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Police given more time to question a 44-year old suspect which expires at 7.30pm today Monday 26th. So they either have to charge the man being held or release him.The other guy who was wounded in the attack is recovering in hospital.
The police and security services have admitted that the threat of attack is so great that they can't protect us from these thugs. If they can't protect us we need to be armed and not with machetes either.
So now we know who bought down Atlas Shrugs website and stole the mailing list. Just waiting for a knock on the door.
It's important to come out on top in these TV debates and Pamela certainly did that. It's also important to get the last word in to counter what was last said by the opposition and Pamela jumped in here with a good response just as the news item was closing. Pamela 10 Sarsour 2 Islam 0.
The management are backing down after shoppers told M&S that if that happened to them they would leave all their shopping at the checkout and go elsewhere. M&S results are well down and this latest dhimmi on their part is a total management disaster. It's bad enough that M&S stock unlabelled Halal food but to subject us to Sharia as well is the last straw.
Well said gleaner1, are our politicians blind as well as deaf? I live on the south coast and we have noticed a huge increase in Asians and blacks as the northern towns fill to overflowing and can't take anymore. The burden on social services is becoming unmanageable and the burden placed on tax payers to fund a misguided political fad is intolerable. We had a visit from our Queen this week. Surely she can see what is happening to the country and culture but says nothing and keeps on signing into legislation laws which deal with racism and equality issues that rob us of our rights as white residents. Anyone see that a new £35M mega mosque is planned for Dublin? This mosque will give Muslims a substantial foothold in a Christian country from which they will expand their madness.
New Zealand is one of the largest exporters of Halal meat in the world and imports lamb and sheep offal into the UK in huge quantities. But you wont find any Halal stamp on the packaging and non-Muslims are unaware that they are buying and thereby supporting the spread of Islam and Sharia across the country. NZ meat producers refuse to label the meat Halal and are denying non-Muslims the right to choose the food they are giving to their families.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2013 on The Halal Racket at Atlas Shrugs
' the Government said it did not keep statistics on the nationalities of benefits claimants.' This only makes sense if you know what it will reveal and don't want the public to get hold of the facts. The benefit claiming system is so lax that you could tell the naive benefit department officials any lie and get money and lots of it. Many of the people making decisions are immigrants themselves and are perverting the system in favour of claimants from their regions.
The EDL was going nowhere with their street protests which invariably turned into a free for all with the police. Some of the EDL members I know only joined for the fights and knew nothing about Islam or why they hated Muslims. Muslims in places like Walthamstow are just as bad as the worst EDL fascists and are a threat to our country. Robinson could well do more for his cause by using the Quilliam foundation and we need someone in there that can keep an eye on what goes on behind the flash facade of this government funded think tank.
Somalians herd together and are hard to penetrate. They don't communicate with the police or infidels and every snippet of information has to be collected by surveillance means. Somalians already have a violent history in the UK with the killing of woman police officer Sharon Beshenivsky in 2010 when she disturbed two thieves robbing a store. On that occasion the killers were sheltered by the Somalian community. The other more recent incident was of course the beheading of a British soldier by a Somalian on the streets of London. With hundreds of Somalians going to training camps in Somalia and then returning back to the UK, we can expect major events here thanks to successive governments who have allowed Islamic thugs to take up residence.
Al Shabab must be the vilest thugs on the planet. The amount of torture that went on in the Kenyan mall is horrific. Eyes of victims were gouged out, noses and ears cut off, some men castrated, bodies hung from hooks and children with knives still in them found in freezers. Is this the fate that we non-Muslims face if Islam cannot be beaten? Its time the West declared war on Islam.
Hopefully these whores for Mohammed will be carrying sexual diseaes as well as the fruits of their wombs.
Not only has Obama reneged on the 'special relationship' with Britain he insulted us by saying 'France is America's oldest ally'. Where were the Frogs in both world wars then - why under the jack-boot of the Germans and had to be baled out not once but twice by America and her second best friend.
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2013 on Chaos at Atlas Shrugs
Mandela's 'rainbow nation' where racism and corruption are rife and apartheid flourishes. Where are the world community now who bought down white South Africa?
This 'rent a Muslim mob' is a development from Muslim street gangs who find themselves out numbered by either UK football fans or EDL members. A mobile phone call brings car loads of young Muslim thugs to a street in London where they can do battle with white lads. Government money spent on inclusiveness, equality laws and open opportunities has done nothing to convince Muslims that they are not victims and doors are open to them to have a nice life here. This latest IED initiative shows Muslims are determined to start a civil war on our streets which will be met with opposition from the British people who are becoming sick to death of Muslims and their demands, or the police. Either way they will end up in prison like 12,000 of them are already.
Both US and UK are against Assad yet in his part of the country it is calm and functioning. Both western leaders are committed to a new government for Syria, you know like they achieved in Iraq. Both are committed to spending huge amounts of money in Syria under the guise of 'humanitarian aid'. As there are few charities on the ground in Syria the money will be a donation to Hezbollah and other rebel thugs. The UK in particular leads the world in aid giving which tops £12.6 billion most of which goes to Muslim countries. I bet Putin isn't so stupid when it comes to squandering Russia's wealth.
Surveillance of suspect neighbours has been found necessary because there are thousands on the watch list and MI5 cannot cover them all. There used to be an anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789321 where you could give information anonymously.
In an earlier report the jihadis said to expect more attacks on London streets including being run down by motor vehicles. Well we've already had many hit and run episodes across the UK. Now we know where police should be looking for the drivers who have killed and injured many innocent pedestrians.
The jihadis were Somalian. In Woollich,London where the killing took place there is an enclave of them known locally as 'little Somalia'.
These ugly bastards are only the ones successfully prosecuted for these crimes. There are hundreds of other Muslim degenerates across the country who got away with it and continue to do so. I'm surprised at the tolerance of British men who can stand by while their womenfolk are abused in this way by gangs of alien scum. The government have done a good job in preaching equality, human rights and community relations but none of it has had any effect on Muslim immigrants who see it as weakness and treat us and our laws with contempt.
The interview with Sara Thornton on BBC Radio 4's Today programme didn't go at all well. She is totally inept and riddled with political correctness. At no time during the interview were the words Muslim, Pakistani or Somalian mentioned. Until the Muslim community are made to face up to crimes endemic in their religion and their Leaders held to account, the police and social services haven't a hope in hell's chance of stopping this barbarism. It might also benefit detection rates by clearing Muslims out of the CPS where they have been allowed to infiltrate over the years.
Margaret Thatcher broke the power of the left which was turning the country into anarchy through their thuggery and crippling union practices. If ever a lesson should have been learnt of that period it should be how the left use their might to achieve absolutely nothing except the attempted destruction of the country which they despise. You really have had to live through those times to realise how seditious it was. It took a brave leader dedicated to the restoration of freedom to crush the unions and rampant left who were content to smash and burn and never to build. We owe her a great deal.
Covering babies is damaging to their health and makes them more likely to get rickets, a painful bone disease resulting from a lack of vitamin D which is present in sunlight. Exposing skin to the sun ensures babies will get adequate vitamin D. As the babies' mothers are also covered from head to toe their vitamin D levels are low and will not pass on the vitamin through their milk.