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Mme Henderson
Je suis francophile! J'adore la langue française et la culture francophone...
Interests: My family, travel, art, music, reading, dance, the cinema, entertaining, learning new things, and la francophonie.
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Oui, avec plaisir! Sorry for the very tardy response...
Ma chère Martha, Thank you so much for this wonderful message! I am so thankful that the blog was able to help you with your French studies! We sure do miss you! Please continue to keep in touch and thanks so much for your message. A bientôt! Madame
Melanie, thanks for your comments. I'm updating this blog this week and verifying my RSS settings!
Thank you so much for the suggestion. I'll be updating this week!
Chris, Thank you so much for your excellent tips. I will share these with my students. Merci beaucoup!
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Mar 15, 2010
Très bien fait! We are currently on Spring Break for a week here in Texas but when I return to class, I'll share this with my students. Chapeau!
Simon, Thank you for your encouraging post! I have added you as a contact on Diigo. Good luck with your department Diigo group. Bonne continuation!
This is an excellent presentation on the European Union. When I share this with my students, they will not only have a better understanding of the UE (We are from the US), but they will also see how to effectively summarize the main points of an exposé on a slide presentation. Bon continuation!
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2009 on l'Union Européenne at Sans problèmes!