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Hello Deborah Just a quick post-script. When you leave your piece of felt overnight, it's a good idea to rinse it through first before leaving it, then re-apply warm soapy water the next day. Depending on what kind of soap you use, you could get a yellowish tinge to your felt if you leave the soap in overnight.
Thank you for your kind feedback Deborah and we're thrilled that you found the pdfs so helpful. In answer to your first question, once fulling is complete all that needs to be done is to rinse, drain and shape the piece. Throwing the felt usually helps with fulling a fine piece of nuno felt such as a scarf. However, fulling any piece of felt can be aided by shocking (i.e. hitting) the felt with a soapy hand or tool. N.B. Don't shock the felt until it passes the pinch test and is well into the fulling otherwise you'll get separation of the layers of the fibres. In answer to your second question, you can leave the felt overnight and come back to it the next day. You can even re-wet a piece of felt that has dried ages ago and re-work it. Rolling is tiring but it keeps the bat-wings away!
Thank you Eileen - I'm happy to hear that you've been inspired to make something for your young ones too.
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Awww, thanks Zed!
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Thank you Ann.
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Thank you Marilyn. As you get older you realise how important the little things in life are, and that they should be cherished.
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Hello Tricia, Teri's class sounds exciting! Yes, we've used pre-felt on vessels and never had a problem - it's a great way of enhancing design.
Merci beaucoup Claude pour votre aimable commentaire
Thank you Teri! Your idea for the bees is a good 'un, and I too think that stitching all the flowers would be OTT.
Thank you pixie moss :)
Thank you Jeanine - happy felting!
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Thank you Jackie. Have you thought about taking some photos of your tree with its blossom and bees so that you have a reference when you need inspiration for a felt picture? I hope you have fun with your felting:)
Thank you Elizabeth! Yes, I'll hang it on my wall and come back to it with fresh eyes. I am lucky to have a garden - the flowers are a great inspiration:)
Thank you Karen! We hope you have fun experimenting.
Thank you! It's acrylic paint. I use it because it doesn't soak into the felt too much and in theory should be permanent. Sometimes you need 2 coats depending on the effect you want to achieve and the depth of colour. I've only ever tried it on artwork though - not sure how it would wear on clothing or household items. Glad you like it!
Thank you Ruth! When I was at Kew Gardens recently the Bee Lady said not to feel guilty about weeds and having the meadow effect in your garden - the bees love it! So we're not lazy gardeners, we're doing it for the bees.... :)
Thank you Marilyn! I love the simplicity of the bees - dare I admit I took inspiration from a picture my niece had drawn for her homework a few years ago with little bees on it... Kids really can capture the simple lines of things can't they!
Thank you! Yes it is acrylic paint - I think it's fun to add another element to the felt sometimes to see what happens :)
Thank you Lilly!
Thank you Teri - he does keep all my handmade cards!
Thank you Sharon :)
The whisky will soon be gone and forgotten but I know he keeps the cards I make for him.
Also very patient!
Thank you Tricia!
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Thank you Ruth. Annie once joked, whilst I was happily and busily stitching beads on some felt, that I would know when to stop because I wouldn't be able to fit any more on!
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