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Thank you Deborah - I love experimenting with odds 'n' ends to see what I can embellish the felt with!
Thank you for saying the piece inspired you Zed - lovely compliment!
Thank you Ruth. I thought the plastic box would protect my fibres, but the breeze won :( I just know I'm going to put those flowers under the needle. I can't resist!
Thank you Marilyn!
Thank you Jeanette - it is hard to know when to stop adding bits sometimes, so it's good to get feedback like yours!
Thank you Stephanie - your comment is a lovely boost to morale!
Thank you Cathy - Judith has some beautiful items on her website so we hope you enjoy putting the new skills into practice.
Thank you Debbie - you know me - I find it hard to leave a piece of felt unstitched!
Thank you Tricia - I love making the felt 'come alive' with stitching.
Hello Andrea, there are many suppliers and here are a few suggestions. These two UK suppliers ship worldwide: World of Wool ( Wingham Wool ( We know of one US supplier: New England Felting Supplies ( And there is always ebay - especially good if you want lots of small quantities of many different colours (search words = wool felting)
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2015 on Feltmaking with Children at rosiepink
Thank you for your lovely comment Ruth - we're glad you like the tutorial!
Thank you for your comment Luciane - we hope you enjoy learning to felt.
Thank you Helen - we hope you really enjoy your felting!
That's really good to hear Tricia - we hope you enjoy the felting as much as we do.
Thank you Tricia - lovely boost to our confidence!
Thanks Teri! I'm enjoying having a play with colours and lots of different materials at the moment. I was really pleased with the little flowers pictures - especially as I thought they'd gone completely wrong when the machine stitching didn't show up very well, but adding those bright flashes of silk really made it. Unravel was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am definitely planning to go again next year, so maybe see you there :) ps say hello and many thanks to Jan if you see her!
Thank you Stephanie - your kind comment is very much appreciated.
Thank you Bekki - I'm looking forward to more spinning!
Thank you Ruth. I do like scrummy colours!
Thank you so much Meriel for your very kind comment.
Thank you Marilena - if you want to go bigger, use a round-stick bamboo window blind with the metal fittings removed, or you can buy a special felting bamboo mat.
Thank you Deborah - my grandparents liked the two embroidered cards so much they've framed them! I really enjoyed the spinning and I'm going to do more.
Thank you Marilyn. Yes, it really does pay to save leftovers. Actually I find it hard to throw pretty bits away!
Thanks Zed! We do like the bright colours.
Love your needle felted rabbit! (Looking forward to seeing your eye glass case.)