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Wade is Fragile!
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Ira has always been and will forever continue to be a Haslem apologist! I don't know what game he was watching with Saint Grit getting focked like a cheap hooker!
Piece of sh1t haslem! I nearly gagged when I heard Reid calling him capt clutch and gushing over his pathetic 16pt 11 rb performance
The day Bosh leads his team to a good winning record on a consistent basis is the day you can compare him to Duncan. Bosh leads a sub .500 team. Posted by: King Riley the Supreme Ruler of this Blog! | January 27, 2010 at 09:16 PM Give Bosh Manu, Parker, Ginobli & Jefferson & he'll lead the team with the best record in the east. Posted by: GodsSon521 | January 27, 2010 at 09:19 PM -------- Toronto signed one of the most sought after Free Agents in Turk and Bosh still can't get his team above .500 and Dirk has always and continues to post MVP numbers across the board. Bosh is a good player posting great numbers on a below mediocre team. Bosh is not a great PF, merely a nice one.
The day Bosh leads his team to a good winning record on a consistent basis is the day you can compare him to Duncan. Bosh leads a sub .500 team.
I hate that piece of sh1t named Haslem! I thought our team was supposed to be a defensive juggernaut with crappy capt grit! I wish it would have been Haslem that phocked up his knee! That sad thing is that I can see an extended Beas injury as the perfect opportunity for Spo to install Haslem as the starter again and say that we need offense off the bench when Beas comes back
Haslem open shot fed by Wade......brick Haslem on ensuing defense......blocking foul
Haslem playing "fierce" defense and Bosh blowing right by him.......comedy!
Haslem is an overrated defensive piece f sh1t! Where is caged Boozer?
The myth known as Haslem the Defender getting abused like a cheap hooker! Why don't you sit him down Spo? If Beas got abused like Haslem tonight he wouldn't see the light of day! There are double standards with this retarded franchise!
If we make that trade, Riley has completely lost it and needs to move on. Amare's next knee surgery is a matter of 'when', not 'if'. He's already 27, is a player that relies extremely heavily on his athleticism, and has been at least to some extent a product of a run-and-gun offense with Nash at the helm. In 3 years, I doubt he'll even be an all-star anymore. God, that trade would be awful. If we do that, this whole waiting process was a HUGE, HUGE mistake. Posted by: josh | January 27, 2010 at 05:25 PM ------- It's a false rumor Josh, nothing more than propaganda from Eddie. Besides, in such trade you would think that unloading James Jones would be the objective over someone like Wright and Riles doesn't have the balls to trade Saint Grit and leave his handpicked coach without the motor to purify the team!
I just heard that a deal is on the table to send Amare to Miami; Gay, Wright and Haslem to Phoenix; and Beasley to Memphis. That's a lot to give up. We didn't even move a bad contract? Posted by: eddieomaha | January 27, 2010 at 05:09 PM ----- can you explain the "just heard" part. from who? link? Posted by: dred99 (I drive The Energy Bus with resiliency) | January 27, 2010 at 05:19 PM ------ Don't listen to piece of sh1t Eddie! This is nothing more than his propaganda to have Beas traded as last week he was pushing for Beas-Bosh trade. The man is a girly b1tch afraid to admit his hate of Beas! I have balls to say I hate Wade and give reasons why but I don't concoct false rumor to trade Wade's Diva a$$!
I would respect you more Eddie if you came out like a man and stated ur true opinions about Beas instead of hiding ur Beas bashing! Be a man like me and admit ur hate like I admit my hate of Wade! I would love nothing more than to see Wade's a$$ traded but I know that ain't gonna happen so admit ur hate of Beas and accept that dealing Beas is near impossible unless it's for another rookie from his draft class for a position of need such as a Westbrook
Eddie ur a phocking Beasley basher, admit it! You have tried to bring up all these lame trade Beas deals. This deal makes no sense and Beas is simply not going to get traded no matter how much you pray at night. Beas has the golden rookie contract as opposed to the toxic max contract that Amare carries. Besides , the team does not have the balls to trade Saint Grit. GFY Eddie and leave the blog u loser!
The stupid notion that you can just out-gun your opponent in basketball, without tough defense, is plain retarded. Every coach knows that basic principle of the game. You may have some great offensive players, but even Wade or lebron will tell you that without tough defense, an emphasis on defense, your team is screwed and will eventually lose. That's how the Spurs won 3 titles, Detroit won and Boston won. Recently. That's even how Miami won in 2006: with pat Riley yelling his lungs out for more defense, even criticizing Wade for his lack of D, if you recall. Posted by: Slledge | January 27, 2010 at 04:25 PM -------- We one in 2006 because we had a top 5 offense and two near unguardable players along with the best rebounding team that year and a deep bench of experienced role players! Learn the game before you preach defensive bullsh1t! That 06 team was adequate on defense, not great!
