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Even though it is not stated by the Reds, I of course assume the Reds donate the "net" proceeds of Redfest to charity as I would assume the Bengals would as well (One never knows given Mikey's reputation). The point is the Bengals never came out and said this was a charitable event or that they would donate any excess money to charity until Doc pushed Berding in his interview the other day. Berding didn't even specify what charity it would benefit so it was obvious to me, Mikey had no intention doing anything but pocketing the money and changed his mind only when this became a public relations problem. If I were your customer and the event was free, you would hear no complaints from me. If you charged me $100 per ticket and said the "net" proceeds would go to charity, you would not hear any complaints from me either. I would applaud you either way. However, you throw a party to promote yourself or to extend a goodwill gesture of appreciation to me for being your customer and ask me pony up and cover your costs of throwing the party, my response is "fuck you!".
The Truth, you do realize the differences between the two? 1) Redsfest is open to the general public not just season ticket holders who paid good money for their seats. 2) Proceeds from Redsfest benefit the baseball-themed outreach programs of the Reds Community Fund. All the Bengals had to do was announce at the beginning that the admission price was going to charity and I doubt we would be having this debate.
I have to agree with WDR on this point. This is supposed to be a goodwill gesture by the Bengals to their customers not a money making (or cost deferment) event. I run a small business and have numerous clients. If I entertain them or sponsor an event to build goodwill, there is no way in hell I even think about charging them to attend. The cost is on me as way to show my appreciation for their past and hopefully future business. I will give the Bengals credit for trying something different and reaching out to their fans but charging them (even a minimal amount) just adds to the "cheap" and fan unfriendly reputation of this organization.
If this doesn't make you want to puke, nothing will. Mikey Boy, NFL executive of the year?
Typical Bungals. Stupid mistakes and bad calls. Looks like they still might back into the playoffs.
The only good thing I can get from watching the game yesterday is that order seems to have been restored to the universe again. After watching the Bengals make some great plays, get some favorable calls and stay in the game, I thought for sure they were going to win. In the past, the Bengals, the officials or simply fate always would find a way to change that and cause them to lose. Marvin's decision not to kick the long field goal with 3 minutes remaining and the ensuing 4th down disaster was classic Bungalmania.
34-3, the worst defeat in Bungals pre- season history against the Lions and you find positives? You shouldn't use crack and watch football reruns late at night, it clearly is making you delirious. However, I must admit I didn't have the stomach to sit through and watch the entire debacle or I would have likely wanted to gouge my eyes out. You sir are courageous ( or insane) to watch it all the way through and again in slow motion.
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Rookie QB, questionable O-line, new OC and new system. My prediction, the defense will have to score to make the Bungals "competitive", 3-13. The schedule may look easy but all those "easy" teams look at the Bengals on their schedule and are saying "easy win". I think the only way for the Bengals to get to 95% of the salary cap, Mikey puts on a jersey and signs himself to a lucrative FA contract.
Not that I want to trash Carson because I believe he's been a good QB for the Bengals over the years and with the right system could have been a great QB but everything Comrade Brosef is saying regarding his leadership skills (or lack thereof)is something that was known or should have been known when the Bengals drafted him.
I too threw in the towel after the press conference. I've owned season tickets for a long time and had very good seats. My disgust with the organization relegated me to going to only a few games a year and selling what I could on the open market for which I usually made a nice profit. But after the press conference, I couldn't take it any more. Mikey will never change. I was one of the lucky few who could sell their PSL's and did. I stopped watching them play midway through the season last year and have no intention of watching them this year. That could change but it is going to take a lot to convince me that this organization deserves my money and support again. I've talked to a number of others who have also given up their PSL's. In fact I don't personally know anyone who has actually renewed their tickets for the upcoming year. It'll be very interesting to see how many people actually attend games this year. Hopefully this is the year Mikey finally "gets it."
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West TX, that letter is an obvious fraud. Mikey Boy would never use the words "Super Bowl Season." It's just not in his vocabulary.
Regarding the scouting comment. Even if Mikey's stat were legit (which it's not), it's still 10th place. Who the fuck is happy with 10th place?
While Marvin has done some fine things while serving under the tyranny of Mikey Boy, he is worn out, beaten down and now ineffective. I don't think it was wise to bring him back because I think new blood and energy is needed. I hope I'm wrong but I believe we will see more of the same crap in 2011.
Ickey's headband, that was the most brilliant piece of sarcasm I've ever read, bravo! If there are any attorney's in the house, I have a question: Can season ticket holders sue Mikey over the fact that their seat licenses have become worthless due to his negligence? I would think he has a fiduciary responsibility to help maintain the value of those seat licenses. I've talked to several season ticket holders over the last day and none are going to renew. A couple are trying to sell their COA's but there is no market for them.
