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What good is their laptop doing them if it is at home? If they can't bring it to school, give them a desktop. Sheesh.
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It will take time - perhaps a long time given the forces that Tim so aptly describes above - but schools will change. Or perhaps more likely, traditional schools will slowly die as they are replaced by charter schools, home schools, independent schools, and other alternatives that will crowd out traditional schools. As you say, Scott, it's not a revolution unless someone gets hurt. I hope it is not the children, but I fear it will be. And indeed, we can make a case that children are already being hurt by our failing schools. Perhaps the most radical thing educators can do is to vote AGAINST tax increases for school districts that are failing. It may be that a quicker failure rather than the death of a thousand cuts will in fact result in more children benefiting. If the adage "put your money where your mouth is" means anything, then its corollary is also true: "Don't put your money where your mouth isn't."
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