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The guy standing on top of the wall looks to me like a statue of Le Corbusier's modulor, with head bowed ( a universal man resting from clearing the way for the universal value, peace. Which was very much part of Le Corbusier's approach to architecture.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2008 on Update On The (Unnamed) Civil War at BAGnewsNotes
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The men in grey suits; and too many flags, never the constitution.
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This image is dreadful on many levels, in many ways. 1. The casual indifference to death. Any Bush pose with burned flesh is going to recall the Battle of Fallujah and the effects of White Phosphorus. Anyone for Shake 'n' Bake? 2. It's the untouchable meat at a time of Arab-Israeli conflict. 3. Politicians carving up the world (e.g. Pitt and Napoleon, or being fed are the subject of political satirical images going back at least three centuries. 4. It's an ill-managed Event: the wood isn't even burning. The spit looks brand new, so the pig was cooked elsewhere and brought in. We can't have the Leader of the Free World(tm) playing near a real fire. The spitboy in his hunting hat is just an extra from central casting. 5. War, pigs and people? Lord of the Flies. All in all, a revolting image.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2006 on Let's eat! at BAGnewsNotes
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