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Wyatt it has been my experience that unless trying to raise money or people to help w/ Project Mayhems, WDR seems to ignore emails. ie: unless we want something from you we don't respond. Guess I'm not the only one this happens to.
Bengals Value Genetics; yeah Mikey, Pumpkin, PBJ, Drunk Brother Pete, those genes have sure worked well. Doogie Dave Deja Vue Name recognition, cheap. Mikey's wet dream. If JG is so damn good why was he working in the UFL?
Thanks for the info Mercurio.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2011 on Is this license plate real? at WhoDeyRevolution
Having bought a Bengal plate no way it's real. Sadly. Now the tease,this Friday 1/21 check Doc's TML. Will have a plate that sums up Bengaldom in one word.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2011 on Is this license plate real? at WhoDeyRevolution
Surprised Mikey and Pumpkin have not rolled out a stat showing how much they have saved fans in the cost of playoff tickets.
Every time someone mentions Mikey's stat @ players still in the league my boss ask the same question; "how many made all pro?" A question for older Revolutionaries; Considering the way Sam W was either fired or quit does it seem odd that while Marvin was on his way home after talks broke down that Sam just "happened" to call Marvin? Gut feeling says someone in the front office called Sam and then Sam called Marvin w/ the just be patient message.
Tjanns sorry but you're wrong. I know a few people Mikey has called. One of the few good things about the man, he does and will return a phone call in a day or two. Think Jerry Jones ever returns a fans calls? I don't.
So Xmas morning unwrapping a gift from the wife, a nice pair of gray sweat pants. Good, need some new sweats, look very comfortable. Then I saw it the B logo. Immediately looked at wife and asked for the receipt to return the gift. I may not like going to the mall, actually hate doing it. Know what I hate more than going to the mall? Putting money in Mikey's wallet. I refuse to do that. (even when someone else spent the $)
Thinking all future home games that are not televised locally should be referred to as being Mike Browned Out
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2010 on Mo Gets It at WhoDeyRevolution
If someone starts a clothing drive I'm all in. Something I've done that cost nothing. On some Game Days I still hang my Bengals banner outside using the International Sign of Distress It hangs Upside Down. Recently purchased a Bengals logo license plate (I'm a sinner, Mikey gets a cut of it from state of OH) Plate reads: B ummer I pass Mikey's street every morning; usually have him behind me couple mornings a yr, can't wait till next time he is behind me at stop sign in IH. Will spend long time making sure intersection is clear before proceeding.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on The Nuclear Option at WhoDeyRevolution
Ok no argument the O sucked last year, but a question. How much of the play book was rendered useless when Carson broke his thumb? I'm guessing at least a 1/3 of it. Without the ability to play action fake I'm guessing it made it much easier for D coordinators to game plan against Carson. Thoughts?
I'm not normally one who roots for a train wreck, but this time I sort of am. I would love to see Marvin tell Mikey thank you but I'll finish out my contract and move on. A ploite way of saying "shove it". That might be the only way to get Mikey to quit being an idiot and get out of the way. Only problem is that Mikey has shown on numerous occasions that he is incapable of be embarrassed.
Marc I totally agree. I told a friend yesterday that Stallworth will end up hear. Cheap player w/ a troubled past= Mikey all the way
As someone who ran onto the field after the Freezer Bowl to pull down a goal post (shame there were as many cops as us) Sunday was sweet. I'll admit to having tears after Halls game sealing Int. When I dropped my seats after last season I said "prove me wrong"; well the team did. GOOD!. Is this team built for a deep run? Who knows? While there are areas of concern,every team has a weakness it seems this year. Yet while enjoying this years squad I also know not to expect a repeat next year due to The Family factor. So I'll just enjoy the run while it last. Besides there is The Sugar Bowl to get excited about first. And the Rose Bowl as an appetizer. Viva Bosef; a toast to good days as a fan.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on 2009 AFC North Champions at WhoDeyRevolution
Ok admittedly I am not a Brat hater. Having said that I think most fans tend to overlook something. When the offense clicks Brat gets no love, when it sucks he catches it all. Granted that is the nature of the job. Yes Brat is over the offense but how much control does he truly have. Look at the asst coaches, some of which have been here longer that this blogs writers have been alive probably. At what point are the position coaches held accountable? Sadly since they are employed by MB never. And remember these coaches are also the scouts, 'nough said.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Brat: Ugh at WhoDeyRevolution
Uh wow. You think the front office is not laughing thier collective asses off after seeing this video on this blog. When Mikey talked about upset fans being a theme; I guess he was right after all. And WDR has just proved it. As someone who did dump seats (very close to where this was shot from) I find it interesting that a blog that championed revolt has no problem attending the games after all.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2009 on Cool Video From PBS at WhoDeyRevolution
Robinsgr I did not forward to Mikey. I know a few people who have over the years and all got the same response of thanks for your support blah blah blah. And I'd like to 2nd sturg' comments about the site writers. Thanks guys for the blog.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2009 on Cleaning Out the Inbox at WhoDeyRevolution
Patrick I have tears from laughing so hard. That jersey is a classic. Major props to you. And as a follow up U2 was incredible. On the way back from Chicago sometime during the 3rd quarter I asked my 17 yr old if he wished we still had tickets; he started laughing hysterically. There is a rumor U2 may hit the States again in 2010, if it happens I encourage all fans TO GO.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2009 on Cleaning Out the Inbox at WhoDeyRevolution
Roll out the boobies And we'll have a barrel of fun Roll out the bobbies and then we'll spank her bum
Brain while I agree w/ most of your points you are wrong about MFB losing money. At no point has that occurred. The TV contracts cover all operating expenses. The one thing fans can affect is profit by not buying anything Bengal. Our only hope is that profits fall enough that The Family actually does something.
Leo I agree much of Mikey is about control and making sure what happened to PB does not happen again. After watching H Knocks does Mikey ever inspire confidence when he speaks? Or Pumpkin for that matter? Last summer a local sports scribe told me he did not expect much in the way of change when Katie takes over, now I see why. And what has happened to Mr Katie, Troy Blackburn? Talk about a disappearing act. Thanks again to the sucker, er I mean fan who bought my COA and saved me from being a D-bag for another season.
WCH while you are correct that on some Sunday afternoons we will only get 1 game, you have miised on another point. As someone who had season tickets for over 20 years and never missed a home game; shit games w/ a shit team was pretty much what I was watching. I mean I literally left games to go home a rake leaves. How shitty is it to drop big bucks into Mikeys wallet only to watch him continue to crap all over the same fans who built him a stadium so he could in his words "compete w/ the rest of the league"?
Ok I get why Mikey is mad about the deal Al Davis did at the 7 slot. What I do not get offering Smith less than Gholston got at 6 last year. WTF? Mikey there is another ship that has sailed; me paying money to you for season tickets, and apparently home sellouts also. Guess there are many other ships that have sailed w/ the money of former customers. This ain't no theme Mikey, it's reality. HBO is showing the whole country the emperor has no clothes, and it's not a pretty picture to look at. Viva!
I feel the '05 season was a curse in some ways. Same w/ Arizona making it to the SB. In Mikeys feeble brain it validates his way of doing things, convinces him the team can compete. Sadly I think '05 was an aberation. Having said that when I found some sucker,er I mean fan to buy my COAs this past Feb I told him the best thing that could happen is for the team to prove me wrong by having a sucessful season. Can't say I'm worried about that actually happening though.