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Regina Franchi
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I lost my Radar a couple of months ago to a car going way too fast down our street...yeah, being with him made me feel better for him, but not much for me....after I spent two days in bed my sister and dad dragged me to the shelter. Loki is the new guy, after my whole life of having big dogs (Radar was 77 lbs, smallest ever was 55lbs) Loki is a 10 lb chihuahua and the light of my life. Shelter/Rescues are the BESTEST best dogs EVAR! Ferris has great ears and a great name and a great family....I feel your loss Wil.
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I moved to LA around five years ago and always wanted to have my 'brush with greatness'. So I was waiting for an elevator in an office building in Beverly Hills and I was staring at the floor thinking. Guy walks up, motorcycle boots, black jeans, big beefy forearms, lots of gold...all I can think is "great, a Stallone wannabe"...except that when I looked up, it actually WAS Stallone! I'm sure I was grinning like a goof because I was trying not to laugh at myself. :)
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