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I'm happy the Heat is beating teams its supossed to beat. That is an encouraging sign. Maybe we are putting it all together now. I feel positive about the way the Heat is playing BUT...the players WE "DUMB" fans who know nothing about basketball that we asked to play all year (Arroyo, Beasley, Magloire, give the ball to JO more) seem to be doing pretty well sans Beasley right now. I know its been said a lot but Why couldn't Spo see this before we dumb people did. We concede to Spo and Riley's expertise and inside info on practices but this is sort of ridiculous. Why did it take over a year for Spoelstra to utilize JO correctly. We need accountability and we also need to know why we had Beasley spend a whole off season losing weight in preparation to play SF but now we only play him at PF where his lack of weight is hurting his rebounding numbers and his ability to box out. As negative as that sounded I am still happy we won. Go Heat!
"I wouldn't talk, your boy was abused by Amir Johnson on that one post play." Getting abused on one play > getting abused on 7 out of 8 plays in a row. And defense is the weakest part of Beasley's game. It's Haslem's strongest. He just flat-up sucks. Worst thing to happen to the Heat since Eddie Jones. Posted by: josh | January 27, 2010 at 10:07 PM Burn in h3ll heathen!
Well gotta at least give Spo credit for realizing Alston was bad! SLOWLY but surely he's seeing what everyone else is! Posted by: Ed E Jones | January 25, 2010 at 10:26 PM *Chalmers
Well gotta at least give Spo credit for realizing Alston was bad! SLOWLY but surely he's seeing what everyone else is!
In Honor of Garrett I will be publicly telling you guys all my bets. I had lost 144.00 and all I have left is $6.07. I will publicly tell you all my picks to reach my goal of $300.00 It starts with an all or nothing pick of the Bobcats str8 up against the Spurs or the Suns v Hawks Over 15 pts largest lead! I'm going with the Suns pick lets do it! P.S. I lost all my money on largest lead in Jazz V Cavs 13.5 I picked over.
Way to be Wallace, you actually read our blog posts which is funny especially since half the bloggers are nut offense guys. I didn't see the game but the guy on the postgame radio show was blasting beasley calling him an idiot I believe for picking up fouls while Wade was not 100%. If Wade is hurt and Beasley was not in the game, wasn't this time for JO to show up after whining about not getting the ball enough? Also on the radio the host mentioned there may be changes coming, but couldn't single out who to switch out. Should be possibly play the Big Cat at Center in this announcers world. As for me I'm all for seeing the Big Cat get more minutes but I'm also for keeping the same starting five because basketball is a game of runs and our winning streak will start in about a week and a half.
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Who'se GK taking tonight? Lets see your streak continue
Also, it amazes me how we have a double standard here. Supercoolbeas phantom defense is acceptable, but Chalmers' isn't. We want beas to learn (make his mistakes) on the court, during game time, but we want Chalmers on the bench. How is he suppossed to learn while he's on the bench, should be my question. I can't wait until Chalmers 'finally speaks his mind' and blows off at one of the veteran players on the team, for correctly pointing out his mistakes on the court. That'll get rave reviews on this blog. Posted by: Greg Gembe | Friday, January 08, 2010 at 09:21 AM Lol we need more greg gembe! He's the anti-hero of the blog...we need you to increase blog ratings pal. Whether your a "plant" or not keep up the good work. P.S. AI would look really good right now on our team!
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Ira, for once I gotta give you spoke up for the little guys! (This Blog) I'm very impressed. 1) BET ID=304871232 Straight Wager 01/07/10 11:23 ET bet 100.00 to win 90.91 (paid 190.91) Result: Wager Won Bobcats(Charlotte) 93 Knicks(NewYork) 97 01/07/10(19:45 ET) Knicks(NewYork) -3.5 Posted by: GarrettKall | January 07, 2010 at 10:27 PM GK My record is a minuscule 15...went from 25 to 650. Hook it up with some picks!!!
i felt bad for eddie jones; IMO the 2004/2005 heat team, that eddie was a part of, may have been better than the 2005/2006 team that won the title. That 2004/2005 team had defense and explosive offense as well. But because of injuries to every one of heats starters, they couldnt overcome that handicap to lose to detroit in game 7. Posted by: doctorb | January 03, 2010 at 04:38 PM You cant feel bad for Eddie. That team was probably the best team in heat history. We had bad luck with innjuries but Eddie Jones never steps up in the playoffs. Never. I dont feel bad for him because he himself could never get the job done offensively when it was money time. Posted by: kbboy80 | January 03, 2010 at 04:41 PM I told you guys to stop hating on Eddie Jones. This guy got no respect from the cheating officials, he may not have been the most clutch player but he didn't have an aggressive personality. He was under appreciated on the defensive end as well. Leave him be, he was the most ostracized player in Heat history!
"The only thing larger than Wades ego is black the truckers nonsensical posts." LoL as much as I agree with you, Black is a vet on here so he gets a pass. He was asking to get Pops for like 3 months before realizing he signed with the Raps. It would have been a good pickup though black. "We just need a better two man game b/w Wade and Beasley ala D. Will and Boozer. We need better coaching substitutions. " "You are not going to get those things when Wade doesn't want them." UD's biggest fan, I mostly agree with everything you say regardless of which blog we are on. Wade has a controlling stake in this team, Spo is a figure-head coach, he is in a bad spot. He has to please Riley and Wade! I also think UD is given too much clout in the Miami Heat organization. Beasley talks about UD like he's the Dikembe Motombo of defense, which actually worries me. I mean Jermaine O'neal at this point is a better player than UD probably ever will be, yet Beasley will not listen to him because of the god UD. I never really had any disdain for UD before, but you also have to remember that UD played with Shaq and he makes a lot of subpar PFs, "Championship" PFs, "Samaki Walker, AC Green, I think. Either way we can turn this around we just need Wade to be an effective unbiased leader or by God have Beasley step up as the most unexpected leader the world has ever seen and have someone who can challenge players to become better than they are and not back down to Wade.
