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Damn, Jennings is looking like he might get a triple double in the first game of his career... How did he drop so low in a weak draft, he's gonna end his career with a 10+ assist average easily.
"All negative comments. NOT A SINGLE POSITIVE thing from Wade about Beasley earning a starting position - WTF?" At this point, I take it that Spo has him convinced this won't work. He's in shock at the moment, he can't believe that hi teammates are now actually able to carry the load. He wasn't aware that Miami could offer anything other than grit and hustle while he does everything offensively. Give him 5 more games like this, and he'll start to believe that this isn't all a dream - but are you really ny more hopeful than him? I'm over the top excited, but also a little realistic that every night isn't gonna be like this. Chalmers will at times look like the player from preseason; Beasley will settle for jumpers on nights his shots not dropping; and JO isn't gonna be getting double digit rebounds every night.
Josh, you're not wrong often, but you gotta be starting to think Brook Lopez had huge potential?
At this point, it's going to be pretty impossible not to overreact to how good we're going lol. Unless of course it flips around and goes down to the wire from here *touch wood*
"Oh my goodness! Spo for Coach of the Year?! Genius move putting Haslem on the bench and now we blowing out the Knicks!" Lol, I don't think you can say a move the entire fanbase had been calling for for the last 12 months is genius...
8 points, 5 boards and 4 assists for JO? I like it. A lot to be excited about by that first half. You can see real potential. Daequan may just become a very, very good player in this league within the next few years.
There's no question about how much Haslem helped the defense though - I'm pretty sure them missing 11 straight FGs coincided with Haslem entering for Beasley. But we're gonna have to accept growing pains. Haslem coming off the bench might even rejuvinate him for all we know... He definitely kept us alive with his rebounding. I might actually be able to go back to liking Haslem this year, crazy as it may sound.
"Wade shooting 3-10 from the field with a .5 assist to turnover ratio, and we're up? That's new." It's okay, you may be feeling a little nervous about this strange development, but don't fear - this is a good thing. Once you get used to it, you'll understand it's for the best that the rest of the team aren't just spectators, even if right now it scares you.
Chalmers is so unpredictable... He's looked damn near perfect so far.
"it's cool that beas can score 20 but giving up 30 in the process negates all of the scoring that we get from Beas...... Just a reality check" Lol, give up. Look at the percentages. Chandler and Harrington combined for 14/37, or 37.8%. If you think anyone shooting those kind of percenatges is helping their team in any way, shape, or form, you're on something. You're using the same kinda logic Ira does when he stresses PFs scoring an easy bucket on Beasley, despite them only going 2/11. Give oposing SGs 30 shots a game against Wade and they're probably going to put up 20+ points too, but that doesn't mean Wade is a bad defender. Hell, ask Shane Battier. If Kobe, Wade, or LeBron goes off against him for 40 points, he could give a f*ck less as long as it took them 40 shots to get it.
"There's no evidence that that's the case with Beasley. Beasley is just smoking and *possibly* drinking, but he's being subjected to an NBA drug-testing program and NBA scrutiny. I'd argue that if you put most 20 year old kids from the inner-city in a drug-testing program, the majority would be in the same situation as Beasley." Hell, put ANY 20 year olds with a half decent social life through those drug testing programs and you're gonna get more than half of them doing far worse than Beasley. I'm only Beasley's age and the amount of people I know into far worse stuff than him, who seriously have zero problems and are gonna go on to lead very successful lives is rediculously high. If anything I'm happy the perception around Beasley in the league is low. Noone is gonna wanna trade for him, and we're gonna have him averaging 28/10 in a few years time.
*felt not feed
Is anyone else stoked that we've finally beaten Beasley's confidence down to the point where he regrets leaving college early? I'm super pleased we've completely destroyed his confidence, I was afraid for a moment there he might rebel at the fact this team has stunted his growth, and made a future superstar come off the bench in place of Haslem. I get the feeling he'll truly appreciate everything now. I had feed for a while he may become like LeBron, Wade or Kobe, and perhaps get a little arrogant, but no, now I'm certain he'll second guess everything he does for the next few years, and never havethe confidence to truly excel like he would've in a good system. It's been a sh*t day, I needed to get that out of my system. Glad we won though.
"Haslem can go for 20/10." He most certainly can. He won't get there, but he can damn sure go for it.
