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han ram Most sources say that Peavy will be back by late August. This is a move for the future anyway. Sox have 4 dominant pitchers for the next few years. mark Derosa can play a decent 2nd and Matt Holliday can be an option. The Twins are ahead...well the season DOES NOT end in July. You are so moronic. You probably gloat about a half game lead too right??? yeah I figured. Anyway, I'm done with you and that dominic dumbass. you're both idiots.
"I wish I could bold stuff... I said when his contract is up!!!" So you've already skipped Danks' arbitration years and put him right in free agency? You sir are dumb...
"oh 20 million off the books thats a lot of money there octoberflurry. tell me, who will the sox get now a days for 20 million? no one special! who do you fill the dh and 5th starter and bullpen spot now? oh i forgot you still have freddy garcia...thats a joke as well. yeah you would be happy with a guy who did good his rookie season and sucked the next like ramirez is. and quentin also had ONE good year. your team is gonna fall apart and you just spent 60 million for a band aid. have fun being the 3rd place team in the crappy al central, CLOWN" Actually, I made a mistake. The number is actually a bit higher. Somewhere approaching 30 mil. No one special they can get? Hpw bout Matt Holliday, Victor martinez, Mark Derosa, etc... I hope you know this, but the 5th starter doesn't have to be someone special. Go around the league, who has a dominant 5th starter? NoONE you idiot!!! How do the Twins compare to the Sox? They don't even have an ace. Hahaah Sox now have two. Hahaha once again GET A CLUE
"You have to fill those holes though. Dye won't come back. You'll move Quentin to his natural position in right, Pods to left and sign a CF. AJ has no arm, hes becoming a liability. Thome should probably be resigned to as short as possible of a deal. You'll need a setup man, probably Dotel again. I was having a conversation with a Sox fan yesterday, he does not believe that Danks will resign when his contract is up. The guy can be an ace for a big club. I think he'll pursue that." Dye is having a good year. Why would the '10 option not be exercised. And later fill his role as a DH maybe. Thome is done with the team. DONE Danks is leaving, huh? He's with the team through 2012. There's plenty of time till then. So you too get a clue!!!
Domenic, you are an idiot. This is Thome's last year with the team. He will not be resigned. The Sox will exercise the mutual option with Dye. Dotel gone, Jose Contreras gone. Thats about 20+ million off the books, you clown. Ramirez is a bit like Sorianus but for the position Alexei plays, I'll happily take those stats. Get a clue b4 you start typing dipshit
To philsWSchamps" "Imagine if you will if they don't make the playoffs with this deal. Then Kenny Williams will be the 2010 version of JP RIccardi. That contract will hamstring them severely " How would it hamstring the Sox severely? The Sox still have their best position player prospects in the system: Viciedo, Danks, etc. And we have an offensive core: Ramirez, Quentin, Beckham. This is a great move by KW. Oh yeah Phuck the Phils!!!
Kenny Williams, you genius. I'll never doubt you again!!! Best 1-4 SP in the majors BITCHES!!!!