Well worth it though.
Thank you very much Angelica. We don't do facebook as rosiepink but if that changes we'll let everyone know.
Thank you Kelly - sometimes perseverance really does pay off doesn't it? And you're right in what you're saying about rolling with the punches.
Hello Deborah, the extension table is great - it makes sewing much easier! Annie is very pleased that you like her little piccie and stitched flowers. (I'm just off over to your blog to have a look at what you've been up to lately)
Thank you Carol. Have you tried dropping the feed-dogs and free machining on felt with thin interfacing on the back?
You'll have fun and the great thing about making felt beads is that the process involves so few things and it's quick.
Thank you for your kind feedback Sally.
Thank you Debbie - we find photos a great source of inspiration and sometimes the resulting piece of felt/stitching bears no resemblance at all to the photo, but it got us going!
Hello Zed - Annie was chuffed with your comment! I'm thrilled with my extension table and with the Ikea desk mat. It feels like smooth plastic but it has rubbery qualities and it 'sticks' to my painted table. When I put my sewing machine and extension on it and ran the machine, I was delighted to find that everything stayed in place! Here's a link for you:
Thank you Ruth - I love doing the machine sketches! Annie The extension table works beautifully and the Ikea mat is superb - it has the 'grippiness' of soft rubber. A good find! Lyn
Hello Teri, a felt rolling machine is every felter's dream when she's got aching arms, shoulders and feet at the end of a rolling session! Perhaps you should start dropping heavy hints about this year's Christmas presi?
Hello Sarah - in the left-hand sidebar of our blog page (just under the photos of ourselves) you will find several free, beginners' tutorials that we hope you will enjoy. Happy felting!
A husband who makes you a little man out of broccoli to cheer you up can be forgiven for not spending time with a saw and screwdriver.
We're glad you liked it - thank you for leaving your kind feedback.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2014 on how to make felted soaps and pebbles at rosiepink
Thank you for your kind feedback Grace - we're very pleased that the tutorial was helpful.
But you might have fun too!
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2014 on Tutorial - Hand Dyeing Scrim at rosiepink
It's just like cooking and following a recipe really!
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2014 on Tutorial - Hand Dyeing Scrim at rosiepink
Thank you Nada!
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2014 on Tutorial - Hand Dyeing Scrim at rosiepink
Thank you Catherine!
Hello Debbie - old art is a deep well of inspiration for felt pictures - I hope you have fun!