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Interests: I like to speak about sports particularly baseball.
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I thought that Lincecum's arbitration money would be in the ballpark of $10 million because of when he got called up in his rookie season? Is that actually happening next season or something?
If he's healthy Xavier Nady is a top 90 outfielder and a top 30 right or left fielder. Any team that can get him at 4th outfielder money is getting a terrific deal and will have depth in the outfield.
I don't like this move, but these things have a way of correcting themselves. I think that Maybin would thrive in a big role right away much like Hanley did. By the way Peter Gammons just said that Josh Johnson will win the Cy Young in the National League. I didn't know the ceiling was that high.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2009 on Bonifacio to Lead Off -- For Now at Fish Bytes
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