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CC, First off you probably wrote the comment about Sebastian and his balls so that you can talk to yourself since not many other canes fans like talking to you. Second, it wouldn't be a good idea for Isiah to sign Stephenson since he brings so much baggage with him such as his amateur status being in question. Mrs. Martinez that was an excellent post and we look forward to watching your son and the rest of the team play and win next year.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2009 on More with Turtle at FIU Panthers Prowl
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Crazy Cane of course you wouldn't know what the LSAT is. It is the entrance exam to get into Law School. You first have to graduate from college to go to law school and from your remarks i'll be surprised if you even have that. Arroz was just confused with the other UM reject who is posting on our board who is a lawyer.
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