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Wait a minute Professor, is this class being graded on a curve? You are using a 100 scale now, when did this happen, did I miss something? What happened to the letter grading scale you used to use?
It is possible to overthink food and wine pairings, when the answers are often laid out for us to easily grasp. Lamb? Lambrusco, of course. Filet mignon? Cabernet Sauvignon. Swiss Chard? Chardonnay. Peanut butter? Pinot Noir. However, I guess this means we have to pair scrapple with Snapple, which would never do.
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Ever since FAS 87 set financial accounting rules for defined benefit pension plans, way back in the 1980's, it has been harder to deny the fact that most plans are simply not sustainable. Very few private sector plans continue to exist, most have converted to defined contribution plans, just universities and public employee sectors continue. The state and local government plans, especially for teachers, police, and firemen, are disasters, despite the craven attempts to hide the facts by using absurd assumed rates of return that would never be acceptable in the private sector. If the auditor firms did not object, activist investors would clean house. Too bad there are no incentives to correct the public sector plans before retirees can't be paid any longer.
Unfortunately, the Presbyterian Church USA leadership groups include a small neo-Nazi faction and a larger leftist/anti-Western faction, as well as some well-meaning but deluded people for whom Christian evangelism and witness are worthless relics of the past, rather than the foundation of their Church life. A family friend returned from the horrors of World War II to study for the ministry and became a Presbyterian missionary, doing good works in desperate parts of the world. He passed two years ago, but was horrified at the presence of the neo-Nazi faction within his beloved Church, and realized that the denomination was suffering from a crisis of faith.
Dear Professor Bainbridge, We deeply regret that this year the Aventador is not on the Professor Bainbridge qualification list. My elves inform me that subject to your deposit check's confirmation by the bank, you may place your name on the waiting list for the Lamborghini Huracan at your own expense. As for the Tesla Model S, after reviewing the unfortunate October period, are you familiar with the Mitsubishi i-MiEV? Perhaps that would be more appropriate this season. Kindest Christmas regards, Santa
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The AK-47, as its name implies, was completed as a design in 1947, following the defeat of the Nazis in 1945. Mr Kalashnikov regarded himself as a Soviet patriot defending his homeland. The Soviet regime had extraterritorial ambitions, owing to the aims of the international Communist movement, and deemed assisting rebel movements around the world as a legitimate state interest.