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Somebody should tell Soldiers' Angels to contest the takedown notice from Twentieth Century Fox; the video's not up right now. (If the video contained music from the TV show, that's probably what got it "noticed" by the lawyer drones on YouTube.)
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2012 on Must Reads at BlackFive
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My dear sir, I fear you are in error about what women like. 1. Guys from ethnic groups that just aren't hairy still look like manly men. Fear not. It's the craggy factor and the piercing eyes you can work on. 2. Little teenybopper girls who are timid of men still (as they should be) want girly men who aren't scary (yet magically take control if need be). Taking birth control, alas, extends this sort of estrogen youth. 3. Fully grown women, and young women with stable drives, both naturally like hairy men and craggy men. Hence a lot of this Gothic werewolves living in the backwoods with their pickup trucks and shotguns, and the perpetual popularity of Western/romance. 4. Janet Jackson was selling toward teenyboppers and confused young women.
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2011 on The Truth About Hairy Chested Men at Cobb
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This is a wakeup call (so to speak!) to companies with no-cellphone policies. If it's on a safety basis, let affected people with emergency needs leave their phones with the supervisors, receptionist, or something along those lines. If it's not a safety basis, let supervisors approve reasonable exceptions. If companies are proactive, they can prevent a big stink like this.
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Captain Peter Norton, one of the three, is minus an arm and a leg from an explosion. Some stories about him suggest he was in a wheelchair, though I suppose he might be on prosthetics now. Either way, I'm sure all three enjoyed doing a bit of attitude adjustment. Re: the dog, obviously he wasn't any too hurt, and obviously he had no reason to stick by his pathetic masters. Hopefully he'll find a good home.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2010 on Heartwarming tale from Old Blighty at BlackFive
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Are there laws against impersonating an officer of the court? A judge? Are we allowed to don black robes, carry a gavel, and go out selling Judge Scout cookies for our nonexistent Judge Scout troop?
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To be fair, the first paragraph sounds like she still hates herself for what she did. Also, the stuff she reveals about her midlife crisis is clearly some serious depression, revealing itself through self-humiliation and a refuse to ask forgiveness or make things right. The sad thing is that she doesn't make any real apology, she's obviously not well balanced, and she doesn't mean to just do the right thing for the sake of her kid now, even if she failed before. (Oh, and she makes sure to humiliate herself in public just in time to embarrass said kid. Woohoo.) She wants redemption, but she doesn't know how to get it. I'm pretty sure that those twits in the Salon comment box aren't what she wanted; maybe she'll be more satisfied by the comments here.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2010 on Courtney Cook on How to Leave a Soldier at BlackFive
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Amelia Earhart was far from the most photogenic aviatrix. Indeed, thou must be kidding me. Normal casual photos of Earhart made her look ugly like very few women are ugly. I mean, no offense, but she looked like Clint Eastwood early on. No, she was the aviatrix with the best makeup artist and most expensive photographer. There is a difference. Furthermore, you fail to mention that the Amelia picture above is a direct ripoff of earlier doomed aviatrix Harriet Quimby's famous poses in her purple flight suit. (She was far more iconic, as she died right in front of a whole bunch of citydwellers at the height of her fame. All the aviatrices of the twenties and thirties were big fangirls of hers, and several owned and wore purple flight suits.) (Because she had a fat guy in her plane, and planes didn't yet have seatbelts; so when he fell out, the plane lurched and crashed.)
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