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Didn't see this coming. I don't even know what channel TBS is but I will find out now! I hope he can make his show exactly what he wants on TBS.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2010 on BREAKING: Conan O'Brien goes to TBS at On The Air
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I agree that Uggla's price is falling. Teams are putting more emphasis on defense, and he's going to earn a lot of money over the next 2 years. On the other hand, the Giants really need more power and he represents perhaps their best chance of getting it without breaking the bank on Bay or Holliday.
That's a quick flip. Toronto addresses a need, plus they have some good OF prospects already in their system so this makes sense... I guess.
Good trade for both teams. The Dodgers need cash, and Pierre's salary was horrific. For $8m over two years, he's a nice pickup for the White Sox.
Wang makes sense for the Dodgers, he might take a bit of a discount to play with Torre and with Kuo, which also helps his marketing in Taiwan as the Dodgers are known there (not as much as the Yankees of course but because of Kuo and Hu more than others). I would say Kelly Johnson is interesting for the Dodgers but since they have DeWitt they are probably looking for someone who hits lefties well as his backup/platoon mate.
I guess this explains why the Dodgers plan to tender a contract to Repko... one less AAAA OF on the 40 man
I'd say being in a weak division means you DO lock him up. 4-5 wins a year is huge.
Matthews should just be released.
I would say Mariners too. They will offer a bit more than anyone else, and it's a good environment to play in.
There are a lot of 3B holes, but on the teams that are likely to spend that kind of money on Beltre's whose offense has declined. His D is still stellar though so he will def. add value wherever he signs.
He will resign with the Dodgers for 2/21.
Yeah I amend my comment, I hadn't fully realized that Colon only made 17 starts for the Expos, I thought that he ended up having two solid seasons with them before he went to Anaheim.
The Bedard trade is by far the worst. The Orioles have continued to make it the gift that keeps giving by turning Sherrill in to a premium 3B prospect who might start in 2011. Had Bedard not been injured it might have been a still bad but not horrible trade, but as it stands I think it stands out as the worst on the list.
Braves fans and Mets fans are truly the most deluded on this site. It's embarassing for fans of those teams who aren't total morons.
There is no special hate for any team except the Yankees, and that's because they outspend everyone else by a crazy margin. The Mets fans are just annoying because they trot out a bunch of B-level prospects and claim they can be traded for some of the game's most valuable names.
Conor Jackson, Kelly Johnson and CM Wang are the most interesting to me.
It's not a scouting opinion to say that you don't value a pitcher who loses a game 2-1. It's just a bad opinion. The runs scored by his offense is completely out of the pitcher's control, so why do you blame him? That makes no sense.
Dodgers should be all over it, but I don't think they will for a variety of reasons.
Braves fans have officially passed Red Sox fans as the most delusional and clueless on this site.
Every year the Giants pretend to be in a big FA outfielder. So far they've come up with Aaron Rowand. I don't think they'll put up the cash to sign Bay, but with their insanely good pitching staff they should break the bank and go for it.
when ever he give up a run, someone makes an error, or anything not perfect he freaks out. thats why he's a bad fit IF that were true, his stats would look a lot different. Did you watch every Lackey start this year? Last year? The last 6 years? if not, try to use the stats as your guide.
I started to make a list but it's too hard, my hat is off to Tim.
That seems like a great deal for the Dodgers, since the team does not project Ellis as anything more than a backup in LA.
Arn Tellem. How much will he sign for?
With regards to Wilpon, I believe he has said his charitable foundations were hit hard by Wilpon, but not his own cash. No way to know if that's true, but that's what he's put out there.