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Hey Wil - great story!. It reminded me a little of when I got your autograph last year at PAX Prime. We had a friend who couldn't make it there, and so (based on something funny he said the night before) I had asked you to sign something for him with a sort of sassy statement. Now to me, it's totally harmless and would have provided a good laugh for us later on. However, you paused and adjusted the message to be more playful and less "problematic" should it posted publicly later on. ("OMG, you won't believe what Wil Wheaton wrote!") It caught me a little off-guard at the moment, but I completely understood what you were doing and why. However, it had never occured to me at that time that someone would do something less than honorable with the comment. I have the pleasure of living in relative anonymity and don't often have to worry about how someone might misuse something I said or wrote. It's a little sad that for folks such as yourself have to be constantly wary for potential d*ckitry due to your celebrity status and you can't always cut loose and relax like you might like to. I'm glad that this had a positive outcome due to the power of the awesome fans out there. Cheers to you (and Ryan) and the fan who bought that website ~
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