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I wish the Tigers didn't publically say they were shopping Granderson. Now this whole off-season will be about the Cubs and the possible deals they could come up with for Granderson, when the Tigers probably aren't trading him to begin with. He mashed last year and his contract is fairly generous compared to the contracts given to players with similar numbers.
Believe me, Dye would rather have a base salary of 500K with incentives and play for the White Sox, then sit on the bench and face lefties for the Red Sox.
He would be smart to sign with the White Sox. Him and Matt Thorton would make one of the best R/L setup groups in baseball. If Jenks continues to suck, he could become the closer if he proves worthy,
Actually, AJ's future really depends on who the DH becomes this season. If the White Sox go with a one year, short term player, AJ could find himself possibly playing DH for a year or so until Paul Konerko is too much of a liability at first for him to play the field.
How about a package centered around Jenks: Rays get Jenks, Hudson, Danks and Retherford along with 2 Mil. Sox get Upton . Thoughts? Posted by: Bob Loblaw | November 22, 2009 at 01:13 PM You could probably get both Upton brothers with that trade.
If he somehow becomes a Boras client, i doubt he will ever be signed.
Definitely a solid option. The Sox got killed last year with the opposing team being able to run on Castro all year. While Castro is the better hitter, the Sox already have Nix and Kotsay on the bench, which should be more than enough production.
A bunny rabbit is a better choice than Scott Podsednik.
Definetly a last resort for me. I would love to see a Bobby Jenks for BJ Upton swap, since both had off years and then take some money and use it on signing one of Rafeal Soriano or Mike Gonzalez.
Has anyone seen Peavy pitch? No way the Sox would ever do this.
Jenks will definetly bring in a very nice piece. Players don't just lose ALL of that value in one season. How can you go from one of the better closers in baseball to a George Sherrill? You don't. He wasn't that bad, he just wasn't the same Jenks we have seen in the past. Sox would be smart to trade him while they can. They could get some real nice Arms for the pen or pile some real nice prospects. This is what Kenny is great at, trading big names and getting great prospects for them.
Ultimately a game in April is worth the same as a game in September. I like September callups because team's know where they stand, so if they're out of the playoff race they can provide their youngsters with a bit more experience. Posted by: | September 01, 2009 at 08:25 PM yea i agree with all of this.
Jose Contreas is one of the worst starters i have seen this year. I would honestly rather see Bartolo Colon at this point than Contreas.
It will be beckham. The dude came up in mid/late june and is still has the best batting stats for rookies.
LOL at the people that think they can get these guys on a salary dump. Why would they give salary dumps when they are expiring contracts? Of course a trade would be involved.
Probably staying in LA, but Kenny Williams has a crush on him, so he will make it a difficult choice.
A lot of potential sutiors, but if he was smart, he would go to Seattle. He would love the clubhouse and get out of the pressure cooker that is New York.
If I was Kenny Williams, i wouldn't bring the whole darn team next year. He has 2 options for a lead off hitter next year. The first one is aggressively go after Chone Figgins and move Beckham to 2B, or pick Thome or Jermaine, stick him at DH, and have Podsednik play right or go out and get a speedy outfielder. Kenny has alot of work to do. He is only a good leadoff hitter(not Scott Podsednik) and a 5th starter away from making this team a contender, but that is alot easier to say than to do.
Figuring Freddy Garcia is currently the 5th starter for the Sox? I doubt he gets moved.
Jose Contreas is really the problem. He can't pitch pass the 4th inning and kills winning streaks with his awful performances. I mean, it is like the White Sox are using 2 starting pitchers. Buehrle and Jose are struggling mightily right now, and i don't even know if the Sox have a 5th starter worth mentioning.I guess i just have to pray that Freddy Garcia shows some sign of talent tonight to get that 5th starter spot when Peavy comes back.
Scott Podsednik has more pop than Anderson.
The only team that makes sense for KW to trade Jenks is Atlanta. Atlanta is losing both Gonzalez and Soriano to Free Agency. I would think Kenny would want a lead off hitter on a deal for Jenks, but i could see a Jenks or Jair Jurrjens swap.
If Flowers is ready, they will have AJ split time with him. AJ's numbers don't exactly support him being an everyday C.
Rios has the 7th worst contract in the Majors?? Seriously, it is like someone has to downplay every move Kenny Williams makes. I mean, if the Cubs traded for Jake Peavy, everyone would be talking world series. The Sox acquired Jake Peavy and all of a sudden it is a bad move and he is overpaid.
How is this a steal for the White Sox? Has anyone seen his stats this year? He's really not that good and for what he's getting paid? The Sox have handcuffed themselves with bad payroll in two players that are sketchy at best. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Posted by: ChicagoMike | August 10, 2009 at 06:36 PM So does that mean if a team claimed Dice K off waivers it is not a steal? Why don't we wait until he actually plays a game in Chicago before we call him a steal or a mistake, shall we?