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I am excited about next week’s Dîner En Blanc in Toronto. After last year’s less-than-ideal feedback, they were searching for new organizers this year and the event was in jeopardy. A few weeks ago, news began circulating that invitations for this year would be sent out soon and I could not contain my excitement. With my whole kit already assembled, it would be a huge disappointment if this elegant pop-up picnic is a no-go. Based on last year’s experience, my friends and I have our routine down pat. Each person in our group of four would be responsible for one course so we can maximize on efficiency. I volunteered to contribute dessert this year and I have big plans. First, let me give you an update of my picnic basket to see some upgrades that I made. I got myself a smaller, more lightweight basket that is easier to tote... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
Baking a successful pie makes me feel accomplished like nothing else can. By that logic, baking ten little successful tarts ought to multiply my sense of accomplishment ten fold, right? Last weekend, I had the pleasure of experiencing both. I don’t know if I really felt ten times prouder of my effort. What I know for sure, sharing homemade pies and tarts certainly made many of my friends and family happy! Let’s face it, Canadian cuisine does not have a strong identity. The few dishes that we can say are uniquely Canadian, we are fiercely proud and protective about them. If you want to start a lively argument at any Canadian parties, I suggest you declare loudly “a real butter tart ought to be…” and watch the feathers fly. As a avid baker, I am amused that I had not try baking butter tarts at home until last weekend. And... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
A lost in appetite is my coping mechanism. For someone who enjoys cooking as much as I do, it is somewhat contradictory. The last long weekend of summer came and went opening up old wounds and slashing new ones. I retreated to my kitchen to cook and cook and cook in hopes of temporary relief. Relief did not come but I did end up with plenty of home cooked comfort food. I finally came to the last bits of leftover from Montreal 24 relay catering. While it was convenient to have ready-to-eat breakfast and dinner everyday of the week, I grew tired of eating the same few things. I bet Little Brother shared my sentiments too. My cooking mojo fluctuated wildly from brilliant to absolutely inedible. Let me share with you my meal of comfort food that could have been so much more. Congee Dinner Congee with Cured Duck Gizzards,... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
I did not plan on taking up the role of team chef again for Montreal 24h Relay in 2014. It is a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and logistical challenges. Although my experience in 2011, 2012, and 2013 were all positive, turmoil in my personal life sucked all motivation to do anything ambitious like feeding 25 people over the course of 24 hours in a city 5 hours away from home. However, when I found out that my friend would race with our team on condition that I take on the role of team chef once more, I said yes. Thus began three weeks of frantic preparation to feed members of Toronto Inline Skating Club. Planning is key to success but staring down my spreadsheet to lock down the menu, compile the shopping list, and inventory my supplies are not glamorous work. I decided to go easy on myself... Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
Hi Felicia! I'm so happy that the recipe works well for you. You can try reducing the amount of tapioca to 80g so texture stays loose. I haven't personally tried this though but would love to hear how well it works for you.
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Thank you Sean for the invite! I just submitted my recipe. Love the great work you guys and girls do at Punk Domestics!
