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So far Seattle has made three successive teams look bad. Maybe it has something to do with Seattle? Eventually the results will break against the Sounders and Keller will not be able to pull an amazing stop to save the defense which is more tenacious than solid. But until then, the silky combination play combined with speedy wingers who will track back all day on defense is going to be hard to stop going the other way. Oh, but wait, they are an expansion team so they are automatically doomed to failure this season.... sorry, I was watching the game on the field for a few weeks there.
Two points: 1) The goal was a nice goal and a great strike from Montero. 2) It is NOT a shot that Rimando saves. I have followed Rimando since Lockhart Stadium and high dipping balls will get him 9 out of 10 times. He is 5'9" and cheats out a bit to cut the angles. He is not out of position so much as that is his style. It works for a lot of plays but well-struck, high balls over him are always going to give him trouble.
Adam M. - While I am not going to try and compare the US to Barcelona in terms of passing and interchange, to use Wednesday's game under those conditions as a benchmark for anything other than survival and gutting out a win is just not right. The conditions certainly exposed the fact that our center backs are not the most technically gifted players around, but we already knew that. Let's see how things go in the next couple of games before we write an obituary for 2010.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2009 on TGIF: The USA-Mexico hangover at Soccer By Ives
"because in the end all players in this series have earned the respect of fans from both sides" I think you are wrong here Ives. While I have every respect for many of the Mexican players, in no way can you say that about all of them. You are right that its not about hate, but some of the stunts pulled by certain Mexican players in recent years certainly goes far beyond any reasonable definition of respect. I think it diminishes your own credibility to implicitly excuse Sanchez and his attempt to physically injure Johnson outside of the run of play as something that we can all just laugh off. This is just simply beyond the bounds of civilized adult behavior and, if he had connected with Johnson's knee as he intended, he probably should have been arrested for assault. I know if a US player did something remotely similar I would want him barred from the team. Do you really think that a guy who does something like this and then attempts to justify it deserves our respect or the respect of Mexican fans?