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Thanks Zed! I've enjoyed making the podding and I'll be posting a finished photo soon. I'm continuing the ceramics classes after Christmas and although I'd love to do more printing, there just aren't enough days in the week!
Thank you Ann (I think mum would prefer the kind of pudding you eat though!). It's a good experience to make things from scratch with clay and I'm going to enrol again in January so that I can learn more.
Thank you Ruth and I hope you enjoy the festive season too! I'm working long hours this week but I hope to be able to find some time to finish my podding. I've really enjoyed the ceramics classes and the print workshop (and extra hours is on my Christmas list).
Thank you :) It's been a fun project so far. And however it turns out, at least there will be sweeties to enjoy! The printmaking was fab. Would love to do more... just need more hours in the day really! Praps Santa will bring me some spare ones :) Haven't had a go on the wheel yet, but I have managed to get really messy nonetheless! Glad you are having lots of creative fun too xx
Hi Teri, thanks! :) It's not so much the actual making of the real one but having enough weeks to feed it enough brandy! :) As for the beads there was a neat little trick involved....take a small lump of clay and stick a cocktail stick in the side so it is level with the table. Pop the bead on to the stick then you can get the glaze all round the bead without having to touch it. You can do several at once if you use a bigger bit of clay and a few sticks. Once the glaze is dry you can put them on a mandrel to go in the kiln. Hope that helps!
Hello Trish - yes you could use heavy black plastic if it's firm enough. Our first pods were made using vinyl - the kind that banners are printed on - it's thin and flexible but firm enough. When you make larger pods, you will need to increase the number of layers so that it will be thicker. You may find this blog post informative Have fun!
Thanks Zed - I'd love to be able to draw 'properly' but I can't so I always have to find a workaround. I've got the cards back from the printer and it's a lovely job - I used vistaprint.
Thank you Catherine - you could be right about what they get up to when we're not looking!
Thank you Sarah!
Hello Sarah - it sounds as though your pod does need to be worked some more (if it's dry you can re-wet it in warm soapy water). Once it's fulled to the max it will be firm. Generally speaking the finer the wool the less the fuzz but handmade felt items are meant to be a little fuzzy - it's part of the charm. To reduce fuzz you need to reduce friction during the fulling process so make sure your hands are soapy. Yes, you can shave felt. Use a disposable razor (carefully) on the dry felt. We decided against paper copies of our books because the printing and distribution costs are too high. We hope you continue to enjoy making 3D items!
Thank you Aimee. The amount of wool you would need depends on how thick your layers are. We just weighed a piece of felt that is about the size you want to make and it's 30 grams. Hope that helps a bit.
Thank you for your great feedback Alanna. Now you've made your first one we hope you have fun making more! We don't use a roller pin so we can't advise you on that. The more you make the easier it becomes.
Thank you - I'm glad Rudolph turned out cute.
Not being able to draw well is frustrating - but there are work-arounds!
Thank you Natalie - I see that you like deer too and I loved your deer bunting so much that I've 'pinned' it on my pinterest board.
Thank you - artistic licence is great isn't it? I hope it helps other reluctant drawers to have a go!
Thank you Ginny. I've been told they can only lie down for a rest...but I think that they may sit when people aren't looking eh?
Thank you Jen. We've been fooled into thinking that all cute animals can sit as dogs can - it was news to me too!
We hope you enjoy the project Oya - seamless felting has many possibilities. World of Wool ship worldwide - have you seen the website?
Thank you Teri - it is a little early to be thinking of Christmas I agree, but if you're making cards to sell then the time to make is now.
Thank you Nikki - Walt Disney has a lot to answer for!
Thank you Ruth - I hope it helps others who struggle as I do! Your poinsettia is lovely. Here is the link for others to see:
Thank you Catherine - look out for when Adrian is on the beach because he's really worth watching.
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Thank you Teri - it was exciting doing something different.
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