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Hi Lily We often buy our merino wool from or Also check eBay for smaller sellers with a different selection of colours. If you can get to it is a great fibre fest in Wales and is well worth a visit! Lots of great products and ideas. Best regards Annie
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Thank you Terriea.
p.s. I have an image in my mind of a cat coughing up fur balls now.
Thank you Deborah - it's nice to know that Annie and I are not the only ones with a daft side to our brains!
Thank you Wendy - sometimes plodding on regardless pays off.
Thank you Debbie - it was a frustrating journey but I'm glad I stuck it out.
Thank you Ann - right up until the end I didn't think I had anything worthy of photographing!
Spot on Zed - yes, a lot of learning!
Thank you Nora, yes it was.
Thank you Teri - I look forward to seeing your Pollock piece! By the way, my pedal bin isn't starving - I have fed it the odd little felty failure if it wasn't even good enough to re-cycle.
Thank you Marilyn!
Thank you Ruth - you are right - without perseverance I wouldn't have stumbled on the dye idea.
You're welcome Caroline! (Our books are only available digitally.)
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Thank you very much Claude.
Thank you Emily. We used laminate flooring underlay - it can be bought from DIY shops but it's quite a big roll so maybe ask around your friends to see if anyone has any left over from a flooring project? You can use any pliable plastic e.g. Banner PVC (the plastic sheet that shop banners are printed on) or perhaps you could cut a circle from an old pvc handbag/totebag or washbag.
Thank you. Bottom improving slowly! Mess will always happen..unfortunately.
Thank you Ann. The blue tartan was a pleasant surprise! Perhaps mess must come with creativity - it's been said that "you can't make an ommelette without breaking eggs".
Like your play on words! Thank you.
Thank you Deborah. Not much goes to waste - all scraps go into a box and most get recycled.
Have fun Angela!
Thank you Terriea!
Thank you for your kind words! A large scale peacock would be good.
Thank you Victoria.
Thank you Victoria - your compliment means a lot as cards are your speciality.
Thank you Ruth - backgrounds are tricky things aren't they? Just have to keep trying until I get the 'ah-ha' moment.