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dolphins 13-3 hands down. they almost did it last year and now with a formidable D and a revamped O-line/running game with an ageless QB..... the dolphins are primed to light up the NFL this year and show them how florida football is played.
good job in picking against the dolphins. what were you last year in picking them? 3-13? something like that keep it up.
cote, the dolphins have the worst WR corps for playoff contenders? did you miss the ravens/titans/steelers there for a moment?
gregg popovich, bill parcells, pat riley, and don shula should all be higher. just because vince lombardi has the superbowl trophy named out of him and has a few witty philosophical lines doesnt mean he should be that high on the list.
jack mcclinton will make the spurs team people. as a fan of the spurs i do tell you there are only 9 players under contract there so he will likely be the 3rd stinger at PG behind tony parker and george hill. with coach popovich teaching him we will become a solid player soon enough
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i say brandon london wins special teams award. the guy was out there stopping the returners when no one else could. defensive back goes to renaldo hill because we went 11-3 after he became the starter.
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has anyone wondered if garnett has tattoos but you just cant quite see them? and on that all nba-no tatoos team. at PG i have chris paul SG manu ginobili SF vince carter PF kevin garnett C dwight howard. any questions?
the black mamba will be taken down by the mighty dwight howard. if superman can knock the king of the throne then why cant he beat kobe?
mando, who was the 6th pick by the dolphins in the 2002 draft and how did he fare compared to the guy taken before and after him? exactly you will give up on these picks(especially round 5-7) in about 2 or 3 years.
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first off you are completely wrong on all these links. an opportunity for a player can be presented on different teams with different systems with different ideas to create and mold a draft prospect into a successful player. lets say vonte becomes a #2 corner in his career and kenny britt has a hall-of-fame career, well you cant judge how it wouldve been if miami drafted him because the opportunities and style of play could have made him a bust at the time. this is why some players have horrible careers at first before being released and go on to greatness, or vice versa. so can it mando and stick around for next years draft because "what if" doesnt cut it. P.S. if you can get me a job as a personell/scout/manager position in the NFL hook me up on my email account
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hey i do believe pennington is a good quarterback but he's in the NFL to win games not to win championships. there's my 2cents for the day
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dolfan4life i heard chris williams was faster
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maxx if you want to know JT has singled down to the pats and dolphins and hes deciding which team he wants to play for. wait two weeks and you will know who he will play for
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hey how come we didnt get that really amazing quarterback from central washington? you mean to tell me all we got was his favorite target?
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