Holy shit Mike Brown actually blinked! I never thought that he would give in to Marvin's demands to make this team more professional. It is going to be fun to read the fine print of the agreement. Posted by: blesterov | January 04, 2011 at 05:48 PM That really means Marvin and his staff have to wear a coat and tie everyday to work.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2011 on Not So Fast On Lewis Returning at WhoDeyRevolution
Same old Same old. Some player changes, maybe assistant coach change here or there. No changes in control of the organization. Mikey says change is coming but continues to ignore the fact that he is the root of the problem and won't change. No additional scouts. Blaming bad luck and injuries. No indoor practice facility. WTF? I'm sick to my stomach listening to this crap.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2011 on Not So Fast On Lewis Returning at WhoDeyRevolution
Or this, I love the comment about "Mike Brown's bare-bones, throwback approach". Today - 3:00 PM ET Head coach Marvin Lewis' future with the Bengals is reportedly "in serious jeopardy" after talks broke off Tuesday afternoon. The sides hoped to resolve their issues in two meetings Tuesday morning. Instead, Lewis left the Bengals complex, perhaps never to return. Contrary to previous reports, it's not believed that an indoor facility was a sticking point. The main issue remains owner Mike Brown's bare-bones, throwback approach to staffing and scouting. Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2011 on Not So Fast On Lewis Returning at WhoDeyRevolution
Heard an interesting rumor. Bill Cowher was spotted in Cincinnati the other day. I know its a dream but could Mikey Boy actually be talking to Cowher? Is he finally coming to grips with the realization that he is incompetent?
I love the idea of shoving it back into Mikey Boy's face but I am terribly conflicted by returning merchandise in good condition to Mikey so that he can resell for a profit or donate it to a charity on his own where he can take the tax deduction. I would suggest irreparably defacing the property before sending it back.
Excellent letter, I could feel the venom spewing through my computer. My only concern about sending merchandise back the Mikey without getting cash in return is that he will take the opportunity to either resell it (cash for Mikey) or give it to charity and take the tax deduction for it (cash for Mikey). I say donate the merchandise to charity and take the tax deduction (cash for you) or burn it and send Mikey a picture of it.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on The Nuclear Option at WhoDeyRevolution
wch, you shouldn't drink so much caffeine at 1am, it makes you cranky. Even if Mikey is able to sell the remaining 5K or so tickets (pure guess on my part) and declare a sellout, who cares? The million or so (pure guess again) local NFL junkies who make it a habit of wasting their Sunday afternoon watching Mikey's putrid excuse of an NFL team take the field and find new ways lose each week can now begin the rehab process by finding something better to do on Sunday. Once we realize we can live without the Bungals on Sundays, it becomes easier every week. Mikey loses TV advertising revenues, then merchandise revenues, etc, etc. As people free themselves from his tyranny, eventually he should get the message. It happened before then he brought Marvin in and supposedly gave him the keys to the team. I know that gave us all hope until it became obvious that was just a ruse. But, fool me once..................... Hi, my name is Ken, I've been clean (from watching the Bungals) for 3 weeks now and have found that Sunday afternoons are much better now that I am no longer cursing the TV, kicking the dog and yelling at my wife because the Bungals put me such a bad mood. I have been able to constructively spend that time with my wife and family. You should try it as well.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2010 on It's Over at WhoDeyRevolution
"WDR: We need a "Sea of Yellow" at PBS versus the Steelers. Sell or Give your tickets to a Steelers fan." Do not give your tickets to a Steeler's fan but if you have tickets and have to go to the game, lean over the railing and piss on the field and then leave. If 60,000 other people follow suit, that'll create your sea of yellow.
The state tax savings is merely a benefit not a reason for leaving. The "benefit" derived from the lack of a state income tax also assumes he officially changes his state of residency to Florida (he has said he considers Akron home and won't leave). Yes he will have to pay tax in the states he travels to but only on his NBA salary not his endorsement and other income. Time will tell if the move affects his future earnings but if you assume his annual earnings are $50 Million, he saves about $3 million/year, not bad but not enough of a reason to switch teams. I don't like the fact that Lebron left the Cav's and completely despise the way he went about it ("The Decision" WTF was that shit?)
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"how on earth that becomes arrest-able and prosecutable I have no idea." In most states that is considered assault no matter who it is. In Texas, I thought that would just be considered a fun night out on the town.
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Here is the link to that case. The facts are actually easy to read. The legal stuff, not so much. Since the Knowlton shares are non-voting, I don't think you can get on the board even if you can find a way to buy them. Their only value is in the amount of "excess cash" allocable to those shares on an annual basis.