The Heat does have the ability to run and gun. Q rich is one of the best 3pt shooters this year and James Jones can shot threes. Arroyo and Rafer can and know how to run and gun offense and since that style produces some misses like the Bobcats and Suns do those rebound go long and not short so there is no need for much rebounding in the post. Wade is a solid guard rebounder and Wright is athletic to board and run and gun. Beas at PF is super athletic to run and gun and we see him all the time skying for putback dunks. The people that can't run that style are Haslem and Jermaine but since they are vets on contract years we have to make them happy and the other bad part is that Spo has been conditioned well by Riley not to run such an offensive system because they would both go into cardiac arrest because it means sacrificing defensive principles for offensive fireworks. The league is moving towards offense, not defense and the same thing has already happened in the NFL. The rules are being molded to create an exciting and fun brand of b-ball. Spo and Riley are living in the past!
"A: Udonis Haslem is the Heat's best defensive player when it comes to the team's system" ----------------------------------------------- IMO, THAT'S BULLSHITTTTTT IF I'VE EVER HEARD IT....LMAO ONLY IRA, SPO, WILLIAMS46 AND SLLEDGE COULD BE SO BLIND. Only in Miami is a role put on a pedal stool for being a good role player or as the renown Slledge says "MEDIOCRE." Since everyone hear like stats so much to prove facts, check out Haslem/Beasley stats side by side regular season and especially the playoffs stats. Haslem's played 61 playoff games compared to Beasley's lone playoff 1st rd exit last season and let's remember Beasley was the one coming off the bench last year. The funny thing about their stats is that Beasley's improvement from year 1 to year 2 is noticeable, as Haslem's #'s are pretty much the same from year 1 to year 7, with Haslem's best year statistically was coincidentally the Heat's worst year since it's inaugural season, the infamous 15-67. Hustlem avg. a gritty 12n9. Udonis Haslem Michael Beasley No pun intended to Haslem/Beasley because I like both of them and I'm probably one of the only people who would like Haslem to be here next year, but I'm really trying to put in perspective what Beasley really brings to the table for this team that Spo blatantly ignores and will continue to do as long as he's the coach. I'll be the 1st to say, admit or proclaim Haslem as the superior rebounder RIGHT NOW, but that's about it. Defensively they are pretty much even. Haslem draws more charges, but Beasley gets more steals/blocks. Anyone with real basketball knowledge knows that you really can't judge defense by stats alone, but even when watching the team play regularly there's no great defensive intensity when Haslem enters, but you almost instantly notice the offense drop off when Beasley leaves and that's not because Beasley's this great scorer, but because his presence on the court opens the floor up for everyone else the same way Wade's presence does. Honestly, Joel Anthony has a bigger impact on the defensive end than Haslem ever has. Honestly both are somewhat undersized PF's with Haslem being smaller than Beasley. The main difference between Haslem/Beasley is Beasley's ability to put the ball in the bucket, which seems to be a consistent problem for this team late in 4th quarters when teams double and triple team Wade. After giving all of this some serious thought, there isn't much or anything that Haslem really does DRASTICALLY better than Beasley that makes anything Spo says hold any "VALIDATION." That's the reason why I'll keep saying this FUKKKKKKKKKKK ERIK SPOELSTRA!!!!!!! If I had to choose between Spo/Haslem to keep around for next year, I'd keep Haslem at least he contributes to the team. His solid production and style of play is decent change of pace playing "BEHIND" Beasley. Spo on the other hand has done nothing or as the Beasley haters say "HAS PROVED NOTHING." A healthy Wade guarantees you a .500 record, which is practically where we stand or have stood at since his hiring. Almost any other coach would possibly have this team sitting closer to the Top 4 as opposed to the Bottom 3 and have Haslem playing about 12-15 minutes MAX. The problem isn't Haslem or Beasley or the talent that the roster lacks so much. The problem is Erik Spoelstra and his choice to consistently make very questionable decision that normally ends up with the Heat on losing end. That's why I'll continue to say FUKKKKKKK ERIK SPOELSTRA!!!!!!!!!! GO HIRE SOME REAL HELP RILEY AND STOP MICRO-MANAGING THE ORGANIZATION OR BRING YOUR OLD ASSS BACK TO THE BENCH!!!!!!!!!! SPO THINKS HE'S IN CONTROL, HE'LL FIGURE OUT LIKE SVG DID, HE'S JUST RILEY'S LITTLE NOMAD AND WILL BE BACK TO EDITING BETA-MAX TAPES FOR WHOMEVER THE NEXT COACH IS... SPO'S DONE NOTHING THAT SHOWS HIMSELF THE LEAST BIT WORTHY OF BEING GIVING THE OPPORTUNITY TO COACH A TEAM WITH NEXT YEAR'S POSSIBLE POTENTIAL!!!!! READ THE NAME FOLKS!!!!!!!! Posted by: d_webz reprezentin da 215!!! FUKKKKKKK ERIK SPOELSTRA & FIRE HIS ASSSSSS NOW & BRING ON BYRON SCOTT SOMEONE WHO'S PROVEN WITH TALENT HE CAN COACH!!!!!!!!! | January 27, 2010 at 04:18 PM -------- I love this post on so many levels but let me add a few things - People that overvalue Haslem like Ira fail to see things in the correct light. Haslem is the Heat's best team defender only because of his length of tenure and familiarity with the system and not because he is a talented physical specimen or have specific gifts to play defense. Haslem is an average defender, end of discussion. I agree that Anthony is the better defender. Anthony has a true skill and gift on defense which is shot blocking. Anthony