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Well, they blog with me, so it probably violates etiquette to suggest them, but perhaps you might wish to read Oldman and Stirling Newberry. And if Billmon doesn't qualify, I don't know who does. Orcinus is also obvious, as in the Decembrist. I'll add that there are some very good diarists over at DKos, and that some of the political analysis that goes on in places like MyDD is also very good. As for DenBeste. I don't read him regularly, but I have read him, and I didn't find the quality of his argumentation all that high. Wordy though. Finally - there is not one political blogosphere in the US, there are two. Whether JT considers himself a centrist or not, his chosen authors tell us where he's situated, and it's not in the middle. That's not meant as an insult - it's an observation.