Good Stuff Wallace, welcome to the Dark Side. For once it wasn't about UD Beasley or Chalmers Arroyo, it was just a bad effort by the Heat. Do NOT disrespect Wade saying you wish he would leave...That's asinine! I've seen some of the greatest players have some terrible stretches. Don't ever say we should get rid of him because you have no idea what we have here. Are you guys crazy, its a bleeping 82 game season. We just need a better two man game b/w Wade and Beasley ala D. Will and Boozer. We need better coaching substitutions. We needed AI but that ship has sailed. We need more creative plays on Offense like that double screen I saw yesterday b/w Beasley, Arroyo, and Wade. Ride the hot hand correctly, and what happened with JO? I didn't like how the Heat got back to within 14 and they took out Beaze and then took out Arroyo later and the lead ballooned to 28. Here's hoping to a better new year~
This is ridiculous at this point M. Wallace. Even my dad is figuring this out, Beasley is better hands down! Its stupid that Haslem gets this many minutes. Win or lose this strategy is not smart. If the plan is to sabotage Beasley then A+ to the Heat. I mean, bleeping Wallace is from Washington, do you really think Haslem is a still considered a starting caliber PF????? Who else thinks this? This is like drafting Peyton Manning and sitting him in favor of Trent Dilfer because he knows how to control the tempo. Arroyo should be playing more, i've said chalmers is a joke from the beginning. I've never had to complain about roster moves since Riley had House ridding pine. Why does everyone else see it and not the coaches, is the league really fixed?
Uh oh the Wallace has come to the blog to increase the ratings, welcome I've been trying to hype this blog for a while now. Its all perception vs. reality as I've always said. The perception has been that Haslem is a "solid to above average defender" and Beasley is a "below average defender" So when we watch a game and Haslem gets scored, or blows a defensive assignment, we don't really notice it because he's Udonis Haslem. When Beasley does the same thing, it holds more clout because our perception is that he's a bad defender. I can tell you this for sure, Beasley has some mental issues with defense. In his mind he's so scared to get scored because of the way he's been handled. I'm sure in scouting reports against Beasley they say to go at him because when his man is scoring it affects Beasley negatively on the offensive end as well. Its that constantly looking over your shoulder syndrome that causes you to sometimes not focus on what's ahead. Go Heat.
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I'm sure you know this but the Herald has an article up about Riley and Wade, man Riley should still be coaching he doesn't need to back down from Wade! Hell he didn't back down from Shaq when the "big fella" was about to kick his arse.
Spo can read 'Cat in the Hat' before each game, if we win by 20 points. So you can LMFAO if you want, results is what we got. Greg Gembe, he's a character, gotta love him Black the trucker said in quotes "Gay is good" BTW nice article Mike, when you gonna get on here and start yapping with the rest of the peasants? Riley the only one with the cajones to call out lazy arse Wade.
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"The thing about this group, there is a purity of heart and that's something that we talked about," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "The thing about this group, there is a purity of heart and that's something that we talked about," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "The thing about this group, there is a purity of heart and that's something that we talked about," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. LMFAO
This says it all "The thing about this group, there is a purity of heart and that's something that we talked about," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said.
Michael you are the worst sports writer in South Florida. Its amazing how many other sports writers cover every game of the Heat yet for some reason you can't do that. Please Miami Herald, bring in another guy who can actually cover the Heat better then this idiot. Posted by: Enrique | December 02, 2009 at 06:27 PM Wow I mean I have my issues with Mr. Wallace but those are hateful words mi amigo. Lets ease off and try to appreciate whatever we can get from him. In reply to heatstroked....Really?!? Was that rant necessary?
is this the difference beasley does when given minutes and plays call for him?.I wonder why beasley has so many haters starting from mr michael wallace.If haslem was the 1 with 27/9 tonite then he would be in the 1st picture not wade.Sorry, but i couldnt resist lol Posted by: lequeenLames | December 02, 2009 at 01:10 AM No its ok. Wallace is a documented Beasley hater. He hated writing this article tonight because his boy Haslem was useless tonight. I'm sooooo happy Spo decided to start Beasley this year because if he didn't Beasley would of gone into deep depression by now. P.S. Wallace keep the updates flowing man, no more vacations you got a lot of ground to cover to catch up with the Sun Sentinel. You can't send your cronies to do your work for you and go on vaca. Competition is a good thing step up your game.
BTW...something I didn't notice until Ira's article is that we finally took Cook out. Props to Spo.
"Another Beasley peeve: When he was rolling at the end of the first half, was there really a need to replace him with Haslem?" Did Beasley steal Ira's laptop?
"It was a travesty that Beasley was not on the court at the close, one point shy of his career high of 28. This certainly was not Udonis Haslem's finest moment." Did Ira's Haslem circuitry malfunction?
Why is Wade limping?
I don't like the way Beaz is playing the pick and roll!