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2014 on Joy Of Small Batch Preserving at Dessert By Candy
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Sweden holds a special place in my travel experiences. It is one of the few countries I never planned to visit yet I somehow ended up in more than one occasions. Back in 2007, I spent a few days in Stockholm, Kiruna, and Jukkasjärvi as part of a whirlwind destination wedding at the Ice Hotel. In 2012, my Danish host took me on a day trip to Helsingborg (home of IKEA headquarter) while he was in the city for business meeting. My exposure to this Scandinavian country may be brief but all of the experiences were most memorable. For this very same reason, all the Swedish dessert I managed to sample left strong impressions. Earlier this year I was on a Swedish baking streak experimenting with semlor, kanelbullar, lussekatter, and rye loaf. Prinsesstårta (Swedish Princess Cake) was high on my priority list except I felt intimidated by the technical challenge.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 18, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
A few weeks ago I drove to Chicago on my own for a weekend of racing at the Chicagoland Inline Marathon. I attended this race countless times before but always traveled with other skaters. The 9-hour drive was decidedly not fun but I did enjoy the freedom to explore Chicago on my own between races. My wallet had the misfortune of visiting the AllSaints outlet store in Rosemont Fashion Outlets. My belly, on the other hand, had the pleasure of finally brunching at Rick Bayless’ XOCO. Every time I connect through O’Hare Airport, I always stop at Torta Frontera for a quick meal. Oh XOCO’s churros and bean-to-cup chocolate were everything I hoped for and more! As always, I ordered too many things. My brunch consisted of eggs & chorizo empanada, sikil pak, Oaxacan chocolate biscocho, churros with dipping chocolate, and Aztec hot chocolate. It was a feast. The hot... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
For time crunch weeknight dinners, nothing pleases me more than having all my ingredients washed, cut, and ready to cook. This is especially true for dishes that require meticulous prep involving long list of ingredients. Last weekend I spent a leisurely afternoon slicing up a storm and the result was not one, but two different dinners that satisfied my cravings for Korean food. I never really thought about it but bibimbap and japchae are remarkably similar. One is rice bowl topped with rainbow of toppings and the other stir fried sweet potato noodles tossed with the same spectrum of colours. I think this is the best way to describe my streamlined dinners: Aside from cutting so many different ingredients to matchsticks, it is also time consuming to stir fry them all separately so nothing is overcooked. Some I season simply with toasted sesame oil and salt, others I like to... Continue reading
Posted Aug 7, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
Thank you Irena and welcome! The thickness of creme fraiche really made the custard easier to handle than heavy cream. I love the slight tang it adds. Hope you'll try it soon!
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2014 on Cherry Custard Tart at Dessert By Candy
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I agree that the boiling must help to reduce the bitterness. I only thought it would take much longer than 2 hours based on my marmalade-making experience. If you can't get figs and oranges both at the same time, I recommend that you try dried figs. There are some really tasty ones out there.
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Oh I totally loved the class. If you have a chance, I highly recommend that you try the hands-on classes in their Brooklyn kitchen!
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Thank you Liliana! Please let me know how it turns out for you.
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One of my most memorable pastry experiences in Sydney was Black Star Pastry in Newtown. The closet-size store was packed with customers at any given time and with good reasons. Never mind that I felt so out of place in hipster central. Everything was prepared with great care and absolutely delicious. I only wished I had stomach room to sample more from their creative selection of cakes, pastries, and cookies. It’s been over 10 months since I returned home and I still dream about their Orange Cake with Persian Fig. I did a bit of digging around and discovered to my surprise that the cake is gluten free. The incredibly moist crumb is result of using whole boiled oranges in the batter. Using whole boiled oranges is not a usual practice with cake baking. How curious! These two clues led me to Claudia Roden’s Middle Eastern Orange Cake recipe. It... Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
LOL Mardi, to be fair, I wouldn't trade a summer holiday in France for a baking class in Toronto. I did not notice a section on their website for Toronto classes. I only heard about it from Dave Chang's tweet. I guess we should keep our eyes on Twitter for future classes? The next one is Birthday Cake, hands on!!! I'm so going.
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Hi Carol! So glad you're motivated to give the recipe a try! According to chef Tosi, the mix has slightly different directions that simplify the process. Do keep a close eye on the baking. Turn down the heat after the surface browns and then use the jiggle test every 5 minutes until the pie is done. With my oven, it took way longer than the 15min initial bake. I think it was about 25min to brown and then perhaps about 20-25min to set. Trust the visual cues otherwise you end up with a liquidy filling.
