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Urshela is easily my favorite choice so far.
I doubt Braves are interested. Have you seen their system?
Reyes? The same Reyes that is at his peak and is nowhere near a "superstar" straight up for AGon?
"Yaaaay. Someone else in the Phillies bullpen for the Mets to tear apart. Yet the Phillies can still tear apart our SP :(" Everyone can tear apart the Mets pitching. My two-year old nephew probably could hit a home run off the Mets. Now, we all know why Chipper loves playing the Mets.
"If you guys want to focus so much on road/home splits, check this out Matt Holliday has a career 1.052 OPS at home (mostly Coors). And a career OPS of 808 on the road. 100 million dollars for an 808 OPS? OMG!!" But, Holliday hits good every year, Byrd had one good year, in his 30's. I rather pay Holliday $18 million/year, then pay Byrd anything.
"Right, like we're not having fun with the definition of overrated money in regards to Lowe." I rather the Braves overpay for a few players, then half the damn team.
Is it possible to overpay three outfielders on the same team? I guess so, because the Cubs have just done it.
Once again, this just confirms that the Mets have done barely nothing. Marlins signed or traded for less, but they have the talent in their system to do that, but the Mets don't.
"didnt the braves lose Osuna to KC in the rule 5?" He said he didn't add free agents or Rule 5 picks.
Out of curiousity, if Chapman accepts the BoSox offer, wouldn't that put them around $170 million?
Overpaying players seems like a yearly thing for the Giants. 2007 offseason - Zito 2008 offseason - Rowand 2009 offseason - Renteria 2010 offseason - DeRosa I don't really remember if they overpaid for other players before that.
"Jason Bay is my cousin, and, my aunt (his grandmother) just called to tell me that he will will in fact make it official that he will sign with the Mets. He will contact his agent this week to confirm. I am speaking the truth here, 100%. This all factual. My dad's sister had three daughters, all in their forties married with kids, and the oldest daughter, Kelly, had two kids - Lauren and Jason. He's older than his sister. So, he's my dad's great nephew and my aunt's grandson. Like I said, he's making it official that he will be going to the Mets. He did say that he understands that it won't be as good as the Red Sox, but it will be better than the Pirates. He just wants to make sure that he ends up somewhere and not end up being a free agent by the time the season starts. He does want to come to the West Coast, but, so far, no deals were made by either the Giants, Angels and Mariners. Although, it should be his intention to go to these three teams and work something out. He hopes that playing for the Mets won't be so bad and that they can at least make the playoffs. My dad and I are going up to Trail, B.C. next month for the torch run for the olympics. I don't know if Jason will be there since he's in Canada right now, but we will be visiting with his parents (who treat me like their own nephew) and we will be staying at my aunt's place." And Minaya is my uncle and he says your story is a big fat LIE.
"Mets say hello to last place, last place say hello to the Mets."
"Mets will be behind the Nats in the East this season. Posted by: BravesRed | December 27, 2009 at 03:45 PM Looks like someone is going to be very disappointed then cause that it not happening anytime soon." I don't think I will be disappointed, because Rizzo got off his butt and did something, unlike Minaya.
Mets will be behind the Nats in the East this season.
"Why are the Mets being talked about in a DBacks post?" They need to talk somewhere, cause obviously Omar isn't going to do anything as always.
Why don't we all jump back on the Willingham bangwagon? He is better than Uggla and Cruz combined.
Lind for Heyward straight up? Jays better be adding Zach Stewart and other prospects before Wren would even start listening.
Braves better keep Burrell away, unless the Rays eat about $5+ million.
For the Dodgers to ever come close to having Jurrjens, they better start emptying the system.
Pirates, Royals.
At least they try unlike some teams.
I guess they will not go after Garland now? Here is the link.
And they sign another former Brave.