Carmello gettin 45pts in 25 minutes is insane, even for preseason.
Beasley was only on the floor for 8 of Blair's points, Haslem was on for 5 of them (maybe more?), the last 15 he got were when neither was on the floor.
"beasley had 6 rebounds in 26 mins, 3 offensive rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals and 2 block assists, he need to find his teammates more but that will come with time. wade is like chalmers big brother instead of teammate, chalmers brings the ball and gives it to wade, spoelstra calls a screen and roll with haslem and wade top of the key, chalmers sits at 3 point line waits for ball, only time chalmers is effective is during fast breaks with wade," Lol, it's 'blocks against', not 'block assists'. Didn't see the game though, did Beasely go alright? Tell me Blair's points weren't all scored on Mike??
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on Spurs 95, Heat 93 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Why did we let Livingston go again? 5/7 and 3 assists in 21 minutes today. Oh that's right, we have Chalmers and Quinn, who are amongst the leagues greatest PGs ever.
Oh and I'm aware you're never gonna get a foul called if you draw a charge on a player without the ball, but I think he means in just doing it to have the other player fall over or stop their momentum.
I'm gonna make an attempt at deciphering him here, and say that I think he's talking about trying to draw charges on players without the ball. But really, how often do you actually see that? Most the time, if two players fall to the ground, and neither has the ball, the ref is gonna give the offensive player the benefit of the doubt and the player setting teh 'defensive screen' will just get a PF for nothing.
Go through Beasley's game log, and look only at the games where he got 30+mpg. Try and tell me the Heat isn't screwing this kid over. If he leaves whenever his rookie contract is up, I can't even be mad - at this stage, Miami is stopping him from getting Rose type fame.
"I agree. Look at what Beasley was doing. Did he have off games? Of course. He was 19 and had been in the NBA for 3 weeks. But look at the kind of good games he had: 17 points, 9 rebounds, 7-15 shooting, 0 turnovers, 1 blocked shot in 27 minutes against Sacramento (second game in NBA). 25 points, 4 rebounds, 10-16 shooting, 1 turnover, 2 blocked shots in 42 minutes against Charlotte (third game in NBA). 17 points, 9 rebounds, 7-17 shooting, 4 turnovers, 1 blocked shot in 37 minutes (fourth game in the NBA). 20 points, 8 rebounds, 5-10 shooting, 1 turnover, 2 blocked shots in 31 minutes against San Antonio (fifth game in the NBA). The list goes on. He was showing more than just flashes. He was looking like an obvious elite scorer, and he was showing that he could rebound. Was his defense up to par? Absolutely not. But we drafted him knowing that. His defense is a project. We're going to have to let him grow organically in that aspect of his game. But when you've got a 19 year old rookie putting up 17/8 type numbers in the first two weeks of his NBA career, the things we've done to Beasley since then are just mind-boggling." My God. Beasley getting benched December through February, and the media, blinded me to just how good he actually was. Don't get me wrong, I've always been a massive supported of him, but I'd even began to believe he'd beena failure over his rookie season. His numbers while he was starting in Novmeber are so much more than impressive! (We don't even need to go into his April numbers - anyone who thinks Haslem should be starting after his burst in April should off themselves). Why in the f*ck is this kid not starting at the 4??? I think if we'd gone through the necessary growing pains last year, we'd be realistically expecting a 20/10 season for him this year. Actually perhaps 23/8 is more realistic, because he's not an all world rebounder, but he's gonna be as good a scorer as anyone in the league within a few years. If we managed to land someone like Al Jefferson, we'd probably play him off the bench too, just so we can get Joel Anthony's grit and defense in the game, to really display the heat culture. Looking back over Beasley's rookie season, I seriously think we're not completely f*cked if Wade leaves. Beasley can potentially be a first option on a contender one day. I'd be suprised if he doesn't have atleast a few years of 28ppg in him.
Good to see Wright back with a vengence. Oh how we've missed him.
I feel like some of you guys aren't quite overreacting enough to our first preseason game. This is preseason! If we suck in the first half of preseason, it pretty much means we're gonna be in the lottery this year! Take this more seriously! This is everything right now! Beasley now has 9pts on 50% shooting now btw, and Prince (who I have to assume he is guarding) is 1-5. He can't be doing too badly yet. No PFs either...Haslem? Not so much.