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Good article, As true today as it was in 2010 except I believe the Religion of Peace has now killed 5000 in Thailand. If that is your website you should reconsider your lack of support for the EDL. I do not know them or anyone associated with them. But in a WORSE case, some of them may not like you, I highly doubt that they will KILL you and most likely support you in your desire to live as a FREE Englishmen!
Interesting, I just commented on a MSNBC story that mentioned he killed 3 people, one was Eric Weismann, so Immediately I wondered if the other 2 were Jewish. Guess I was correct. You people who love Axelrod and Emanuel better wise up. They do not have any Jews or American interest at heart. The New World Order is being orchestrated by Satan for Satan. These "Evil Doers" are only interested in expanding their own power and wealth at the expense of the American people. \Peace Out.
Can someone put togther a slide show of ALL the rich Unionist and politicains homes, at least from the outside in their gated comunities? It would be amusing. LOL!
They found a way to work around it though.
Isn't that what Gandhi told the Jews to do with Hitler's persecution?
OWS is being financed by SOROS and anti-Semites. Now the Muslims are jumping on board. They will easily turn this into a major anti-Semitic campaign and the Lib Jewicidal JINOs will gladly sacrific anyone, even their own people to establish their New World Order. Remeber Trotsky. When asked why he enjoyed especially burning Synagods full of Rabbis and worshippers, even though he was Jewish himself, he replied "I am not a Jew, I am a Communist". These people have EVIL plans for ALL of us. They are not a JOKE. They are well funded and have planed the destruction of the country to a T.
This got to be the stupidist thing I've read in a long well. Unless, of course, they inplant a GPS homing device in each one of the violent offenders so they can git a hellfire up thar arse when da time comes.
This got to be the stupidist thing I've read in a long well. Unless, of course, they inplant a GPS homing device in each one of the violent offenders so they can git a hellfire up thar arse when da tinme comes.
The Jews are the smartest people on the planet. How can so many be such self haters and destructive, and still SO blind?
How can George Soros and his Billionaire friends possible be bettered by destroying America and establishing their New World Order? Can it be that they are possessed to do the Devils work?
Watch out people. Palin is showing her true allegiance by supporting that RINO McCain. Support JFK DEMOs and non RINOs in the primaries. Then elect the best of the worse of the two choices!
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2010 on Media Liars! Turn off the O-ganda at Atlas Shrugs
Notice that they stated this was a survial group. When the meltdown occurs, Mad Max will look like childs play!
No.Islam, Good point. Roughly 80 % support President Obama as he destroys Israel and those that hate Jews, while only 20% are awake and realise the danger!
I've been listening to Beck for about 5 or 6 years. I agree with him about 80% of the time. It has been VERY evident that he uses his position to sway public opinion when required by his masters. The 40 or 50 million a year he gets he definitely jumps when required. The same is true of Fox. It's ALL good cop/bad cop game. That way the people think they get a chance while we are feed crap, the ELITES own both side. Things which I disagree with Beck: 1. When he called Ron Paul crazy and derided him 2. When he had a big special on FEMA camps and disproved them, however he FAILED to mention the little FACT that Haliburton in 2006 received 386 million to create FEMA camps according to financial magazines. Were they built? I don't know. 3. When he calls the Birthers crazy for just wanting to see the Birth Certificate, school transcripts, financial aid for college, and so on. Every President since Bush 1 had to show this and More! 4. When he tore apart Debra Medina for just stating that there are questions on 911 that should be asked and answered! 5. Now tearing into a Freedom fighter such as Wilders. He is a HIGH PAID PUPPET!
Thanks for the link, I is ALL our jobs to educate our families, friends, and even strangers in the check out line at WalMart abiut the evil these Libs are doing to our country. There is nothin liberal about Liberals, and surely nothing libertarian about them.
I was goin to comment isn't this religious profiling, but then you ALL got me to thinking, should they look at 1600 Pennsylvania Dr first!
Terry, I also have given much thought why the Libs are out to destroy FREEDOM and are aligned with ISLAM which is against everything Libs believe in. If you look at it the Commies, Socialist, Libs, BANKSTERS mainline DEMOs ALL support ISLAM and despise Christianity. Look at out Present leadership. As an ole timer that is getting older every day, I have to believe in EVIL and the little good there is in this world. Therefor, I think it is save to assume that Satan, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness or Light, whatever you call the force of s of EVIL has a coalition of forces to destroy the small flame of Freedom and enslave us all. I know it's crazy talk, but LOVE to hear any other ideas. These people are NOT stupid. Why do they support destroying our present system? It sure is GREAT to be a Big-A-Shot in an Islamic country, it sucks being a regular Achmed!
Proves once again NO good deed goes unrewarded, NOT!
Laura, Maybe Arthor has nothing to worry about. Remember John Walker Lynn? He was a punk boy for an Inman in Afghanistan till that Inman pimped his arse off to the Inman in Afghanistan.
Phillip, your correct. I should have said it will be a blend of religions and will occur after a major disaster such as the ME going up in a nuclear war. I was shocked last year when I stumbled onto a 1962 Look Magazine interview of Begin where he said something like Jerusalem will be the center of law and religion of the world. Also they would build the "Shrine of the Prophets". No mention of Solomon's Temple. Ya know about the Shias 12th Inman? If not I'll check this tonight and fill ya in. Get right with da MAN NOW!
The goals of the New World Order are one World Government, One world currency, and ONE WORLD RELIGION. Are they preping us to become Muslims? Muslims are SO easy to control after Friday Prayers, are content to stay uneducated and poor. Perfect for the New World Order 3rd world slaves. Just visit any Islamic Paradise and get out of the tourist areas. Most of these countries reached the ultimate level of civilization for their times. Now look at them. What do they ALL have in common?
He is an Apostate. He is a Marxist/Leninist. He cultivated the Muslim speculation so as to receive millions from the Muslim world to cap off the million he got from the Chi-Coms for the Presidential Campaign. I wish the REPUGS were not part of the good cop/Bad cop game and DEMAND an investigation on last Campaign funding. President Obama outspent McCain 4 to 1 and half the sources of donations are not accounted for. Millions from overseas ARE identified. Ya got to give em credit. He's main financier was George Soros, surrounds himself with the disgusting types like Rahm Emanuel and Axelrod, got 87% of the Jewish vote and 80% of the Muslim American vote. If that doesn't describe the ultimate "DECIEVER" I don't know what does!
Wolf, sorry, I read about 4 hours a night and have a bad memory where I see things. I concentrate on past events now that I got the big picture. It's amasing how American history makes sence once you got it figured it out!!
Wolf, I read a while ago that Chandoo said a friend from South America, which he can not name, requested that he provide for young Obama on the trip. Does that sound like Agency?.