is the better defender but he doesn't know the system as well as Haslem since he has not been with the team as long as Haslem. All Haslem has is seniority and nothing more. The majority of PF will outscore and out rebound Haslem every night and he really does not slow them down nor stop them. - Beas is the superior offensive rebounder and the only reason why is can't be said that he is the best true rebounder is because of limits on playing time and the fact he is cast as a SF. I would kill to see how many rebounds Haslem would average at SF. The second part is that Haslem is not stupid, he always goes for the easy rebounds as if it is gold because he knows that those easy rebounds are his NBA meal ticket. Haslem is not a dominant rebounder where he snags boards in heavy traffic. What Haslem is good at is slipping and getting good position for easy boards. - Beas does not play in the 4th because Haslem is in a contract year and that is the truth. All these bullsh1t excuses of Beasley's diet or mistakes on setting screens are merely excuses that Spo recycles to rationalize why Beas sits in favor of Haslem. Beas will not close out any significant games this year until Haslem leaves or Haslem resigns next year with a cheaper contract and a redefinition of his role on the team - I would like to see Haslem stay but the truth is that he is a cancer in a way. Haslem thinks of himself too highly and important on this team and would have a hard time accepting that he wouldl have to take reduced minutes and a lower role in place of Beas. The current coaching staff is too familiar with Haslem and Spo is buddy buddy with him which throws objectivity out the window. Haslem is a crutch that Wade loves to lean on too much and it is time to take away this limited crutch in favor of the superior talent. Haslem serves the purpose of concentrating sole offensive control for Wade in the fourth since Wade is a scoring hog looking for the limelight to begin with.
A good coach adjusts the way the team plays based on the players that he has available. The Heat's defensive system worked well with Mourning ( or Shaq) protecting the paint and with better perimeter defenders. It was a great system for the players they had. The system does not, however, work very well with the current group of players. A good coach would come up with a new system. This coach apparently only knows one system and cannot ( or will not) adjust. This is just another example of why Heat fans are becoming increasingly exasperated watching this team play. Posted by: rgpx | January 27, 2010 at 03:41 PM _______ I agree and want to add that the NBA has changed since then with rule changes to emphasize offense. You have to play adequate defense, get a big stop when necessary, not every single possession. Nobody tries to get stops on every single possession, the winning teams get key stops. Posted by: FMB(Heat reflects Spo - SADLY) | January 27, 2010 at 03:48 PM ------------ Exactly, the Lakers are not a juggernaut on defense but rather adequate. Offense is a different story as they pressure the opponent from different positions. Obviously our team can't put pressure other teams on defense as we have the main scoring assault coming from the SG position and the failure to adjust is that we can add a second powerful pressure point by exploiting mismatches at PF with Beas but we all know that won't happen anytime soon for reasons we have already discussed on thus this blog to death such as what Beas aluded to today that Spo favors the vets which is code for captain grit. I love Riley but old players have always complained about Riley and his system being inflexible. What has saved Riley in the past has been the fact that he built teams that could play the post system that he has never strayed from since his Knicks days. The years Roley and his team failed miserably like the years when Zo went down to kidney failure, he repeatedly tried to pound the ball into players like B Grant and the results were epic failure. He got lucky he plucked Shaq away and we know the rest of the story. The interesting thing that people fail to bring up is that this team should play more up tempo offense but the irony is that the Heat's most athletic player (Wade) may actually be part of the problem as to why our team does not run and play a system more relevant to today's brand of offense. Wade, pre-Shaq, always favored an run and gun team as it allowed him to score since at the time the offense was run thru Odom rather than a rookie Wade. During the Shaq years Wade was able to get more scoring as Shaq sucked defenders away from Wade. Shaq leaves and you would think that Wade would call for the run and gun but since the offense is built specifically to cater to Wade but way of multiple screen and rolls and backdoor handoffs it becomes obvious why our system has not changed. Wade actually favors the slow half court system because he knows that it is less taxing in him and the fact that he knows that he can score whenever he decides to launch shots. Beasley is an athletic powerfoward that can run an uptempo style but since this is the Wade perimeter offense we will never see Wade run and gun with Beas although they have been setting up alleys lately that might give us hope. You would think that the addition of Alston would make us run more but he already got the idea that Wade will not run. Wade prefers to score his easy point by sagging on defense and getting steals. . We have to adapt our system since our strength potentially is on offense to begin with as our best two players are 10 ten scoring talents but we are stuck in the Riley Knicks mentality if beating teams in defensive slugfests! Having Spo as our coach does not help things out in this respect!
