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"Heath Bell sucks. We have a better chance with Gregg closing. Blanco plays outstanding D and he showed signs he could hit, Font can play very good hitter. Baker decent D good hitter. We don't need a 2nd baseman dude. Felipe Lopez would be like Aaron Miles 2.0 except he might get a hit or 2 ever 2 or 3 games. Samardzija should be packaged with someone for Nyjer Morgan and we can move Byrd to right." Wow. This one might take the cake as the most nonsensical post. Heath Bell sucks? The Cubs would have a better chance sticking with Gregg? Wow! I don't even need to say more than that. Cubs don't need a secondbaseman because of Bakers D and Fontenot? Really? Felipe Lopez WOULD be a MUCH better option than either and wouldn't cost that much. I am SHOCKED Hendry has not looked in to him. But then again....Lopez makes sense so why would Hendry bother?
"There were plenty of better low cost options out there: Cameron for 2 years" Can we at least post with some accuracy?! I'm not a fan of Byrd and don't believe anyone in their right mind (which Hendry is not) should sign him to more then a two year deal. But Mike Cameron got more money for two years, so how exactly is that a lower cost option? What I fail to understand is why not FRONT LOAD the contract so that when he becomes useless in year three he at least will only be making three million? At least then you could dump him without it hurting so much. If the Cubs are going to keep Hendry around they should at least send him to some finance classes!!!
We could also add the 200 plus million spent to buy last years world series. I remember the days when teams drafted and developed players. Ahhh, the good old days.
How about a few more then: Pettite and Giambi to name a few. 'nuff said.
"Their team wins two who roid infested titles in what" AROD. 'nuff said.
I think Big Z would like GREAT in a Yankee uniform! Not sure what Hendry asked for, but I'd like to think the Cubs could get at least Hughes and Melky for him. If not, then I wouldn't even consider a deal.
Wow! Seattle is kicking in 9 million! Okay, now I don't mind this trade at all!!!
EVERYONE STOP WITH THE M'S SAVED MONEY POSTS. They did not save any money. They are making up the difference in salary and possibly more.
Suzy - Read the reports. the M's are making up the difference in salary and possibly more. Other rumors out there now are saying with the additional money the Cubs could now go sign Capps and and a CF (hopefully Ankiel and NOT Byrd). But Byrd seems to be a Hendry type of guy. Easily overvalued because of inflated numbers due to playing in Texas.
"If its straight across, the M's can release Bradley tomorrow...and STILL save millions of dollars over Silva. Not sure how that can be considered 'bad'. " Because ALL reports are saying the M's are going to pay the difference in salary and a little extra.
The reports are the M's are paying the Cubs some money. So in the end the Cubs will actually save some money by doing this deal. If true, then I'm okay with it. Bert Blylevin was just on the radio saying Silva is actually a good clubhouse guy and a hard worker. It just remains to be seen if he is healthy. So i am not as pissed.
As a Cubs fan the only person I want less on this team then Bradley is Silva. So I agree that I am happy it is Heyman reporting this!
The Yankees for Granderson!!!
"Wow. Nice trade DBacks. Jackson's 5.07 2nd half ERA, completely inline with his career average, was just a bump in the road. That first half ERA, and that great .212 BAA is the real guy you just traded for! Any teams with players coming off fluke seasons, you are highly advised to immediately call the Diamondbacks. " Exactly! Fluke season for Edwin Jackson and they are trading an up and coming stud starter for him? Crazy! As for Austin Jackson....his upside in my opinion is that of.....CURTIS GRANDERSON with a lot less power! Stupid move by the Tigers.
"Am I the only person here who thinks that Kennedy is underrated?" Probably.
" So this is the deal? Yankees: Granderson D-backs: E.Jackson & Kennedy Tigers: A.Jackson, Scherzer, and Coke" That's even worse then I thought for the Tigers. So they gave up Edwin Jackson for Scherzer and Coke.....good. But Granderson for Austin Jackson??? Really? What in the world is their GM smoking?! They could have and should have done A LOT better. Terrible.
What an awful deal! The Yanks make out like bandits. The Tigers getting Scherzer for Jackson is good, but the rest of that garbage for Granderson?? They could have gotten a lot more for him then Kennedy and Jackson! And the D-Backs got royally screwed! I wouldn't trade Scherzer for Jackson straight up. I guarantee last season was a fluke for Jackson. Pathetic!
According to ESPN Chicago, the Cubs have traded Jake Fox and Aaron Miles to the A's for RHP Jeff Gray, RHP Ronny Morla and INF/OF Matt Spencer. That makes more sense.
"The two prospects are Michael Inoa and Aaron Cunningham according to Jim Hendry's twitter account." I'd be SHOCKED if that is who Hendry got. No way an idiot like Hendry pulled that one off. I'd be SHOCKED if we got one prospect in their top 15!
"The Cubs also seem unwilling to part with top prospect Starlin Castro in order to acquire Granderson" Typical Hendry overvaluing his prospects before they ever amount to anything. I hope the Ricketts are smart enough to figure out they have an idiot in charge of player decisions. Either dump Hendry already or watch this organization continue down the path of the Chicago Bears!
Bradley WILL NOT be back. Hendry realizes that the fans do not want him back. If Bradley couldn't deal with the fans rants this season, just wait until next season if Hendry screws up and brings him back. I don't think there is much denying Hendry is a terrible GM. But even he has to be bright enough to realize Bradley can not return....
Rowand would be okay, but I wouldn't pick up a dime of Bradley's salary in that deal. But no way it happens since the reason behind signing Bradley in the first place was he was left handed. I agree with the others, dump him for whatever you can get. Any team willing to take him and most of his salary can have him for nothing. The more the Cubs eat the better the player in return. And then fire Jim Hendry. I've been saying that for years and NOW other Cub fans are finally seeing why he is one of the worst GM's around. He has no clue how to deal with contracts in terms of dollars and years. Bradley and Sorriano and Zambrano wouldn't be bad players to have IF AND ONLY IF their contracts made them tradeable commodities. Since Hendry screwed those deals up they are all now stuck on the roster for years to come unless the Cubs want to eat most of their money.
SenseCommon - That was one of the best posts I've read about Wrigley and its fans. I've been a Cubs fan my entire life and have been to many games at Wrigley. As with any crowd of more then 30,000 you are always going to get a few idiots. But for the most part, Cub fans are very good. They'll call out players when they don't play well or don't hustle. But they pay the money so they have that right. I can give everyone TWO current WHITE players who get heckled as much if not more then Bradley.....AARON HEILMAN AND KEVIN GREGG. Cubs fans are not biased in who they heckle. Play well, play hard and you will be loved. Play poorly and whine about everything and you become a target. Bradley needs to go. Hendry made a huge mistake in signing him and Bradley made a bigger mistake thinking he could handle a big city.
I hope they put Bradley on waivers. And if he is claimed they better just let the claiming team take him. Not sure why they wouldn't also look to trade Harden. It makes no sense to keep him since they are out of the race and he'd be a good fit for the Dodgers or Rockies. If they could get one good prospect for him they'd be crazy not to deal him. But with Hendry still as the GM I wouldn't count on anything positive happening!
Why would they need Schafer? They need pitching and some infielders.