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Last week I came across Momofuku’s tweet about a demo class with Milk Bar’s chef Christina Tosi in Toronto. Without any hesitation, I immediately reserved my spot and made plans with foodpr0n to attend the class together. I cannot say I am a huge fan since I only visited NYC’s midtown location in 2010 and my taste memory is fuzzy. That was the only time I tasted their signature Crack Pie and honestly I do not remember much about it among a whole weekend of feasting. However, I have long admired chef Tosi’s creativity. Her dessert challenges preconceived notions of North American style baking. Her flavour combinations are unexpected pairings of familiar tastes (cereal milk and compost cookie are both excellent examples). I jumped at the opportunity for a small group class with lots of chances to interact. The 90 minute demo covered the making of a crack pie from... Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
Trail mix and beef jerky are the culinary counterparts of hiking boots and cargo shorts. They belong in the great outdoors and I am suspicious of them in urban setting. I am far from being the outdoorsy type even though I am athletically-inclined. Call me a princess, but the whole concept of camping, lack of running water, no flushing toilet, and sharing my living space with critters stresses me out to no ends. Given my aversion, it is a small miracle that I am planning a 6-days hiking trip in New Zealand’s North Island later this year. I am excited about the new experience but also a bit skeptical of my ability to adapt. In the spirit of theme cooking, I made my first batch of beef jerky last weekend. I occasionally indulge in Jack Links on road trips when they are one of the few nutritionally sound snacks available... Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
One of the many joys of being sufficiently competent in the kitchen is the ability to recreate dishes from taste memory. A couple of weekends ago I bought an assortment of salads from Whole Foods’ take out counter and really enjoyed them. They were pricey for what they were but the convenience factor was hard to beat. As I sat in my hotel room shovelling bites of delicious salad in my mouth, I thought “wow I have to make this once I get home”. Of course the urgency waned off once I was surrounded by the comfort of my own kitchen. It took another road trip and a visit to a Whole Foods 900km from home before I actually did anything about this inspiration. This Fennel Artichoke Edamame Salad tastes refreshing even on hot summer days. Don’t be fool though, the ingredients are easily available year round so you can... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
Only a few more weeks before we start seeing fresh pressed apple cider at farmers markets. I'm excited too!
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2014 on Apple Cider Soft Caramel at Dessert By Candy
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Yes, flødeboller is the thing to get. Other reviews rave about the danishes (they are awesome) but I think this is the place to go for flødeboller!
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2014 on The Danish Pastry House at Dessert By Candy
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My summer plan for Candy By Candy fell through when I got too busy digging myself out of some emotional turmoil. I am disappointed by my lack of commitment but also relieved that the troubles are mostly behind me now. I still have plenty of supplies that I bought when I planned for my pop up shop including stacks of wrapping paper and pounds of couverture chocolate. I am determine to put them to good use even though my plan has changed. For years I made caramel candies and painstakingly cut squares of wax or parchment paper to wrap them individually. It was labour of love. Pre-cut twisting paper is definitely money well-spent if you make candies even on a semi-regular basis. The paper remains firmly twisted around the candy instead of unravelling. The clear cellophane twisting paper shows off the candy in attractive and professional manner. I cannot recommend... Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
I look forward to outdoor entertaining on warm summer days. Good food is a key part of any successful parties and I am always excited to broaden my repertoire. Chilled soup, pitchers of sangria, a platter of antipasti or charcuterie, grilled kebabs, and no-fuss fruity dessert all immediately come to mind. Earlier this month I was invited to a casual backyard party so I brought something to share with my friends. I like the low maintenance nature of savoury tarts. They can be enjoyed hot, warm, or room temperature. That means I am free to enjoy the company instead of planning my cooking and serving time window precisely. I can easily make it ahead of time. The choice of filling is a reflection of the season with flavourful ingredients taking centre stage. Quiches (so many quiches!) and onion tarts (like this one and this one) are perennial favourites at home.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
I seriously love using slow cooker in summer. After the success of healthy beef stew, my love for slow cooker was renewed and I went through Slow Cooker Revolution Volume 2 searching for recipes to try. As luck would have it, my cravings for chicken wings coincided with the weekly sale at grocery store next door. I bought 4lb of wings with no hesitation. Unlike the original Slow Cooker Revolution, America’s Test Kitchen placed a strong emphasis on easy prep in volume 2. A majority of recipes get a bit of help from premade sauces and ready-to-use ingredients. Normally I am not a big fan of such shortcuts but I make exceptions. Sriracha and hoisin sauce are two Asian cooking pantry staples that I happily buy from stores. Coincidentally, they are key to success of slow cooker Asian-Glazed Wings (recipe is available on Eatocracy). I ate a lot of chicken... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2014 at Dessert By Candy
or you can just drop by Gerard Mulot directly for a quick fix! So envious that you're spending summer holiday in Paris!
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2014 on Cherry Custard Tart at Dessert By Candy
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