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I take umbrage in your demeaning Louis Farrakhan as "Looney Louie" as it disregards his only achievement during his life: he was an accomplished musician. Because of that he deserves the appellation of "Calypso Louie" as he performed on tour and recorded a number of calypso albums before developing his current gig. Dan Kurt
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A science fiction book was written about this by Dean Ing: Butcher Bird, 432 pages Publisher: Tor Books (November 15, 1994) ISBN-10: 0812522419 Dan Kurt
re: "How long will the free world refuse to recognize the current government of Honduras as legitimate?" The real question is how long will it take for the Russians take to treat Obama as an Alpha male. See these videos on how to show a Beta male that he is lower than dirt: [] and here [] Dan
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Results of non-tracking: Just returned from my son's commencement. He received his Ph.D. along with 5 other individuals in Mechanical Engineering. A total of 17 Mechanical Engineers were listed in the program as having received the degree or will receive the degree through 2008 and 2009 and ?2010?. Three of those 17 are white. Two of the whites are from the USA; one is my son. The third white is a Hungarian from Europe. The other 14 are North Asians mainly from China with a few from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. This event happened in an American University considered to be in the top 20 of the World for Science and Engineering ( Harvard is number 1. ). Where are the American Ph.D. students? Thanks to the absence of tracking our bright students are not being given a foundation that permits one to "make the grade" and be selected to a Ph.D. program in Science and Engineering unless the American is unusually brilliant given the competition that the North Asians and European educated students exhibit. Dan Kurt
re; "for cultural reasons, the children of wealthy, successful Blacks backslide and underperform even poor Whites" Sheila Tone Explained two ways: 1) Blacks have low mean IQ and smaller SD compared to whites so children of relatively high IQ Blacks who are successful because of their IQ regress usually toward the mean Black IQ. 2) Low IQ Blacks ( within 2 SD of mean Black IQ ) are successful not because of unusual smarts for Blacks but because of some "winning the lottery" like event, e.g. Obama and Michelle Obama IMHO, having typical Black IQed children. Dan Kurt
Toggle Commented May 15, 2009 on NAM = non-Asian minority at Half Sigma
re: "...and so MIT and Caltech have turned their courses into the best on earth for teaching math..." B.S. To really teach math there are two necessary ingredients. 1) Math talent, something inborn; can't be taught. If you don't have it, too bad. If you have never met one with it also too bad. 2) Instruction from circa age 14 onward that emphasies drill. Yes drill to make elementary math subconscious. If one has not achieved the above by the time one reaches MIT, etc., it is already too late. Dan Kurt
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