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Interests: Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears.
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Tell ya what, these Yankee fans talking about getting CY YOUNG WINNERS and saying that Cano and Swisher are "too much" make me laugh so much...
I'm more than a little confused by your proposal... you're suggesting a rebuilding year and yet you have Matt Capps and Valverde on your roster for next year??? So while we're selling off the only valuable trade chips we have, you want us to spend another $11MM a year on bullpen help?? On top of that... IF - and that's a HUGE if - the Cubs decide to rebuild, they will not be sending cash considerations anywhere unless it's for Soriano (not happening...). It also would not be for aging, injured players such as Lowell. The Cubs would be looking for prospects, like Justin Hamilton suggested in Jordan Schaffer. Some things to consider, however - the Cubs, for better or worse, are not going to go into a full rebuilding process. We are going to sit on our contracts and watch $30MM come off the books over the next two years or so. In that time, if players develop properly (HA) and Ramirez doesn't opt out of his contract, we have some strong potential in our system. The first obvious choice is Castro at SS, followed by Vitters at 3B and Lee at 2B (if he moves over, SS is his natural position). I'm also extremely excited by Jackson, who is a CF with pop and some great intangables. If we can get THAT good of defense up the middle, along with a #2 and #3 pitcher in Jackson and Cashner (or closer, hell, if we develop anything i'll be estatic), the Cubs are in good shape to move Ramirez to 1B and have a reasonably cheap core. Let's not get overly excited for 2010 and hope that the payroll we have is enough to see October.
The Cubs signed Bradley because Hendry was misinformed that he would be the big left-handed RBI guy that this team was missing. He failed to notice that even in TEXAS, Bradley had never had a season of over 25 home runs or 80 RBI. His stats are fine - he's an average contact hitter with a good eye and average power. He does not play defense well and he cannot stay healthy for the most part. Now, on TOP of all of this, he also has the worst attitude in baseball. The only one exposing themselves is you... as an idiot.
I will put money that Penny does not even see the 3s in ERA, even with Duncan there. I'd assume he'll sit in the low 4s and will probably be worth about exactly what he signed. That is, if he can stay healthy for the year.
Wilchiro, did you seriously just say that Castillo was a gold glove 2B?? I'll assume you mean he actually owns some gloves that are gold in color, because no one should ever confuse what Castillo does at 2B as "Defense"
Also, to clarify on the Cubs prospects, Hak ju Lee is projected to be as good or better defensively than Castro at SS, which to say the least is extremely impressive. Lee is much more raw, but an absolutely incredible talent, and shouldnt be taken lightly.