Diva effed up, got pretty at the end and BIW picked his pocket! And fock Spo for not putting in Beas over piece of sh1t grit!
See Beas that's what happens when u work inside. Posted by: Chris | January 23, 2010 at 09:08 PM ------- He's young, talented and will learn in time unlike our piece of sh1t Chalmers who is a clear bust! I want Arroyo back as 2nd string PG!
Beasley again trying to face up and score. Epic fail. Learn to post up, Mr. PF. Posted by: I-Win | January 23, 2010 at 08:27 PM --------- In time he will but Spo doesn't help things out by get Haslem minutes at PF and Beas at SF so who is Mr. PF? Haslem never posts anybody up so why don't you get on him, the caged Boozer?
That's not a good thing. I think that's a sign that Beas might not be in a Heat uniform for too long. That, or the people who are "going at [[him]" won't be... Posted by: GodsSon521 | January 23, 2010 at 03:26 PM ------ Ur an idiot! Ur a Beas hater, get a life scum!
What happened when Beasley played like a role player? Another blowout!!!! It has been proven time and again that the Heat doesn't nedd Beasley's scoring. Posted by: williams46 | January 23, 2010 at 03:00 PM ----------- Maybe we don't need Beas because Caged Boozer has a more potent team element called grit and besides, the Wade on five offense can outscore any team in the league. GFY Moronpino!
Disappointing, Riley. Posted by: Ohshz | January 23, 2010 at 10:07 AM Disappointing, Riley. Posted by: Ohshz | January 23, 2010 at 10:07 AM ------- My bad, somebody set me off this morning calling me an idiot and King Clown and went on a rant. You know me, I have a short fuse sometimes. I'll try to be better
JB, stop responding to King Clown, it's bad for your health Posted by: The Watcher (The blog is more divided than team) | January 23, 2010 at 09:42 AM ------ I'm not bad for your health, I think I'm the medicine to the idiots that inhabit my blog saying things like Wade is better than Kobe because his FG% is higher! Kobe would not roll over and die like Diva did with the Bobcats!
On top of it we're fans of an organization with a fanbase with guys like king riley who call the best player in franchise history a diva and says he sucks despite him bringing him the only championship his favorite team has won in it's 20 years history. Glen Rice, Rony Siekley, Sherman Douglas, Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway, Billy Owens, Jamal Mashburn, Steve Smith, and Eddie Jones were pretty good NBA players... some of them were real good. But, guess what... they couldn't get it done. Just because Wade isn't the most physically gifted player in the history of professional sports these clowns feel the need to put him down. As Eric Reid would say... "go phuck yourself, Heat fans!!" Posted by: JB (working on my sugar intake) | January 23, 2010 at 08:54 AM ------ I never said Diva sucked, I said he is not BIW or good enough to lead his own team of which he is not so swallow b1tch! For as great of many claim Diva is he can't get out of the first rd without Shaq and there is no shame cu other elite players like Kg and Pierce had the same thing happen to them. Diva needs a stacked team, he simply does because he is not like Howard who will always keep the Magic dangerous contenders and if Diva was as good as Lebron that arena would be sold out every night. Replace Diva with Lebron and this arena sell out which tells you who the superior players is. And Ira has called Wade a Diva so there must be some truth to it you reading comprehension impaired monkey!